Summer Travel and Beach Range

Bando Cooler Bags – Watermelon

Oh Hey, The temperatures are now reaching the forties range and it is time that many are planning their travel or hitting the beach. Here is some cool, quirky and bright accessories, you would love to add on. Have you heard about the brand ‘’ ? Well even I didn’t hear or know about this until I came across the press release. Let’s find out more.

Bando Jumbo Heart Floaty

Let’s hear it from the brand itself. We’re, let’s be BBF’s. We can stay up late watching 80’s rom com’s and eating pizza with EVERYTHING on it (except anchovies, grooooooooooooos!) Cool now that it’s settled we should probably tell you a bit MORE about us. 

We’re a gift, tech, stationary, and fashion accessories company designed by a PRETTY spectacular group of GIRLS in sunny Los Angeles. We love bright colours, irreverent patterns, quirky sayings and kittens. OMG we love kittens so much. 
We are SERIOUS about FUN and as the season is upon us, we would love to introduce you to our super AWESOME travel and beach range. 

Let’s have a look at their products…..I am sure you will fall in love with it.

Bando Carry All Duo Vacation dots bag
Bando Giant Beach Towel – I am fun

Bando Giant Beach towel Vacation
Bando Jumbo Heart Innertube

Beach Tote Bag
Beach Please Towel
i’m outta here passport Holder products are available at Bloomingdales, Virgin Megastores, with GCC shipping and