Tips for Beautiful Hands

One of the most neglected part of our body is our hand. They reveal the age of the person too, so, proper care should be taken to slow down their aging process.

Here are some anti-aging tips:-

  1. Hand wash– Always use a non-drying hand wash. Once in a while, add few drops of coconut or olive oil into your hand wash. This prevents dryness and has anti-aging benefits too.
  2. Washing– Avoid using your hand wash on the back middle part of your hand, every time you wash your hands, unless it is really necessary. Washing only the fingers and the front is enough every time.
  3. Exfoliate– Using a scrub is as necessary on your hands, as on your face. Use body scrub, 2-3 times a week and do not forget to scrub around your fingernails.
  4. Hand cream/lotion– One should apply immediately after washing the hands to lock the moisture and carry one in handbag, if you can.
  5. Housework– If you are the one doing your own dishes and laundry, then you need to take extra care. One can use gloves or use moisturizers and hand creams, when you are done.
  6. Sunscreen– Just like you apply sunscreen on your hands, face and legs, don’t forget to put it on back of your hands and fingers too.
  7. Idle time–  When you are just watching TV, just warm up oil in a microwave dish for around 10 secs. and soak the hands, palm up, massaging them throughout. This is good both for hands and nails and you can do this for feet as well.
  8. Bedtime– Use anti-aging cream on hands and go to sleep.
Have Beautiful hands!