Detox Offer – Last chance to grab it at Detox Delight

Hello to the wonderful people. I had taken a good break and was off for vacation. I have got back and I promise you all more blog posts to keep you hooked on.  Now that you’re back home and back to work
after your summer holiday and the Eid break, you might feel a little heavier,
exhausted and in need of a little detox to feel lighter, healthier and back on
track. You may also find yourself wondering what is the best way to fit
comfortably back into your clothes!

Thankfully our friends at UAE based DETOX
DELIGHT have a special August promotion to make it a little easier – their 7
for 5 package. Available throughout the entire month of August, the package
gives you 7 days of detox package for the price of 5, with packages starting
from AED 1790.
About Detox Delight:
Delight is the UAE’s first detox delivery service, which brings wellbeing
directly to consumers doorsteps. Detox Delight’s focus is on a natural,
nutrient-rich diet that supports the self-purification powers of the body.
Together with the right amount of healthy exercise as well as support by
complementary treatments, Detox Delight want to make it possible for their
customers to achieve their ideal weight without much change to their daily
routine. Offering a variety of juice, food and snack
options, Detox Delight is more than just a weight loss/management programme, it
is a holistic approach to the long-term improvement of nutrition and thus
metabolism and well-being. Their products are designed for people who, despite
their demanding professional, private and social lives, don’t wish to neglect
their well-being.
So, if you or your friends always wanted to
test the DETOX DELIGHT experience now is the perfect time to do so.  It may take a little time to
get back into your old regime, but after a week with DETOX DELIGHT you will be
feeling a lot less bloated and back on the right track.  
To book your 7 for 5 package place your
order online today by typing “7for5” in the comment section.
For more information or
to order your detox programme today call 04 338 3565 or visit