Winter hydration Tips

In winter we take extra care to slather on creams and lotions, but what happens when even the most stringent hydration techniques aren’t working for you? Find out new tips to fight the arid winter and make your skin beautiful.

  1. Deal with Dry Air– Staying warm this winter is priority number one, but the dry heat coming from your furnace can do more harm than good, because winter air lacks humidity and you are exposed to moisture-less atmospheric molecules. So instead of cranking the thermostat, bundle up with extra layers. If dry heat is a perpetual problem, invest in a humidifier for your home.
  2. Avoid Dehydrating ingredients-Without realizing it, ingredients in your favorite skin care products can actually dry out the surface of your skin. Avoid alcohol-based toners and cleansers, which will strip your epidermis of its natural oils. Add extra moisture throughout the day by spritzing water spray or mist all over your face, neck and decolletage.
  3. Take advantage of bedtime– Skin needs a little extra attention in winter, but you can let your treatments work while you sleep. Create your own DIY conditioning oils using ingredients from your kitchen or Vaseline/Aquaphor. Slather the oils on the driest areas of your body (usually hands, feet, elbows and knees), wrap the treated areas with plastic wrap to lock in hydration, then hit the sack.
I hope these tips help you Divas! More to come for this winter.