Go Nom Nom Asia – Quirky Asian Restaurant

Hello sweeties! I am sure you must have seen pics of Nom Nom Asia Restaurant all over social media and it has been buzzing everywhere. That is how it caught my attention too on Instagram. The pictures of the food served on social media looked insane. I heard a lot of good reviews about the restaurant and being an Asian food lover, I really wanted to try it out. Did the food there make go ‘Om Nomnom’ or was it really worth the hype created ?  Let’s dive in…….

Nom Nom Asia is located a few minutes away from the Sharaf DG metro station and on the ground floor of Barsha Oasis building, opposite Al Maya Supermarket in Barsha 1, Dubai. It has got quite a quirky name and the logo is smartly designed with the chopsticks used as a hashtag #nomnom .
#nomnom exterior with lovely graffiti 

I visited the restaurant on a weekday at noon time for lunch. The exterior has a lovely graffiti in Asian style and interior was simple yet elegant and cleverly done to manage the space. It had a lovely sitting space outside too which is brilliant for the weather now. The walls of the restaurant were covered with lovely collection of Asian art and they had a paneled ceiling.

The interiors
The lovely Asian Art

Cosy seating for 2

Before I would start, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely staff who were friendly and smiling at all times. The were one of main determinants of the restaurants success.
The entire team – chefs and delivery boys

Team in action 

Also, I had a good tour of the restaurant and a long chat with the restaurant owner telling me how Nom Nom came in to being and the entire journey.

Nom Nom caters to Indo Chinese, Authentic Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines. I was surprised to see their menu card as it had lot to offer given the size of the restaurant. It had a total of 112 dishes including the appetizers, main course and desserts and excluding the beverages. That is huge!!
I am a vegetarian and was happy to know that Nom Nom Asia had lot of options for me and besides they could customise a lot of dishes for you and make it vegetarian too. You could choose your choice of protein in the dish and the spice level required also. It is really remarkable.
Customize your dish

I tried to eat as healthy as possible, so the menu was designed accordingly for me. 

I was welcomed with the refreshing Thai Young Coconut Juice right out of the shell !!

Next on our menu was the Papaya Salad or the Som Tam Salad which is quite popular in Thailand. The salad was crunchy and fresh and had a good spicy dressing. Thoroughly loved it.
Som Tam Salad – One of the best vegetarian salads I have ever had !!

Appetizer was a signature dish of Nom Nom Asia i.e. Pepper Chilli Tossed Tofu. Again you could choose the protein of your choice, wok-tossed with ginger, garlic, spring onions and cilantro. It was not as spicy as the name states but was yummy !! I wanted it a little more marinated with the gravy or herbs and not so dry.

Pepper Chilli Tossed Tofu 

Other appetizer was Iceberg Lettuce Wrap. You get a head of  fresh Iceberg lettuce, a bowl of vegetable mince or your choice of protein and herbs simmered in light soy. It is served with a twist of crispy fried noodles, plum sauce and homemade dynamite sauce. Yes, you read it right !! The dynamite sauce is really a dynamite in terms of the spice level. So if you don’t want the dish to be so spicy, put it in small quantity. Really adored this dish as it was so much similar to the Indian Sev puri and the noodles add to the crunchiness. Is your mouth watering already ?
Apt for diet watchers – Iceberg Lettuce Wrap

It was fun assembling the wrap too – A smear of the sauces onto the lettuce, small pile of vegetable mince, a toss of noodles, wrap and bite. It is a little messy to eat, so use your hand to eat only and don’t be embarrassed at all. That is also low on the calorie count and so healthy! 

The wrap assembled. Caution: Go easy on the Dynamite sauce 
For the mains, I tried out Authentic Thai dishes – Jasmine Rice and Red Curry(There is brown rice too for fitness freaks). Again you could choose your Protein with kaffir leaves, sweet basil and Thai egg plant. The Red curry with the Jasmine Rice is the best combination you can have. Red curry was not so spicy and delectable. It was so tasty and I couldn’t stop eating that.
Delicious Jasmine Rice with Red curry

After all this, there was hardly any space left for the dessert but it was worth a try as I had heard phenomenal reviews about the Fried Ice Cream. It is a sweet breaded scoop of vanilla icecream in a warm crispy shell sprinkled with sliced almonds and topped with chocolate . This was ultimate and extremely tasty. The core is the best where you get a mix of all together but I wanted a little more chocolate inside the fried icecream. It was one of the most indulgent, rich and luscious Fried Ice cream. It is a must have, though you have your other dishes or not !!!!

Nom Nom really lived up to the hype created !! I really went #omnomnom . The service was very quick and efficient and the pricing is pocket friendly too with dishes as low as Dh 27. They use fresh ingredients, do not use MSG(monosodium glutamate) and I did get to check their storage room too. The kitchen and storage was really hygienic. This is one restaurant I rejoiced being a vegetarian for the variety of vegetarian dishes it had to offer. I will surely visit again !!
So, If you are looking for a good Asian Restaurant or if you are into Indo chinese and genuine Thai dishes and want to try a whole lot of yummy and mouth-watering dishes then you should hop on to Nom Nom Asia. It has lovely street food culture with a twist !!

For more information,  dial them on  04-3929322 or check their Instagram account  @nomnomasia .

Nom nom for now, oh sorry, Bye Bye for now (Nom Nom is so much on my mind).