Beauty routine for Ramadan

Make your skin glow

During Ramadan, the change in diet affects the skin and hair. Here are some suggestions for you to take care:-

  • Fried food, sweets and drinks in sugar can affect the skin adversely. It has been posited that sugar breaks down skin collagen and worsens acne. So make sure your diet includes generous portions of fresh fruit and leafy vegetables. Vitamin C-rich fruits like Orange and Kiwi are great for skin.
  • When you fast, hydration is a vital concern as well. So, drink the recommended eight glasses of water.
  • Avoid fragranced creams while fasting, especially those that evoke food smells like Vanilla, Chocolate and Mango.
  • Try to make up for the loss of sleep in the form of power naps during the day and after sunset. Also opt for a concentrated night cream to help the skin rejuvenate.
  • Ramadan also means giving make-up a miss. Use this period to allow the skin to breathe…Simplify your daily regimen by focusing on rejuvenating creams and serums to nurture your skin.
  • To prevent skin from getting dry, make sure you apply a good moisturiser and refresh your face using mineral water sprays or a gentle splash of cold water.
I hope all these suggestions help you.