Mikyajy Black I

Today I will review one of my favourite product from the brand- Mikyajy. For those who don’t know this brand, let me tell you that Mikyajy is one of the best Arabic brands and its products are not available in any other stores other than the brand stores at different locations in UAE. Black I is one of Mikyajy’s all time bestsellers and comes in the category of “Boxed Beauties‘. 

Boxed beauties, according to Mikyajy is a unique and trendy collection of cosmetic tins which are a great value for money and unique to the Mikyajy brand! It is a perfect product for smoky-eye look and you would not need any additional product. It is portable and really completes your look for black colour cosmetic products.

It has got 5 products-

  1. Black Line and Shadow pencil
  2. Black Dip Eyeliner  
  3. Black Mascara
  4. Black Eye crayon
  5. Black Eye shadow
All these products are of high quality and very economical. The products are very well pigmented and the black eye shadow is good and matte, which makes it a great plus point as it becomes easier to blend. Moreover, the eye shadow has also got a mirror and an applicator/brush.
It comes with a step-by-step instructions to create the perfect smoky-eye look, every time you apply. You can also check their website www.mikyajy.com for details and tutorials.
I strongly recommend this product as it has many products for less and a great makeup asset or a must have product! What are you waiting for girls? Go, Grab it!