December 2015

Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo Review

Hi Divas ! Hope your Christmas and other holidays went fine.  The temperature is changing everynow and then the unexpected rains. In between,  if you don’t get time to wash your hair, then I would definitely recommend Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo. 

I was introduced to Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo as one of the GlamBox products that I received.
It is pretty easy to use it and the instructions are mentioned on the back on the bottle. Just apply on the roots, massage and leave it for a minute and then brush your hair. It revives the hair without the use of water.
“It refreshes the hair in 1 minute and keeps it beautiful in between the washes ! ” as mentioned by Jamal Hammadi , Shine Expert, Hollywood. 
The hair did feel great but once I sprayed on my hair by mistake and it made them a little rough. It is supposed to be sprayed only on the roots.
It is a good and one of the most reasonable dry shampoos. Doesn’t leave your hair dry. It is available in all the leading supermarkets and pharmacies. 
Have you ever used it ? Would love to know my reader’s reviews. Please feel free to comment.  Till next time , see you ! 
Be a Diva !

Ciaté Nail Colours for the Festive Season 2015

Ciaté Reveal Five Top
Nail Colours For The Festive Season 2015

Bring your favourite outfit to life this festive season with bold hues from Ciaté. Whether you prefer voluptuous burgundies to perfectly complement sumptuous velvets or elegant silvers to offset your silk ensemble, kick things up a notch with one of theirs stand out top 5 Ciaté Nail Colours.

About Ciaté:
Ciaté is a London-based brand specialising in nail polish colours, nail treatments, hand and foot care and accessories, founded by Charlotte Knight, a celebrity session nail artist. Ciaté is an acronym for Colour, Innovation, Aspiration, Trend and Extraordinary – which form the philosophy behind the brand. The brand is certified as a 3 FREE meaning their nail polish is formulated without Dibutyl-Phthalate, Toluene or Formaldehyde.
Here are the top 5 Ciaté Nail Colours :-
1. Ciaté Mistress – This one is a must have. Luxe up your look with an application of Mistress, guaranteed to get you noticed this party season. Mistress is a timeless pillar box red and never fails !! Available in 13.5 ml bottle.
Ciate Mistress
2. Ciaté Dangerous Affair – Daring, dashing and always flirtatious Dangerous Affair is a rich and beautiful burgundy designed to get hearts racing. Available in 13.5 ml bottle.

Ciaté Dangerous Affair
3. Ciaté Fit For A Queen – A suave and sophisticated liquid platinum which lends an ice cool edge to any outfit. Fit For A Queen is a classic chrome silver. Available in 13.5 ml bottle.
Ciaté Fit For A Queen

4. Ciaté Antique Brooch – Glitter in rose gold this festive season. Rose gold flakes add maximum impact to your nails revealing exquisite taste. Available in 13.5 ml bottle.

Ciaté Antique Brooch
5. Ciaté Locket – If diamonds really are a girl’s best friend then this icy silver polish laced with an exclusive crushed diamond effect is essential. Available in 13.5 ml bottle.

Ciaté Locket

Ciate’s nail polishes are priced at AED 70 each and are available to buy from Sephora, House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer.
It is also available at where a festive discount of 20% is there, for all the products on their site. Plus my blog members and 
friends can use the Promo Code ‘TBFDIVA’ and get 15% discount across the website which would be valid until Dec 31, 2015.
For more information visit

سياتيه تكشف النقاب عن خمسة من أفضل ألوان طلاء الأظافر لموسم الأعياد والاحتفالات

أضفي لمسة حيوية على ملابسك الخارجية خلال هذا الموسم المليء بالأعياد والاحتفالات مع ألوان جريئة من سياتيه. سواء كنت تفضلين درجات اللون النبيتي المدلل للحواس لتكتمل معها إطلالتك وأنت ترتدين ملابسك المخملية الفاخرة أو كنت تفضلين درجات الفضي الأنيقة لتتناغم مع طقم  الملابس الحريرية، فلتجعلي حياتك أكثر إثارة ومتعة مع إحدى مجموعاتنا الاستثنائية المكونة من أفضل خمسة ألوان لطلاء أظافر.

