August 2016

Lottie London Flawless Must Have Makeup Brushes

Flawless Make Up Needs Flawless Brushes. Because an artist is only as good as the tools she uses. When it comes to perfecting a flawless make-up finish, the tools that we use can make a huge difference to the end result. With what seems like a billion different brushes on the market in different materials and shapes, it can be difficult to know which brush you really need. Luckily Lottie London’s range of nine must-have make-up brushes offer all you need for a picture (and Selfie!) perfect finish. Let’s look into Lottie’s must have brushes in detail today !
Providing a pop of colour to every fashionista’s dressing table, these vegan, insta-worthy make-up brushes are almost too pretty to use! Each brush has extra-soft bristles and non-slip grip handles to allow the most precise application and are very friendly on your wallet.
For the Eyes:

Eye Shadow Brush (AED39) – Create multiple eye looks with this multi-tasking shadow brush. Blend and buff colour, use with crème or powder pigments and make those eyes dazzle.
Angled Crease Brush (AED39) – Make shaping, smudging and lining a breeze with this professional-grade angled brush, ideal for applying shadow to the corners, in the creases or across the entire eye lid.
For the Face:

Blending Brush (AED39) – With its curved shape and supple bristles, this blending brush creates soft daytime finishes or dramatic smoky eyes with just one sweep.
Concealer Brush (AED39) – Sculpt concealer into contours under the eyes with this angled brush or use the flat end for broader coverage, covering all sins with ease.
Kabuki Brush (AED69) – An absolute must-have to apply finishing powder, the Kabuki brush has a chunky handle for controlled application with dense bristles creating a lightweight and flawless finish.
Powder Brush (AED59) – Offering an even finish, this is the ideal applicator for both loose and pressed powders.
Bronzer Brush (AED59) – This super-wide bronzer brush gives a wonderfully bronze glow in one soft sweep partnered with your favourite bronzing powder.
Foundation Brush (AED59) – The next best thing to your favourite Instagram filter, apply your foundation with this brush for a perfectly polished complexion.
Blush Brush (AED59) – The super long, loose bristles of this blush brush allow for the perfect amount of buildable colour, allowing a pop of precision colour to the cheeks.
The Lottie Brush Set (AED159) is a steal, and your one-stop shop for #SelfieReady beauty. It contains an all-round selection of make-up bag essentials with five of Lottie’s best selling make up brushes.
Lottie London products are available from Virgin Megastore, The Nail Spa, Burj Al Arab, Lulu Supermarket, Ushi Nail Spa and Hair & Beauty By Edge in the UAE. In Qatar products are available in Karisma and in Bahrain, The Beauty Room. You can also purchase online from,, and
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Fillerina Lip Volume Treatment Review

Give your lips a boost without resorting to the needle!

Whether Brigitte Bardot, Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner is your poster girl for the look, a bee stung pout is on everyone’s lips. Lip volume is something women tend to lose with age. Also, some people opt for the needles to get fuller lips. Fortunately, I was introduced to Fillerina Lip Volume, a device which claims to achieve those fuller lips without any surgical invasion. Today I will share with you all about this Fillerina Lip Volumiser and whether it was effective or not?

Smoking, overexposure to the sun, and even going up and down on the weight-loss roller coaster, can cause the tissue in the lip area to thin prematurely. Collagen production tends to slow down in the human body after age 25, and along with it comes a slower cell turnover rate. This can reduce the lip volume.

I am happy with my lip shape, but if I would get more fuller lips without going through the needles, then why not? So I thought to try the Fillerina Lip Volume.

About :

Fillerina Lip Volume was created at LABO (Labo Cosprophar Suisse) laboratory in Switzerland and is a filler dermo-cosmetic treatment, specifically for lips. Six highly penetrating Hyaluronic Acids help to provide a more voluminous, precisely-defined, younger looking pout.

Found naturally in skin, hyaluronic acid is phenomenally hydrophilic – attracting and retaining up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water – to keep skin smooth, dewy and hydrated. Levels of hyaluronic acid decline as we age and Fillerina’s Lip Volume penetrates the skin’s lower layers to provide prolonged moisture, whilst simultaneously exhibiting immediate, line-plumping benefits.

Packaging :
The specific package of Fillerina Lip Volume includes an applicator equipped with an air-less container and a plunger for the correct distribution of the preparation. It is a simple plastic transparent device, so can keep track of how much product is remaining. also, my daughter has dropped it a few times but thank God to the plastic packaging it didn’t break. The particular metal ball tip allows a precise and comfortable application with which the product can be directly applied to your lips.

How to use :

The special applicator of Fillerina Lip Volume contains 5ml of gel filler . Press repeatedly but gently on the plunger located at the end of the applicator . A fair amount of gel will exit from the metal ball tip. Apply the metal ball tip 5 times a day directly on clean lips, spreading a consistent layer of gel. Let the active ingredients penetrate for few minutes and let it dry before applying any lipstick or lip-gloss. It is recommended to apply the product for a month or more. During the cycle of applications drink a lot of water. 
The transparent gel is tasteless, odourless and non-sticky. It is easily absorbed when applied and leaves no trace on the lips. I didn’t feel any tingling sensation when applied on my lips and it is safe to use.
Does it work ?
I was wondering if this product would work as a non-invasive lip augmentation. I have tried to monitor the visible changes on my lips. The product can not be compared to a cosmetic intervention since this is only applied topically.

Fillerina Lip Volume was very smooth on the lips and the lips would become soft on its application. It works like a good lip primer. There was an improvement in my skin texture over a period of time. Of course, I didn’t expect immediate results but the results will only be visible if you are persistent with the application. I didn’t see much results till almost 2 weeks of using it, which was a little disappointing and just maintained my patience and went ahead using the product. After almost 3 weeks, I noticed a very negligible growth. According to the Fillerina experts, you have to use this product for at least 3 months to see good results. 
Though this product acts like a good primer, but I still feel the need of a good lip balm and exfoliator as I have dry lips.
So does this product really work? Yes it does provide a smoothing effect and makes your a little fuller and plumper. 
Final Verdict :
If you are looking for a slight filling effect and don’t want to go through the surgical needle, then this is the product for you. The effect is very minimal and it is very time consuming.  Unfortunately the treatment is not very long lasting. Once you have stopped using the product, the effect lasts only for a month and there is a gradual loss of the volume acquired, later on. But I wish there was a little change made to the product to make more faster and visible changes as it cost quite a lot and it should at least justify that.
Another drawback is that you need to use the Fillerina Lip Volume for at least 5 times per day, which is a little too much and difficult to keep a count of it too. It is difficult to apply it throughout the day if you have applied makeup or if you are out. 

Price :
Fillerina Lip Volumiser is available at all leading pharmacies like Boots and Ibn Sina, across the UAE and is priced for AED 289. For more information please visit

Have you tried Fillerina Lip Filler ? Do share your reviews and if you have any questions do feel to leave in the comments below.