February 2016

Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Oil Replacement Review

Hair care is a major issue in Dubai specially with such a drastic climate change every now and then. Our lives also has become so hectic that we don’t pay attention sometimes to it and just do the basic shampoo and conditioner or tie it up on a bad hair day ! When was the last time that you oiled your hair? Who has the time ? Just shampoo and conditioner isn’t enough and doesn’t nourish the hair to the extent required. We need new solutions to tackle the hair issues and problems and something that is real quick and gives us the nourishment of the oil. That’s where this Pantene Sheer Volume Oil Replacement becomes the savior ! Let’s find out more about my experience.

I have been using Pantene since a very long time and been a fan of it since childhood. Nothing would have been better than a nourishing Oil Replacement cream from this brand itself whom I really trust. Pantene has invented the extraordinary Sheer Volume Oil Replacement, that combines the nourishing power of oils with Pantene Pro-V science. So much in product for some lazy girls who don’t want to apply the oil or rather don’t have the time to do so.

1. It nourishes  and treats your hair, the same way the oil does, leaving it beautiful and healthy.
2. It creates a protective layer that protects against styling or blow drying damage.
3. As a final touch, its lightweight creamy texture leaves your hair smooth & shiny without weighing it down.

How to Apply:
Apply Pantene Oil Replacement after using Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioner.
1. Take out approximate a table spoon of Oil Replacement and Rub it between the palm of the hands.
2. Apply it on your wet hair starting from the tip till the hair length, leaving the roots and distributing evenly.

3. Style your hair as usual. Voila ! You are done !
Recommended to be used before combing, blow-drying, sun and salt water exposure.

My Verdict:
I used this product for over a week and I was happy with the results. As mentioned earlier, I have been a fan of Pantene products since childhood and let me tell you that it has not disappointed me at all. I was more than willing to try their Pro-V Sheer Volume Oil Replacement cream. It smells like any other Pantene Shampoo or conditioner, which is quite nice and I love their fragrance too. The cream is white and of thick texture. Whether you have dry, frizzy or thin hair, this product is good for you. It gives more shine and volume to the hair. I am so happy to own this product as I can’t apply oil to my hair because of Keratin Treatment. 

I followed the instructions and applied it on my wet hair after Shampoo and conditioner.  A very small portion was enough for my full hair. The product says not to rinse but I suggest and prefer you to slightly rinse it off, specially if you have oily hair (I do rinse a bit). You can let it be on dry hair. My hair never felt so smooth and makes it feel just amazing and I can see a major improvement in my hair texture. The hair becomes tangle free and so manageable after the application itself, which lessens or prevents lot of hair fall when wet. It does not leave any residue. Please use if before combing or blow drying. The only downside is the number of chemicals used. Nevertheless,  I will definitely purchase this product once again because of immense number of benefits.

For all the busy girls, who don’t have much time for oiling, this product sure puts your hair woes at bay. There are other variants in this range to suit your hair type. I have thin hair, so I always look for products with more volume. Hope you find your type of Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement cream soon. Say Goodbye to sticky oil ! 

Winner of 1k Giveaway on Instagram with Dermae

Hola ! Finally I can hear the hearbeats….. It is time to declare the winners of #divabeautyae1kgiveaway . Any guesses? 

Winners are declared on the basis of maximum sharing and inviting friends and also the one who has followed all the rules. 

According to that basis, the Winners selected are @fatema1979 and @reenam77 on Instagram. Congratulations Sweeties! Hope you enjoy these products as much as I do, as it my best Skincare brand. 
Happy Weekend and Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine Day in advance. Muah !

Fashion for Real People

Nothing feels great than being on the magazine cover. That is exactly the aim of ‘Fashion for Real People’ campaign. It is amazingly explained by the campaign’s punchline,  ‘Fashion is what makes you feel Comfortable’. Don’t forget yourself in this crazy world. Always #BeReal. Let’s find out more about the fabulous campaign and a wonderful lady’s makeover.
I totally loved the campaign and idea and there is a video clipping which I am sure will make you feel special. Have a look and do let me know your views too.

As a part of the ‘Fashion for Real People’ campaign, there is also a Facebook app developed that creates your own magazine cover but with a twist, you can choose the picture, theme, color, text…Aww, that is lovely! 
In case you would
like to create your own cover you can click the below link.
Go ahead girls and create your own magic with this app and don’t forget to share it by tagging me. Be Special, Be Real ! Muah ❤

One less stress this Valentine’s Day thanks to Skin Republic!

V-day is approaching and you are experiencing major anxiety pangs at the moment. From choosing a glamorous outfit to planning a memorable dinner date with your beau, the long list of to-do’s before the big day is definitely one of the biggest reasons behind our sleepless nights, resulting in those evil dark circles. To add on to your long list of worries, you spot an eruption of pimples on your face, thanks for that! Life couldn’t get any worse, could it? Well, it sure could get better!

Before you hit the panic button and curse your stars, let’s take a look at the little sachets of miracles from Skin Republic. They are sure to rejuvenate your skin and leaving you with a beautiful, healthy glow for Valentine’s Day!

Banish the Dark Circles!
An intensive under eye treatment which nourishes your skin and minimises the appearance of the five signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, puffiness, dark circles and dryness. Collagen, Green Tea, Vitamins A & E and Aloe Vera help to reduce the visible signs of aging by returning elasticity to tired skin for a more youthful appearance.

Goodbye Spots!


Helps cleanse the skin’s pores, clear spots and aids in preventing future breakouts with Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid. Witch Hazel helps tighten pores and stabilises the barrier function of the skin. These ingredients remove pore-clogging oil, control shine and reduce redness without over drying, helping to maintain a healthy and clear complexion.

Roll back the years!


Stimulate your skin with antioxidants that aid in the fight against environmental damage.Together Nano-Platinum, Trehalose and Pomegranate have antioxidant capabilities and assist in firming and lifting the skin, enhancing its elasticity and texture. As the skin has a four-week regeneration period, Skin Republic’s Face Masks are most effective when used twice a week for the first month and then as required. An application takes between 15-20 minutes.

Skin Republic Masks have a three-year shelf life and are available from Spinney’s, Boots the Pharmacy and United Pharmacy across the UAE retailing from 22 AED.

About Skin Republic
This hypo-allergenic dermatological skin care range has been scientifically formulated and laboratory tested by dermatologists. Skin Republic’s full range of 12 products focuses on skin care for the face, under the eyes, neck and décolletage, hands and feet, combining the latest technology in advanced skin care with the restorative properties found in nature. Ingredients are delivered to the skin by way of a transdermal delivery system, enabling the intense absorption of moisture and ingredients deep into the skin. For more information please visit www.theskinrepublic.com or www.facebook.com/skinrepublic.
So Girls, go ahead have a good makeover and make your skin feel good !