Long day in Sun ? Urban Veda cools you down

Did you soak up too many of those oh-so-hot rays on the beach? The sun’s warmth can feel great shining down onto our skin but overexposure can cause painful sunburn, dryness, and peeling which can lead to premature aging. The best line of defense against the ill effects of too much sun is sunscreen, but if you’re outdoors all day, sunburn can ensue even if you’re using the best products and diligently reapplying. Remember, sun protection isn’t just about sunscreen, you also have to protect your skin once you’re off the beach. To protect and pamper your sensitive skin after a long day in the sun Urbaveda’s Soothing Collection is formulated to absorb quickly and cool and calm the skin whilst re-hydrating and helping to seal in moisture. 

Urbanveda’s Soothing Collection provides gentle skin-clarifying Ayurvedic infusions that support the skin’s hydration levels and preserve the natural moisture balance, while harmonising therapeutic botanicals fight fatigue, dehydration and stress. Sun, wind, salt, and sand all take a toll on our skin, and this Soothing Collection helps to restore the balance.
The full Urban Veda range is available in Holland and Barrett outlets across Dubai, including Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi and Al Hamra Mall in Ras Al Khaimah. Prices start from AED 75.