July 2014

Bright Summer Clothes

Hi Divas,
Its very very hot summers and so difficult to be outdoors. What is the best thing to do girls when venturing out ?? I prefer shopping and indulging myself in bright summer colours. Here’s something that I got for myself.  

The trouser was Dh 54 and T-shirt was Dh 35 in Max stores. I had really no time to edit the pics, so presenting it as it is.

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Kassara from Mikyajy- My Ramadan cum Birthday gift – New addition to my beauty closet

How often do you update your beauty closet, get something new or discard stuff ? This Ramadan I added a beauty fragrance from one of my favourite brands Mikyajy. Kassara. Its fragrance is just mesmerising and it lasts longer. It has the fragrance of exotic florals and sweet praline.You wouldn’t require reapplication in the day.

It’s actual price is Dh 179 but due to Ramadan offers I got it for Dh 125. Have a look at this beautiful beauty.
There are lot of tempting ramadan offers. Do have a look at www.mikyajy.com and they have a Ramadan competition which is at www.facebook.com/Mikyajy1