May 2016

Moshi’s New Branch at Oud Metha with the Summer Menu – Review

Flamin’ Cheetos Maki (veg)
Sriracha Edamame, Zaatar and Labneh Maki, Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos Maki and Broccoli Asparagus Maki

Moshi unveils summer menu at newly opened branch in Oud Metha on May 25th, 2016
Moshi – Momo & Sushi, serving a hybrid of two unique cuisines from the North and South of Asia, announces it has opened a second outlet in Oud Metha and is adding a new summer menu to the mix. I was delighted to be a part of the opening and the bloggers invite. 
Moshi first opened its doors last Ramadan in Al Barsha 1 and gained attention fairly quickly amongst Dubai foodies for their fusion sushi and authentic momos. Being a homegrown concept in Dubai, Moshi is well known for its Middle Eastern inspired maki rolls – Cheesy Chips Oman and Falafel Hummus & Cucumber.  Here is how the branch looks from inside. It has got simple and classy interiors using the colours orange, black and white. The walls had lovely small paintings put up on small plates as well.
Moshi aspires to be a laidback sushi haven, as opposed to the plenty of fine dining sushi restaurants found in Dubai. They successfully achieve so by being a QSR that serves affordable high quality classic and fusion sushi alongside street-style Nepalese momos, whilst providing an amiable casual dining experience. The concept emerged from an apparent lack of authentic momos in the region, as well as, the myth that sushi is an acquired taste only enjoyed by people who eat seafood. “I wanted to change the myth of sushi being raw. People who shied away from sushi are now sushi lovers. The smile people have on their faces when they try sushi or momos for the first time is something I love”, says Rahul Sajnani, founder and CEO of Moshi. They also serve what Moshi calls Air Rolls, for those not fond of seaweed, using lettuce to roll makis, making it a healthier alternative. Moshi takes pride in being one of the restaurants that don’t add any MSG to their food.
15 new delectable dishes will be added to the menu, including the much anticipated Sushi Burger, Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos Maki, Zaatar Labneh Maki, Hot Dog Maki, Edamame & Mushroom Momo, and Lotus Milkshake. The summer menu will be available for dine in, home delivery and take away at both branches, Al Barsha and Oud Metha, starting May 26th, 2016. 

Summer Menu

My Verdict:
Being a vegetarian, you are limited to a little less options but still there was lots to offer. Loved everything about the place and I guess this was the perfect place to open as there are no good momos and sushi around. 
As soon as we entered, we were made comfortably seated with fellow bloggers and caught up with lot of new ones too. I had non vegetarian bloggers on my table too, so it was good to hear and know about their views too.
We were welcomed by Strawberry Mojito (Virgin) and Lotus Milkshake. I guess both shouldn’t have been served at the same time. Both the Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Milkshake were very good. Strawberry Mojito is served in a light bulb shaped glass with mint leaves and is really refereshing . Lotus Milkshake is quite filling and really won my heart.

Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Milkshake 
Lotus Milkshake

Then came the vegetarian sushi platter along with non veg on the other side. the first look was wow ! BPD Dhokla maki or sushi is the real thing . It is khaman dhokla wrapped up in a sushi with a little dip on the top. I loved it !

Dhokla Maki

It seems the Broccoli & Asparagus sushi was better than Broccoli chicken, as my fellow blogger from Foodstersjam commented.

The Vegetarian Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos Maki or sushi was yummy, spicy and amazing. Loved the cheetos on the top and I am sure the kids would love it too if they eat spicy food.
Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos 

The Zaatar Labneh Maki and Falafel Nigiri add a little Middle east touch to the menu and were tempting and irresistible. Falafel was yummy and crispy too.

Falafel Nigiri

Edamame & Mushroom Momos were steaming hot and delicious. This is something you shouldn’t miss at all. Moreover, it is such an healthy option.

Edamame and Mushroom Momos

I didn’t like the Sriracha Edamame as I found it to be raw and was getting stuck in my mouth. It was not really chewable. So I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Sriracha Edamame

The Sushi Burger looked messier to grab and eat but the comments were mostly that the stuffing was yummy.(non-veg, hence not consumed by me)

Sushi Burger

Some other items from the Summer Menu :

Hot Dog and French Fries Maki

Nutella Maki is not on the menu, but it is definitely must must have and not to be missed at all. The combination of Hot maki with Nutella just melts so well in your mouth. Be careful when served, don’t put it straight away in your mouth or you may burn your tongue. I can’t describe how yummy it was ! Fantastically fabulous ! It is the Star product according to me. 🙂

The menu is very reasonably priced and is budget friendly.

Loved the concept of putting the name locks as you have seen on the Paris Love Bridge. I have put one there too! Can you spot mine from the pic?

Find where my name is !

