Hair care tips

Hair for any women is its pride. So, here are some hair care tips:-

Good care has to be taken of hair, when exposed to sun, as they can really damage them. The Sun and the Sea can strip hair of its natural oils, so protect it with a hat or a scarf whenever possible, and revitalize it with a conditioner, suiting your hair, at least once a week.

Wash your brushes and combs at least once a week and never comb or brush your hair when wet. And if you do have to, then be extra careful.

If you have greasy hair, try a lemon shampoo. Never use the same brand of shampoo for your hair over 2 months as your hair becomes immune to that shampoo and will not make any difference. So change your shampoo after every 2 months.

Never wash your hair with hot water, the hair will lose its shine soon.

Hair Conditioners
These are home made conditioners, which are very easy to make and use and above all cost effective.

1. Try massaging a whipped up egg yolk into damp hair after shampooing, then rinse off with tepid water. Use 2 yolks for long hair.

2. Henna is also good hair conditioner. First apply and massage coconut oil on your hair and then apply henna and leave it for 1 hour. Wash your hair with water and the next day with shampoo.

3. For good conditioning, one can also dissolve Camphor in hot oil and then apply with the help of cotton on the scalp. It is an excellent remedy.

4. Oil conditioner can be made from Olive, Almond, Castor, Coconut or any vegetable oils that are available in your kitchen. Pour the oil into a cup or bottle and stand it in a saucepan of hot water for a few minutes. It needs to be warm and not hot. Apply the warm oil to partings all over your scalp, using a medicine dropper if possible. Put on a well-fitting plastic shower cap to keep in the warmth, then wrap a towel turban(the towel should be wrung out in hot water). Wait for 30 minutes before shampooing your hair. This treatment will work wonders for dry and brittle hair.

5. Easy conditioner method is to wet your hair and apply little conditioner to your hair. Then steam your hair for 10 mins or so and then rinse off with water.