Kylie Jenner’s Perfect Pouty Lips secret is out !

All want a perfect pout and what if you know how celebs achieve it ? Hmm, that would be fabulous to learn and know.

Nyx Retractable Lip liner
Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist, the dynamic 20 year old Ariel Tejada has listed NYX lip liners as one of her favorite cosmetic products. If you are in awe of Kylie’s plush pout look, check out these NYX lip liners at Lifestyle which are Ariel’s personal favorites!
Nyx Slim lipliners

Nyx Jumbo Lip Pencil

All are available at Lifestyle in the price range of Dh 22 to Dh 24. Hope you enjoyed knowing this ! See you all until the next post 🙂