Tempting Treats from Mikyajy

Mikyajy is personally one of my favourite brands and love all its products. Mikyajy is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the Middle East. I love the look they give to all their stores. Today I shall review the Tempting Treats product which is one of their best- selling products and which is one of my best gifts I got from my friend. The above picture is of the product itself which is nice and compact and the background used is a fabric painting sheet done by me. It is one of a product that any women would desire and safe for any skin. My skin is sensitive and it really suits me well.
It has got 84 Eye shadows, 60 Lip colours, 8 Blushers, 4 Eyebrow powders and 4 Concealer shades.
Here is a look inside.
They have vibrant Eye shadows and they are highly pigmented. The consistency of the Lip colours is just amazing and perfect. The one on the extreme left and right are the Eye shadows and the ones in between are the Lip colours (which have a glossy texture).
The blushers (the big 8 shades in between) are also highly pigmented and also with it comes 4 commonly used concealers and 4 Eyebrow powder. It has got 3 brushes with it and hence makes it like a complete and compact package.
You can also view their products on www.mikyajy.com .