نبذة عن سياتيه:
أطلقت خبيرة العناية بالأظافر البريطانية شارلوت نايت العلامة التجارية سياتيه بوصفها علامة متخصصة في إنتاج طلاء الأظافر وعلاجات الأظافر ومستحضرات العناية باليدين والقدمين والإكسسورارات واتخذت من لندن مقراً لها. وتُعد كلمة سياتيه Ciaté مأخوذة من الحروف الأولى للكلمات الإنجليزية المعبرة عن الألوان والابتكار والإلهام والأناقة والتميز وتمثل جميعها المفاهيم التي قامت على أساسها العلامة التجارية. وقد اعتُمدت العلامة التجارية بوصف تركيبتها خالية من ثلاثة عناصر ضارة هي: ثنائي بيوتيل الفثاليت، أو التولوين، أو الفورمالدهيد. لمزيدٍ من المعلومات يُرجى زيارة الموقع الإلكتروني

Ciaté Mistress – أضيفي إلى إطلالتك لمسة ترف مع طلاء الأظافر Mistress، لتلفتي إليكِ أنظار كل من حولك خلال هذا الموسم المليء بالاحتفالات. يأتي طلاء الأظافر Mistress باللون الأحمر القاني المناسب لكل الأوقات. متوفر في زجاجة بحجم 13,5 مل.
Ciaté Dangerous Affair – يأتي طلاء الأظافر Dangerous Affair الجريء والأنيق والدائم الجاذبية باللون النبيتي الغني والرائع المُصمم خصيصاً ليأسر القلوب. متوفر في زجاجة بحجم 13,5 مل.
Ciaté Fit For A Queen – طلاء أظافر سائل بلون البلاتين الرقيق والأنيق يُضفي لمسة انتعاش وتجديد على أي ملابس. طلاء الأظافر Fit For A Queen باللون الفضي الداكن الكلاسيكي. متوفر في زجاجة بحجم 13,5 مل.
Ciaté Antique Brooch – حبات متلألئة وبراقة داخل طلاء أظافر باللون الذهبي الوردي للاحتفال بهذا الموسم. طبقات من اللون الذهبي الوردي تُضفي على أظافرك مظهراً فاتناً مما يكشف عن ذوق رفيع. متوفر في زجاجة بحجم 13,5 مل.
Ciaté Locket – إذا كانت أحجار الألماس هي حقاً أكثر ما تفضله الفتاة، إذاً لا غنى لكِ عن اقتناء طلاء الأظافر باللون الفضي الثلجي الذي يُضفي على أظافرك مظهر حبيبات الألماس الصغيرة المتلألئة. متوفر في زجاجة بحجم 13,5 مل.
تُباع كل زجاجة من طلاء الأظافر من سياتيه بسعر 70 درهماً، متوفرة بمتاجر سيفورا وهاوس أوف فريزر وماركس آند سبنسر. لمزيدٍ من المعلومات يُرجى زيارة الموقع الإلكتروني

Nom Nom Asia Giveaway

Fancy trying Asian cuisine this New Year’s ?? Here is chance to Win a Meal for 4 (four)…

Nom Nom Asia has been generous enough to give one lucky follower of Diva Beauty,  a chance to win this meal voucher.

So here is what you have to do to win this:-
1. Follow @divabeautyae and @nomnomasia on Instagram. Repost using #divabeautyaexnomnomasia #divabeautyae and tag both of us in the repost. Tag 3 friends below the Instagram post.

Multiple entries are allowed , as long as you tag new friends all the time while reposting !!?

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6. Write ‘done’ under the Nom Nom Asia Giveaway blog post, when you are finished with all the steps, along with your email address and other id to verify.

?No giveaway accounts please. Those who unfollow after the giveaway will be blocked for future giveaways.

The contest ends on 7th January 2016 and the winner will be chosen on 8th January 2016.
Winner will be chosen Randomly. So, as always, The more you share sweeties, the more are your chances to win. I totally believe in Sharing is Caring ❤❤?!!

Here are some Terms and Conditions:-
  • This competition is FOR UAE RESIDENTS ONLY.
  • The winner must be able to collect the prize from UAE.
  • Fake ID’s will be disqualified.
  • Last Day of entry is 7th January 2016. Entries after that will be disqualified.
  • Winner shall be declared on 8th January 2016.
  • The Admin decision is final.
  • The winner should be able to collect it within 1 week of declaring the names, or else another winner shall be chosen.
  • The Admin decision is final.
  • The winner should be able to collect it within 1 week of declaring the names, or else another winner shall be chosen.
In Arabic :
حان وقت الهدايا/المسابقات – مسابقة نوم نوم اسيا
هل تحبون المطبخ الاسيوي؟ هذه فرصتكم لربح قسيمة لاربع اشخاص من  @nomnomasia و التي سيقدمها المطعم لاحدى متابعين @divabeautyae ، كل ما عليكم فعله لربح القسيمة:
١- متابعة @divabeautyae و @nomnonasia على الانستجرام.
٢- متابعة الصفحتين على الفيس بوك و عمل شير للصفحة و تاج لاصدقاء جدد في كل مرة.
٣- قم بعمل لايك و ريبوست لهذه الصورة مع استخدام الهاشتاج #divabeautyaexnomnomasia و #divabeautyae و قم بعمل تاج لثلاثة من اصدقاءك في صندوق التعليقات في الاسفل، الاشتراك لمرات متعددة مسموح و لكن تاكد من عمل تاج لاصدقاء جدد في كل مرة! ?
٤- قم بالاشتراك في مدونتي عن طريق البريد الالكتروني (الرابط في البايو) و لاتنسى تاكيد الحساب ببريدك الالكتروني الخاص و الا لن يحتسب اشتراكك.
٥- اشترك في قناتي في اليوتيوب 
٦- يمكنكم ايضا عمل شير لهذه المسابقة عن طريق وساىل التواصل الاجتماعي الاخرى مثل تويتر (و قم بعمل رتويت اذا امكن) او بينترست . يمكنكم ايجاد الرابط في البايو
٧- قم بكتابة done تحت مدونة مسابقة نوم نوم اسيا عند الانتهاء من الخطوات مع بريدك الالكتروني للتعريف. الرجاء عدم عمل حسابات زاءفة للاشتراك في المسابقة ? اذا تم عمل انفولو بعد المسابقة سيتم حجب حسابك من الاشتراك في المسابقات المقبلة. هذه المسابقة لسكان الامارات العربية المتحدة فقط.
ستنتهي المسابقة في ٧ يناير ٢٠١٦ و سيتم اختيار الرابح في ٨ يناير ٢٠١٦.
سيتم اختيار الرابح بطريقة عشواءية ، فكلما اشتركتم كلما زادت فرصكم للربح! و لاتنسوا مشاركة اصدقاءكم و احباءكم بهذه المسابقة. 
* تطبق الشروط و الاحكام ، الرجاء قراءة مدونة المسابقة قبل الاشتراك.

Winners of Divabeautyaefestivegiveaway

Hi there ! Here comes the time to announce the winners of the #divabeautyaefestivegiveaway .

Drumrolls please……..

1st Winner :

2nd Winner :

I hope you all enjoyed participating.  For those who didn’t win, don’t be disappointed,  there are many more giveaways coming up….

Be a Diva !

Live Irresistible by Givenchy 2015

Here is a small video describing Live Irrésistible and opening the wonderful fragrance. 
If you are crazy about perfumes, or thinking what to buy to buy for your loved one this festive season, then you should try this All New Live Irresistible by Givenchy. Live Irresistible is heaven for perfume lovers like me. I love most of the perfumes of this brand and swear by them. This was introduced to us in an event of GlamBox with Givenchy, along with their Iconic makeup collection.

Notes : Fruity Floral, frizzy and spicy. 
Top : Juicy Pineapple, Heart : Spicy Rose and Base : Amber Accord

Motto and Concept : You live only once, so live your life to the fullest. Be happy and bright, happiness is here and it is a good day to start an Irresistible life! 

It is a flirtatious floral fruity spicy Eau de Parfum that awakens the senses, making every moment a happy one.

We love close ups !

I love the cute pink packaging with pink roses used and a girl throwing out roses with her hands up in the air to celebrate or live life to the fullest. My daughter and I also fancied the Pink Eiffel Tower.

On the cover of Live Irrésistible. Isn’t that so girly and cute !
The face of the perfume is actress Amanda Seyfried. The bottle design departs from the previous editions of this collection with form and textured glass. It is available as 40ml and 75 ml Eau de Parfum. The nose behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion.

Whenever I apply it, I receive loads of compliments. This fruity feminine scent really grabs hold of your senses. It can be worn during the day or night time and it lasts for hours together.

It is available at leading stores in UAE – Sephora, Wojoohbeauty and Paris Gallery.
Price is Dh 330 for 40 ml and Dh 510 for 75 ml
It is a good day to start an Irresistible Life ! So, live your life to the fullest with Live Irrésistible!

Vaniday App – Book Salon appointments at a finger click

Hola ! It is the festive season and all of us want to look the best and we have to run for salon or spa visits to feel groomed and energized. In all this we face a lot of hassles in ringing the salons and sometimes face no booking slots or cancellations too. Booking your beauty appointments just got easier with Vaniday app. I was very happy to come across this app and let me tell you, I had a smooth experience booking my salon visit through it. Can’t wait to share my experience with you all, so that you can benefit too.

It is an ultimate pampering app and no need for any awkward phone calls at work or anywhere, you can now book your appointment at the click of a finger. This app has been recently launched in UAE and getting popular day by day.
With Vaniday you can find and book your beauty and wellness experience in just 3 steps : –
1. Discover – Find your beauty and wellness salons close to you.
2. Book – Choose your service and book an appointment directly from the salon’s calendar. Head towards making the payment.There is an option to pay online or pay at the salon even. You get an email after the booking confirmation. 
3. Enjoy – Relax and enjoy your unique beauty & wellness service. Vaniday app coordinates with the salon, so that you don’t call the salon even.
I recently booked an appointment using the above 3 steps and it seemed like a piece of cake to book salon appointment online and that too I found a new salon nearby with wonderful services. They have tie ups with the best of salons and spa. There are lot of promotions and offers going on too.
It is a fantastic online booking salon and spa platform. This app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and allows the users to access the very best salon or spa offers, as well as book appointments on the go – perfect for those with busy schedules.
This app has salons for Men and Women. So this is one app, that caters to both at the same time. Grab your offer now before it is too late and be polished for the festive season. For more information, you can check out
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and find it useful. Until next time, see ya !
My nails after my salon visit

Go Nom Nom Asia – Quirky Asian Restaurant

Hello sweeties! I am sure you must have seen pics of Nom Nom Asia Restaurant all over social media and it has been buzzing everywhere. That is how it caught my attention too on Instagram. The pictures of the food served on social media looked insane. I heard a lot of good reviews about the restaurant and being an Asian food lover, I really wanted to try it out. Did the food there make go ‘Om Nomnom’ or was it really worth the hype created ?  Let’s dive in…….

Nom Nom Asia is located a few minutes away from the Sharaf DG metro station and on the ground floor of Barsha Oasis building, opposite Al Maya Supermarket in Barsha 1, Dubai. It has got quite a quirky name and the logo is smartly designed with the chopsticks used as a hashtag #nomnom .
#nomnom exterior with lovely graffiti 

I visited the restaurant on a weekday at noon time for lunch. The exterior has a lovely graffiti in Asian style and interior was simple yet elegant and cleverly done to manage the space. It had a lovely sitting space outside too which is brilliant for the weather now. The walls of the restaurant were covered with lovely collection of Asian art and they had a paneled ceiling.

The interiors
The lovely Asian Art

Cosy seating for 2

Before I would start, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely staff who were friendly and smiling at all times. The were one of main determinants of the restaurants success.
The entire team – chefs and delivery boys

Team in action 

Also, I had a good tour of the restaurant and a long chat with the restaurant owner telling me how Nom Nom came in to being and the entire journey.

Nom Nom caters to Indo Chinese, Authentic Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines. I was surprised to see their menu card as it had lot to offer given the size of the restaurant. It had a total of 112 dishes including the appetizers, main course and desserts and excluding the beverages. That is huge!!
I am a vegetarian and was happy to know that Nom Nom Asia had lot of options for me and besides they could customise a lot of dishes for you and make it vegetarian too. You could choose your choice of protein in the dish and the spice level required also. It is really remarkable.
Customize your dish

I tried to eat as healthy as possible, so the menu was designed accordingly for me. 

I was welcomed with the refreshing Thai Young Coconut Juice right out of the shell !!

Next on our menu was the Papaya Salad or the Som Tam Salad which is quite popular in Thailand. The salad was crunchy and fresh and had a good spicy dressing. Thoroughly loved it.
Som Tam Salad – One of the best vegetarian salads I have ever had !!

Appetizer was a signature dish of Nom Nom Asia i.e. Pepper Chilli Tossed Tofu. Again you could choose the protein of your choice, wok-tossed with ginger, garlic, spring onions and cilantro. It was not as spicy as the name states but was yummy !! I wanted it a little more marinated with the gravy or herbs and not so dry.

Pepper Chilli Tossed Tofu 

Other appetizer was Iceberg Lettuce Wrap. You get a head of  fresh Iceberg lettuce, a bowl of vegetable mince or your choice of protein and herbs simmered in light soy. It is served with a twist of crispy fried noodles, plum sauce and homemade dynamite sauce. Yes, you read it right !! The dynamite sauce is really a dynamite in terms of the spice level. So if you don’t want the dish to be so spicy, put it in small quantity. Really adored this dish as it was so much similar to the Indian Sev puri and the noodles add to the crunchiness. Is your mouth watering already ?
Apt for diet watchers – Iceberg Lettuce Wrap

It was fun assembling the wrap too – A smear of the sauces onto the lettuce, small pile of vegetable mince, a toss of noodles, wrap and bite. It is a little messy to eat, so use your hand to eat only and don’t be embarrassed at all. That is also low on the calorie count and so healthy! 

The wrap assembled. Caution: Go easy on the Dynamite sauce 
For the mains, I tried out Authentic Thai dishes – Jasmine Rice and Red Curry(There is brown rice too for fitness freaks). Again you could choose your Protein with kaffir leaves, sweet basil and Thai egg plant. The Red curry with the Jasmine Rice is the best combination you can have. Red curry was not so spicy and delectable. It was so tasty and I couldn’t stop eating that.
Delicious Jasmine Rice with Red curry

After all this, there was hardly any space left for the dessert but it was worth a try as I had heard phenomenal reviews about the Fried Ice Cream. It is a sweet breaded scoop of vanilla icecream in a warm crispy shell sprinkled with sliced almonds and topped with chocolate . This was ultimate and extremely tasty. The core is the best where you get a mix of all together but I wanted a little more chocolate inside the fried icecream. It was one of the most indulgent, rich and luscious Fried Ice cream. It is a must have, though you have your other dishes or not !!!!

Nom Nom really lived up to the hype created !! I really went #omnomnom . The service was very quick and efficient and the pricing is pocket friendly too with dishes as low as Dh 27. They use fresh ingredients, do not use MSG(monosodium glutamate) and I did get to check their storage room too. The kitchen and storage was really hygienic. This is one restaurant I rejoiced being a vegetarian for the variety of vegetarian dishes it had to offer. I will surely visit again !!
So, If you are looking for a good Asian Restaurant or if you are into Indo chinese and genuine Thai dishes and want to try a whole lot of yummy and mouth-watering dishes then you should hop on to Nom Nom Asia. It has lovely street food culture with a twist !!