For more information or reservations, please call:
+9714 3968646 (Oud Metha)
+9714 3999650 (Al Barsha 1)
Also, Follow Moshi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat . Here are the links :
Snapchat : moshiuae
I hope you enjoyed the read. Go ahead and try the cool Summer Menu at Moshi, Oud Metha. Don’t leave Moshi without trying the Nutella Maki ! It is a must must have!

Color Club New York – Cruelty-free and Vegan Friendly Nail Polish launch in UAE .

The future of color is here! Distinguished to be cruelty-free and vegan-friendly; USA’s leading and nail industry’s elite; Color Club New York made its Middle East debut as it launched at Beauty World ME 2016. Bloggers were invited to try and experience their color range specifically. Let me share more about the Color Club New York.

Before I start, here are some pictures of the experience at Color Club, Beauty World Middle East 2016. Since I had a series of meetings lined up, I just went for French manicure.

Here we start 
Manicure in process 
Color Club Collection 

Love the Heat Index

The Neons and SS 2016 collection 

I also had the opportunity to meet Robert Nguyen,  Colour Club, Director of Education. 

Bought to the region by Galina Spieling, who is renowned for her ‘Posh Nails and Celebrity Hairstyles’ in Dubai; Color Club New York nail polishes will now be an illustrious offering across leading beauty studios in the UAE.

Color Club has added over 50 new shades to the Color Club Gel assortment. Each shade has been formulated for professional use and ease of application. Along with these new shades,  Color Club Gel has created One & Done. the revolutionary no-wipe gel top coat. This top coat is perfect for techs that are in a hurry by removing the final application step and resulting in a tack-free, super-shiny manicure.
Color Club Nail lacquer continue to set trends with their seasonal collections, including new additions to the fan-favourite Poptastic Collection. Pop Chalk is the perfect mix of bright and pastel neon shades that have been formulated to dry with a matte, chalk-like finish. Not enough neon? Color Club has more. Color Club Pop Wash adds a subtle wash of neon color to your manicure with a slick, sheer finish. Their interesting collection is the Heat Index collection which changes colour when exposed to heat or sun.
Color Club also has lovely nail art duos nail polishes and Mobile PRO LED which is used to streamline and perfect the soak-off gel application system. Below are some more pictures of the Color Club collection.

My manicure easily lasted for a week though I put my hands frequently in water and do the dishes many a times. Love their pigmentation, texture, ease of application and longetivity . They had lovely and different shades which are not available in any other brands.
Color Club is available locally in Galina’s Salon in Al Barsha and also in Happy Nails Salon in Dubai Mall.
I hope you enjoyed the read and Color Club collection too. Go ahead and grab these new shades girls. I am sure you will love them. Summer Travel and Beach Range

Bando Cooler Bags – Watermelon

Oh Hey, The temperatures are now reaching the forties range and it is time that many are planning their travel or hitting the beach. Here is some cool, quirky and bright accessories, you would love to add on. Have you heard about the brand ‘’ ? Well even I didn’t hear or know about this until I came across the press release. Let’s find out more.

Bando Jumbo Heart Floaty

Let’s hear it from the brand itself. We’re, let’s be BBF’s. We can stay up late watching 80’s rom com’s and eating pizza with EVERYTHING on it (except anchovies, grooooooooooooos!) Cool now that it’s settled we should probably tell you a bit MORE about us. 

We’re a gift, tech, stationary, and fashion accessories company designed by a PRETTY spectacular group of GIRLS in sunny Los Angeles. We love bright colours, irreverent patterns, quirky sayings and kittens. OMG we love kittens so much. 
We are SERIOUS about FUN and as the season is upon us, we would love to introduce you to our super AWESOME travel and beach range. 

Let’s have a look at their products…..I am sure you will fall in love with it.

Bando Carry All Duo Vacation dots bag
Bando Giant Beach Towel – I am fun

Bando Giant Beach towel Vacation
Bando Jumbo Heart Innertube

Beach Tote Bag
Beach Please Towel
i’m outta here passport Holder products are available at Bloomingdales, Virgin Megastores, with GCC shipping and

How to take out all Makeup : The 3-step Make-up Remover Routine from NEUTROGENA

Let’s face it: you love putting make-up on, but, taking it all off can be a real pain! If only you could snap your fingers and make it all melt away!
Well, for once, your wish has been granted: with Neutrogena®’s NEW Deep Clean® Make-up Remover range, taking your make-up off is as easy as 1 -2 -3!

Here is how it works:

Step 1: The Deep Clean Make-up Remover Wipes. 

Ultra-soft and gentle, but also well moistened, these wipes are very effective in sweeping away the surface make-up, dirt and oil from your face. In fact, they are clinically proven to remove 99.3% of your most stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara. And it’s very satisfying to see all this grime collected in one single wipe!
Step 2: The Deep Clean Invigorating Make-up Removing Creamy Wash. 

