Honey and Almond scrub made at home

Hey sweeties, no need to always spend huge amount of money on cosmetics. One can take care of skin, from products made at home.

Here is one recipe of Honey and Almond scrub, which creates wonders for your skin.
  • Almond Flour- 4tbsp
  • Jojoba oil- 2tbsp
  • Honey- 4tbsp
  • Peppermint essential oil- 5drops
Take a glass jar/bowl and put the almond flour and jojoba oil in it and mix well. Now add Honey and Peppermint essential oil slowly and stir until the ingredients are completely mixed. Your scrub is ready to apply now.
Before applying the scrub on your face, clean your face with a cleanser. Add a small quantity of scrub on the face and massage carefully especially the skin under your eyes. After few minutes, wash or remove the scrub with a warm wet face towel.
P.S.- All the products used above suits certain skin types really well. But when you are trying a new ingredient on your skin, make in small quantity and do a 24 hour patch test on your wrist or under your jawline before you proceed to apply on your face. This will let you know, if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient.