Correct Body Posture- very important for a good personality and healthy life

Hey Divas ! I wanted to share something for enhancing your personality. Recently I had got a muscle pull, which was a result of a jerk while lifting the travel baggage. I didn’t know until I consulted the doctor. It was very severe and I was somehow managing with Iodex until I couldn’t take it any further. I then consulted a doctor and got the x-ray and vitamin D test done as well. By grace of God, bones were fine. So what could it be? Then the doctor mentioned that it was definitely a muscle pull and recommended me to go for physiotherapy. According to the doctor and the physiotherapist 80% of the people in Dubai, face this problem due to bad posture and it is very common in Dubai.

It is very important to maintain correct postures all the time, while sitting, standing, working on computer, lifting anything, pushing, etc., in order to prevent  from any further complications and also for a good personality. If yours is a desk or sitting job then, whenever there is a gap in your chair or seat, put a pillow, so that you sit properly and maintain the good posture. You should get your laptop or computer to your level to prevent hunching. If you are feeding your baby, you can put a pillow beneath the baby and allow him or her to rest on pillow and then feed. Let me share you some pics of Correct postures:-

So gear up and maintain a good posture all the time. Till next time, live healthy !