Inversion Femme Anti-Aging Total Beauty Review

Hi Divas! We like to forever look young and don’t want to age at all. This is where these dietary supplements or miracle pills come in. Inversion Femme is a supplement which claims to improve skin, hair, nails and figure. I have been consuming these supplements for around a month now. But does it work? Let’s find out?

About Inversion Femme:

Inversion Femme is a ‘wonder pill’ designed to make you look younger, lose weight and improve the quality of your hair and nails.
Recently relaunched Inversion Femme Total Beauty sample were given to me to try and also to post my review on the same. I am always sceptical when it comes to these pills and supplements but since it was Natural, I went ahead with it. I am having these pills over a month now.
Inversion Femme is a highly innovative dietary supplement whose active ingredients are contained in 2 separate capsules (red capsules and silver capsules), ensuring just the right dose is taken at exactly the same time (morning and evening).
According to a recent trial and survey, women on the trial experienced a 27 per cent reduction in the depth of wrinkles, a 50 per cent reduction in hair loss, an improvement in nail condition and weight loss. So, what’s in these so-called wonder pills? “A precise balance of natural ingredients including vitamins C, B2, B5, B6, B8, iron, Omega-6 and 3, and grape extract,” say the makers.
How to Consume?
Hearing all this, I went for a 30 day trial of these Inversion Femme Anti Aging capsules.
2 Red capsules in the morning after good breakfast and 1 Silver Capsule to be swallowed with a large glass of water.
My Verdict and Results:

A pack has pills good enough for 30 days and I started with that. It was a difficult thing to remember to eat the pills daily and breaking it up into morning and evening. There were days when I would forget eating the pills too. To be very honest I didn’t notice any changes until the Day 15. There was a considerable improvement in my skin and it had become more clear after that. 

I always had a clear skin and complexion but I do experience rare breakouts, but with the consumption of this Inversion Femme pill, I didn’t experience any breakouts at all and there seemed to be a youthful glow in my skin. There was no reduction as such with my forehead lines as such till now, but will continue using the pill, maybe it show up would later. 
My hair fall has reduced considerably and my hair has grown quite a lot. I badly need to go for a haircut now.
I didn’t experience any weight loss till now but at least it just doesn’t have the side effect that usually other vitamin pills have of making people over weight.
My nails have become stronger, hard and unbreakable. They grow quickly too.
It is a bit expensive and pinches a bit, but I guess all the ant-aging and dietary supplements are more or less in that price range. I guess the best results will show up in 2 months and so I would continue using it.
Price: Dh 260 for 30 day pack and it is available in all major pharmacies.