Fashion for Real People

Nothing feels great than being on the magazine cover. That is exactly the aim of ‘Fashion for Real People’ campaign. It is amazingly explained by the campaign’s punchline,  ‘Fashion is what makes you feel Comfortable’. Don’t forget yourself in this crazy world. Always #BeReal. Let’s find out more about the fabulous campaign and a wonderful lady’s makeover.
I totally loved the campaign and idea and there is a video clipping which I am sure will make you feel special. Have a look and do let me know your views too.

As a part of the ‘Fashion for Real People’ campaign, there is also a Facebook app developed that creates your own magazine cover but with a twist, you can choose the picture, theme, color, text…Aww, that is lovely! 
In case you would
like to create your own cover you can click the below link.
Go ahead girls and create your own magic with this app and don’t forget to share it by tagging me. Be Special, Be Real ! Muah ❤