Moshi’s New Branch at Oud Metha with the Summer Menu – Review

Flamin’ Cheetos Maki (veg)
Sriracha Edamame, Zaatar and Labneh Maki, Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos Maki and Broccoli Asparagus Maki

Moshi unveils summer menu at newly opened branch in Oud Metha on May 25th, 2016
Moshi – Momo & Sushi, serving a hybrid of two unique cuisines from the North and South of Asia, announces it has opened a second outlet in Oud Metha and is adding a new summer menu to the mix. I was delighted to be a part of the opening and the bloggers invite. 
Moshi first opened its doors last Ramadan in Al Barsha 1 and gained attention fairly quickly amongst Dubai foodies for their fusion sushi and authentic momos. Being a homegrown concept in Dubai, Moshi is well known for its Middle Eastern inspired maki rolls – Cheesy Chips Oman and Falafel Hummus & Cucumber.  Here is how the branch looks from inside. It has got simple and classy interiors using the colours orange, black and white. The walls had lovely small paintings put up on small plates as well.
Moshi aspires to be a laidback sushi haven, as opposed to the plenty of fine dining sushi restaurants found in Dubai. They successfully achieve so by being a QSR that serves affordable high quality classic and fusion sushi alongside street-style Nepalese momos, whilst providing an amiable casual dining experience. The concept emerged from an apparent lack of authentic momos in the region, as well as, the myth that sushi is an acquired taste only enjoyed by people who eat seafood. “I wanted to change the myth of sushi being raw. People who shied away from sushi are now sushi lovers. The smile people have on their faces when they try sushi or momos for the first time is something I love”, says Rahul Sajnani, founder and CEO of Moshi. They also serve what Moshi calls Air Rolls, for those not fond of seaweed, using lettuce to roll makis, making it a healthier alternative. Moshi takes pride in being one of the restaurants that don’t add any MSG to their food.
15 new delectable dishes will be added to the menu, including the much anticipated Sushi Burger, Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos Maki, Zaatar Labneh Maki, Hot Dog Maki, Edamame & Mushroom Momo, and Lotus Milkshake. The summer menu will be available for dine in, home delivery and take away at both branches, Al Barsha and Oud Metha, starting May 26th, 2016. 

Summer Menu

My Verdict:
Being a vegetarian, you are limited to a little less options but still there was lots to offer. Loved everything about the place and I guess this was the perfect place to open as there are no good momos and sushi around. 
As soon as we entered, we were made comfortably seated with fellow bloggers and caught up with lot of new ones too. I had non vegetarian bloggers on my table too, so it was good to hear and know about their views too.
We were welcomed by Strawberry Mojito (Virgin) and Lotus Milkshake. I guess both shouldn’t have been served at the same time. Both the Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Milkshake were very good. Strawberry Mojito is served in a light bulb shaped glass with mint leaves and is really refereshing . Lotus Milkshake is quite filling and really won my heart.

Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Milkshake 
Lotus Milkshake

Then came the vegetarian sushi platter along with non veg on the other side. the first look was wow ! BPD Dhokla maki or sushi is the real thing . It is khaman dhokla wrapped up in a sushi with a little dip on the top. I loved it !

Dhokla Maki

It seems the Broccoli & Asparagus sushi was better than Broccoli chicken, as my fellow blogger from Foodstersjam commented.

The Vegetarian Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos Maki or sushi was yummy, spicy and amazing. Loved the cheetos on the top and I am sure the kids would love it too if they eat spicy food.
Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos 

The Zaatar Labneh Maki and Falafel Nigiri add a little Middle east touch to the menu and were tempting and irresistible. Falafel was yummy and crispy too.

Falafel Nigiri

Edamame & Mushroom Momos were steaming hot and delicious. This is something you shouldn’t miss at all. Moreover, it is such an healthy option.

Edamame and Mushroom Momos

I didn’t like the Sriracha Edamame as I found it to be raw and was getting stuck in my mouth. It was not really chewable. So I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Sriracha Edamame

The Sushi Burger looked messier to grab and eat but the comments were mostly that the stuffing was yummy.(non-veg, hence not consumed by me)

Sushi Burger

Some other items from the Summer Menu :

Hot Dog and French Fries Maki

Nutella Maki is not on the menu, but it is definitely must must have and not to be missed at all. The combination of Hot maki with Nutella just melts so well in your mouth. Be careful when served, don’t put it straight away in your mouth or you may burn your tongue. I can’t describe how yummy it was ! Fantastically fabulous ! It is the Star product according to me. 🙂

The menu is very reasonably priced and is budget friendly.

Loved the concept of putting the name locks as you have seen on the Paris Love Bridge. I have put one there too! Can you spot mine from the pic?

Find where my name is !

For more information or reservations, please call:
+9714 3968646 (Oud Metha)
+9714 3999650 (Al Barsha 1)
Also, Follow Moshi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat . Here are the links :
Snapchat : moshiuae
I hope you enjoyed the read. Go ahead and try the cool Summer Menu at Moshi, Oud Metha. Don’t leave Moshi without trying the Nutella Maki ! It is a must must have!