November 2011

[email protected] and Think Pink Beauty Kit- My latest Gift from Elemis

These products are the latest gift I got from Elemis. Both are amazing and give wonderful results.
Elemis [email protected] Skin Nourishing Milk Bath
This unique balancing formula leaves the skin feeling nourished. It is excellent for dry skin conditions and makes the skin satin soft. You can even use this as a skin lotion after bathing as it is not greasy and leaves your skin soft and smelling great the whole day.
You can use in the tub, for total relaxing effect. It makes the skin so moisturised that you need not apply body lotion after the shower.
For maximum benefit, use every other day over nine days. 
Elemis Think Pink Beauty Kit

This Kit is amazing as it is a small pouch with wonderful products in small travel size and was for Breast Cancer Awareness. It has 3 products inside with directions to use-

  1. Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (30ml) i.e the anti-aging Day cream
  2. Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust (15ml)
  3. Skin Nourishing Shower Cream (50ml)
What do you think about both these products? Do let me know.
Love you all 🙂

Winter Care for Hands

Comes winter and the comes the worry of Dry Hands and Skin. Here are some tips to keep your hands hydrated and soft :-

  1. Limit the handwash: Water dehydrates the hands so just wash when certainly needed and try using Hand gloves for washing dishes or while gardening.
  2. Avoid the soap and the Alcohol based anti- bacterial gel: These causes irritation and aging. Instead, use gentle, sulfate-free cleanser to clean the hands.
  3. Moisturise your hands often: After exposing your hands to water, gently pat dry your hands and apply good quantity of hand cream while skin is damp to lock in the moisture. Look for your hand cream to include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants, Shea butter and essential fatty acids for the most effective hydration possible.
  4. Care for your cuticles: Each day, gently push back your cuticles with a cloth in the shower, while they are soft and supple, which will discourage the need to cut them. Also, gently massage a cuticle oil or vitamin E oil once daily with a soft pusher to help push back cuticles and keep them off the nails. This is really important step in winter to replenish dry, brittle nails and rough, jagged cuticles.                                                                             
  5. Make a Night-time routine: The way you make a nighttime routine for your face, apply hand cream  to your hands as it is the best it will work when the hands are not in use! Look for a product that contains Licorice Root (to help fade sun spots) as well as Hyaluronic acid, aloe, vitamins B and Vitamin C
  6. Protect your hands from Mother Nature: Wear warm cool or leather gloves when the temperature drops really low to protect your hands and retain the moisture. Also, always use sunscreen when heading outdoors without gloves, even in cold months.

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All This November at Sephora !

Sephora is personally one of my favourite beauty stores. All this November, there is lot of promotion on perfumes going on, hearly half price on selected brands. Sephora is known for good perfumes. They also have an offer that, if you spend Dh 395 or more on the Sephora Joyride Collection, you get their fabulous makeup bag plus a chance to win MORE prizes with their website promotion- This season Givenchy sends away fabulous suprises exclusively to Sephora! With Purchase of Dh 590 of Givenchy makeup and cosmetics you can enjoy Trendy pouch and Givenchy Bag. Givenchy New perfume- elixir is excellent.

I bought a lovely perfume, lipstick and nail colour and also liked the Pro Lesson Palette of Sephora, much in for Fall 2011. It has palette for Brown, Green, Blue and smoky eyes, a product one would be proud to own. Check out the store for more offers.


Worried about your skin as you grow up? Leave your worries to New Regenessence (3. R) skincare range from Giorgio Armani. They say it is “A New Skin Dream” and “Reflection of Inner Beauty“. I really loved using the entire range.

It is the most complete Regeneration process at all skin level and the first advanced Regenerative skincare.

3. R– Skin is Rebound Refined Radiant. It is Total Epidermis, Dermis Matrix and The Collagen Fiber Regeneration.

It has entire range- Cleansers, Primer treatment, Eye treatment and Face treatment.


1. Regenessence 3.R Emulsion:

    The alliance of 3.R technology is combined in a moisturising and smoothing formula to help prepare the skin before using Regenerating skincare. Skin is deeply moisturised and appears intensively smoothed out.

2. Regenessence 3.R Lotion:

Skin is moisturised full day with this lotion. The skin appears refined and evened out.


Regenessence 3.R Youth Regenerator:

This product has got impressive skin results and within 6 days your skin will feel Replumped or Rebounded, Refined and Radiant by upto 80-88%. In 1 month you feel like you have gained 6years of youth and the appearance of wrinkles on crow feet are considerably reduced.


Regenessence 3.R Eye Rejuventing Serum:

The eye rejuvenation serum comes in an easily portable tube that has a silver bevelled applicator to ensure good delivery of the product to the eye area as well as offering a means to improve circulation and reduce puffiness and eye bags. The eyes look much younger with regular use of this product.


Regenessence 3.R Multi-Corrective Rejuvenating cream:

It is a superb product and you will love it for its incredible velvety touch for ultra precise correction. Skin is rewoven, stitch by stitch, to reach an ultimate level of perfection. This cream will correct wrinkles, texture and tone for a global rejuvenating effect.

The ultimate regenrative technology, the 3.R, is associated with the Reweaving system, a corrective system for the epidermis. with regular use you will feel the skin smoother, skin texture tightened and the complexion more uniform.