This is a hardworking facial wash that cleanses thoroughly, deep down into pores, without stripping the skin of its natural oil and moisture, leaving your complexion looking fresh, healthy and radiant!
Step 3: The Deep Clean Eye Make-up Remover. 

The final step in this routine, this mild formulation removes any remaining eye makeup – all gone in one quick sweep. No rubbing and tugging necessary, and no oil residue behind either. It is also ophthalmologist tested and safe to use if you wear contact lenses.
My Verdict:
After using the new makeup remover products from Neutrogena and following the steps, the skin looks and feels so crystal clear just as fresh as a baby’s face.
Not even a single trace of foundation or eyeshadow or black eyeliner left around the eye. I can feel my actual skin after using Neutrogena new make up remover products.
Neutrogena®’s NEW 3-step make-up remover routine is easy and speedy, and also beneficial for your skin. 
So, the next time you are facing a make-up removing impasse, try Neutrogena®’s NEW 3-step cleansing routine. It’s not only easy and speedy, but also beneficial for your skin.
After all, removing your makeup or cleaning is the core step of your daily skincare regimen, and the foundation to skin so clear, it glows from within!


The Deep Clean Make-up Remover Wipes (AED 34.48)
The Deep Clean Invigorating Make-up Removing Creamy Wash (AED 44.86)
The Deep Clean Eye Make-up Remover (AED 44.86)  

Inversion Femme Anti-Aging Total Beauty Review

Hi Divas! We like to forever look young and don’t want to age at all. This is where these dietary supplements or miracle pills come in. Inversion Femme is a supplement which claims to improve skin, hair, nails and figure. I have been consuming these supplements for around a month now. But does it work? Let’s find out?

About Inversion Femme:

Inversion Femme is a ‘wonder pill’ designed to make you look younger, lose weight and improve the quality of your hair and nails.
Recently relaunched Inversion Femme Total Beauty sample were given to me to try and also to post my review on the same. I am always sceptical when it comes to these pills and supplements but since it was Natural, I went ahead with it. I am having these pills over a month now.
Inversion Femme is a highly innovative dietary supplement whose active ingredients are contained in 2 separate capsules (red capsules and silver capsules), ensuring just the right dose is taken at exactly the same time (morning and evening).
According to a recent trial and survey, women on the trial experienced a 27 per cent reduction in the depth of wrinkles, a 50 per cent reduction in hair loss, an improvement in nail condition and weight loss. So, what’s in these so-called wonder pills? “A precise balance of natural ingredients including vitamins C, B2, B5, B6, B8, iron, Omega-6 and 3, and grape extract,” say the makers.
How to Consume?
Hearing all this, I went for a 30 day trial of these Inversion Femme Anti Aging capsules.
2 Red capsules in the morning after good breakfast and 1 Silver Capsule to be swallowed with a large glass of water.
My Verdict and Results:

A pack has pills good enough for 30 days and I started with that. It was a difficult thing to remember to eat the pills daily and breaking it up into morning and evening. There were days when I would forget eating the pills too. To be very honest I didn’t notice any changes until the Day 15. There was a considerable improvement in my skin and it had become more clear after that. 

I always had a clear skin and complexion but I do experience rare breakouts, but with the consumption of this Inversion Femme pill, I didn’t experience any breakouts at all and there seemed to be a youthful glow in my skin. There was no reduction as such with my forehead lines as such till now, but will continue using the pill, maybe it show up would later. 
My hair fall has reduced considerably and my hair has grown quite a lot. I badly need to go for a haircut now.
I didn’t experience any weight loss till now but at least it just doesn’t have the side effect that usually other vitamin pills have of making people over weight.
My nails have become stronger, hard and unbreakable. They grow quickly too.
It is a bit expensive and pinches a bit, but I guess all the ant-aging and dietary supplements are more or less in that price range. I guess the best results will show up in 2 months and so I would continue using it.
Price: Dh 260 for 30 day pack and it is available in all major pharmacies.

Le Soie Cosmetics – Products Review

Hello to all the wonderful people out there. With the temperatures rising in Dubai, one may consider looking at various body shower and bath products. And in the quest of finding new and innovative products, I came across this wonderful Belgian brand ‘Le Soie‘. The packaging is so bright and colourful, that you will feel to try it out too. Today, I will talk about many of their interesting products.

Le Soie‘ means Silk in French. Le Soie cosmetics are made in Belgium, the heart of Europe and they have organic soaps and personal and skin care. They are crafted by nature. They are now in UAE and open their doors to public.
The fragrance of each and every product is amazing and mesmerizing. They have products for each and everyone and for all age groups. They have skincare and organic soaps for men, women, kids and babies. Sharing some of the event pictures. (there are a lot of product pictures in this post to show how amazing are Le Soie Cosmetics products and how obsessed I am with it too).

