Festive Collaboration- Diva Beauty & The Beauty Bunny Blog

Hello guys ! How has the week been so far ? I am really enjoying the countdown to the festive season. I wanted to add a little fun and glamour to the festive season. So I invited my beautiful blogger friend Marwa from The Beauty Bunny1 blog to do the festive collaboration – ‘The Indian or Desi Look’. 

Festive Indian Look

Marwa tried her makeup brushes and skills on me and I wore her my Indian traditional attire i.e. The Saree. Marwa has never worn a saree before. I hope you enjoyed it Marwa. Sharing with you this fun experience through pictures,video, makeup used and the Final Look.

The Final Look

Some of my makeup used to create my look
Marwa’s makeup and brushes used for the look
Before we started for the Indian Look
Marwa in a saree
Beautiful Marwa

That’s me !!
Both of us together 
All smiles !!!
I hope you enjoyed going through the pictures as much as I did. It was indeed a fabulous experience. Looking forward to much more fun!
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