Herbal remedies for Skin

By popular demand from my blog followers, here is an article on skincare. One should use herbal products or remedies, specially if they have sensitive skin. The products available outside have harsh chemicals and can spoil your skin. Always try and use natural products or ingredients which will never harm your skin. Here are some of the herbal remedies you can try for your skin:-

  1. Use Almond or Jojoba oil for cleaning your face, They are the best cleansers. you can formulate your own natural cleansers.
  2. Comfrey steeped in water can act as a wonderful toner.(Pic of Comfrey Plant posted above.)
  3. For exfoliating your skin, make a mixture of grapefruit with oatmeal. Table sugar has wonderful exfoliating properties not known to all of us.
  4. Make a face mask from any fruit you like. You need not mix any ingredients, for example, just crush cucumber/fruit and apply the juice on your face and keep on your face for sometime and then rinse with water.
  5. Cucumber and yoghurt act as best face mask for sensitive skin.
  6. Licorice is a good product specially for sensitive skin. Look for skincare products that contain Licorice.(Picture of Licorice plant showed below)
  7. Green Tea has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to prevent skin reactions.
  8. Aloe Vera is a wonderful product and it can soothe skin which is red, irritated and blotchy. It can be directly applied to the skin. Fresh Aloe vera is preferable.
  9. Make a paste from Basil (Tulsi) and water to use on skin affected by pigmentation.
  10. Last, but the most important, drinks loads of Water ! There is nothing like water on this earth, to do wonders for your skin.
Homemade skin products can be FUN! CREATIVE! VERSATILE! & SOMETIMES YUMMY!

P.S.- All the products used above suits certain skin types really well. But when you are trying a new ingredient on your skin, make in small quantity and do a 24 hour patch test on your wrist or under your jawline before you proceed to apply on your face. This will let you know, if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient.

Happy Good glowing wonderful skin !