Le Soie, the Belgian brand that brings alive the beauty of nature with its
unique cosmetics, inaugurates its resplendent collection of bath and body works
for the woman of soul at Dubai Festival City Mall.
Embracing the UAE market with its lavish collection of innovative and
beautifying bath and grooming solutions, Le Soie products is quite a collection to look forward to. Their products are natural, handmade, are cruelty free and not tested on animals. They are made out of natural or fresh ingredients and are 100% halal.

I was presented with a cute and bright media kit by Le Soie with the following products*:-

1. Bonjour et Bonne Nuit Hand Cream (Exotic Mandarine) :
Looking at the product packaging, gives you an idea that it has got something to do with orange. I just admire the packaging of all Le Soie products. This Hand cream has a bright orange packaging which describes the fragrance of the hand cream, that is the Exotic Mandarine. The very scent of mandarine makes you feel fresh and wanting to put on to your hands for them to smell fresh. The formula is quite light on to the hands and it doesn’t make your hands greasy. It is smooth, glides on well and easily absorbed in to the skin. It leaves my hand well nourished and moisturized.

2. Chocolate Fudge Soap Cup Cake :
This was the most interesting and most adored product in the media kit. The very sight makes you feel to grab it right away. But mind you sweeties, it is not edible and wouldn’t spoil your diet too. Make sure to inform your kids as well about it or they may want to eat it. The cream on the top can be used as a foaming bath butter and the bottom part like a normal soap bar for hand/body. Loved the fragrance and how smoothly it glides on to the skin and makes your skin feel soft. My kids loved it too. It is just priced at dh 30 only. Unbelievable price !

3. Bonjuir et Bonne Nuit Bath Foam (Honey & Almond) :
It has a lovely and light orange and white packaging. This Bubble bath turns your bath to a relaxant and pleasant time to enjoy. It is sweet herbal scented foaming bath cream that will not dry your skin at all. I use it like a shower gel on the weekdays as obviously the time is short and indulge in this luxury over the weekend at times. It is has a lovely citrusy fresh scent combined with honey and could hardly smell the almond.  This Bath foam is gentle on the skin and leaves my body feel clean, refreshed and moisturized. 

4.  Apple Dream Softening Facial Cream :
This softening facial cream is an intensively moisturizing and soothing daily treatment for skin. It leaves the skin feel lusciously smooth thanks to this very soft and luxurious cream with the adorable apple scent, which gives you an energizing start of the day. The formula was a little thick like a balm and though it was  easily absorb by my skin, it left my skin feeling a little oily too. It worked good for my dry skin but I wouldn’t recommend for people with oily skin. I would prefer to use this cream at night rather than the day time, so that my skin is well moisturised and repaired and will work wonders then.

5. Le Soie Soap :
A splendid pink soap, embedded with lots of white swirls, has a soft and sweet aroma which guides you to those places that we dream of. Mon Savon soaps can be used like any normal soap bar but are much milder. Simply rub the bar several times between wet hands until you form a lather to clean your skin. As an alternative, you can rub the soap on a shower sponge or a wash cloth. It can be used on body or face.
Verdict :
Overall, I really loved all Al Soie products. They are luxurious and the same time very affordable too. More over, they are natural, handmade and cruelty free too. My favourite products were obviously the Chocolate Fudge Cup Cake Soap, Hand Cream and the Bath Foam. I would definitely love to return to their store to try another set of their products. You can purchase their products online too through their website. Most of their products are mostly charged below Dh 100 and amazing soaps at dh 28 – dh 30 only. 
The decadent collections of LeSoie are now also available at Dubai
Festival City Mall, and other selected malls in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
more information, go to:
Le Soie
locations in the United Arab Emirates:
Mall Branch: Mushrif Area 2nd floor Front of Style Studio.
Trade Center Mall Branch: Corniche Area Ground floor Front of La Senza.
Mall Branch: Mussafah area First floor Front of Lerros.
Festival City Mall Branch: Dubai Creek Area, Al Rebat Street First floor next
to Multon Brown.
Battuta Mall Branch:  India Court front
of Red Tag.
Mall Branch Al Ain: Massed Area, Mazyad Road ground floor, front of Al Ain
Jeddah Al Salam Mall Branch: Intersection of Prince Majed road and King Abullah
road 1st floor.
I will be posting few more product pictures at the end of the post, but none of them are edible items. More pictures of inauguration event and other items at the store can be found on my Instagram : @divabeautyae
All the products are absolute value for money and their skincare is very affordable and reasonable too. Have any of you tried their products? Do let me know in the comments below. 
*Disclaimer – Though the products were given to me for review but the reviews are not biased or influenced. The reviews above are honest and from my personal experience.