For more information,  dial them on  04-3929322 or check their Instagram account  @nomnomasia .

Nom nom for now, oh sorry, Bye Bye for now (Nom Nom is so much on my mind).

Illamasqua AW 2015 collection – Nomadic or Earth Collection swatches

Hello peeps ! It is getting a bit colder and climate is great for outdoors. It is good to see brands launching their Autumn-Winter collection. I happen to explore the Illamasqua store this time and wanted to check their collection. This is the first time that I have tried this brand and a newbie to this. They have quite a range including palette, lipstick, eyeshadow, highlighter, etc. for this holiday season. Let’s have a look.
The eyeshadow quad looks really good with 3 matte and 1 shimmery palette. They are more like colours of the Earth and hence the name Nomadic or Earth collection. The shades are: Loam (dark green,matte), Terra (clay red,matte), Solitude (greyish taupe,matte) and Gravity (shining grey,metallic or shimmery).
The quad eyeshadow palette 

The matte shades are vibrant and medium pigmented and the shimmery shade is highly pigmented and my favorite too. Here are the swatches of the same:-
Loam, Terra, Solitude and Gravity
Eyeshadow palette and lipstick 
The golden and silver pigments and Lipstick 
Golden gleam

Golden gleam is used as a highlighter or illuminator.

Lipstick and Gleam

Illamasqua Radiance Veil
If you love highlighters, then you should check out Illamasqua Radiance Veil. It is a part primer, part illuminator, and enhances make-up wear through its unique velvet crème formula. Key ingredient Vitamin C and E, provide moisturising benefits whilst the fine shimmer particles inject light onto the skin, adding a luminous effect.
It can be used as a base or mixed with foundation or on top of your makeup application.
Eyeshadow palette – Dh 196
Radiance Veil – Dh 240

Are you using any Illamasqua products do let me know. I would love to learn more about it? Until the next post, see you !!

Unwind at The White Room Spa JLT

Are you looking to unwind in these holidays? Or have a little pampering or care for some massage? We all love massages don’t we ? Well, The White Room is a day spa and is one of my favourite pampering spots. Recently, I indulged for a nice Hot Stone Massage at The Jumeirah Lake Towers branch, which is just few minutes away from the Damac Properties Metro station, and just didn’t want the session to end.

About The White Room Spa :-
You all must have read about The White Room Spa in my recent Blowout offer post. With 3 locations across Dubai, Marina Mall, Motor City and Jumeirah Lake Towers, The White Room offers a contemporary oasis of serenity and a host of beauty services and treatments, ranging from manis and pedis (from AED 65) to express facials (from AED 90), and a speedy full service hair salon (from AED 65 and regardless of hair length or style).
The White Room offers its clientele one of the most extensive spa menus, that combines nail care, hair styling and grooming services designed for the busy urbanites who need to be in tip-top condition; along with indulgent body treatments designed to nourish and relax the body, and a suite of customised facials: rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle, invigorating, detoxifying, and many more. The treatment menu can be found here:

My Experience:-
The massage room was all set before I arrived for my appointment. The room was scarcely lit by candles. It was such a wow scene. I had to put the lights on to click some pictures for all of you. Let’s get started.  I can’t wait to share it with you all.

The massage bed

Massage Room

The candles melting away
That’s me before I got started 
Pretty flowers that I enjoyed during my massage 

Hot stone massage is a moderate massage treatment which releases the tension in the muscles & aids blood circulation and stress. It was really needed as our schedule and life nowadays has become hectic. They put hot or heated black stones on your back in a line and then complete the massage with applying oil all over the body and massaging in circular movements.  The massage also includes a lot of stretches which was more relaxing. It was such a soothing experience and I felt rejuvenated after the massage. Really enjoyed the back, shoulder and the head massage with hot oil.

Some more space for mani & pedi

Head on The White Room Spa if you want to pamper yourself. To learn more about their services and treatments please visit , and for latest beauty tips and offers follow them on