Paese Long Cover Fluid Foundation, Paese Lush Satin Brightening Foundation and Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Foundation Review

Hello sweeties ! I hope you are enjoying the winters. Recently, I have been trying a lot of makeup from Paese Cosmetics. Heard a lot about them specially their oil and serum. Since there are lot of products, I decided to break the review into several parts. Today I will talk about their several foundations.

About Paese :
Paese is an award winning Polish Cosmetics Brand, whose name is derived from an Italian word meaning ‘Country’ (Pa’eze). Their main factory is from Poland where they are doing very well. The brand may not be known much here but their products are amazing and I am sure you will love them too.
I attended their bloggers meet and got several foundation sachets to try and I will share my views with you. Paese foundations are created from highest quality ingredients and therefore provide skin care aspect.
1. Paese Long Cover Fluid Foundation :
This foundation is good for dry, normal and sensitive skin. It contains filter SPF6. It has a decent coverage. It perfectly evens the skin colour and hides all imperfections. It has creamy, rich consistency and very comfortable to apply, I prefer applying with a beauty blender but it gives flawless look with the foundation brush too.  Gives a long lasting coverage, making skin look fresh , radiant and natural all day long. It really moisturises the skin thanks to the ingredients like Shea butter and also soothes the skin irritation as it is rich with Provitamin B5. It also contains Vitamin A, C and E that ensures skin nourishment and protection against UV Rays. The ones with dry skin needn’t apply powder on the top, but the ones who have oily skin need to brush powder after the foundation to help it stay intact. It comes in 8 shades.
I got a dark shade to try, hence I mixed with light foundation or used it to create a bronzed, sun-kissed look.
2. Paese Lush Satin Multivitamin Brightening Foundation :
This foundation has exotic fruits extract. It is induced with Mango, Papaya and pomerange extracts that smooth, nourish, revitalize and improve the skin colour and Vitamin PP, A, C and E that moisturises dehydrated areas of the skin.. It also contains lifting polymers that smooths wrinkles. This is mainly for dry, grey and tried and normal complexion. This foundation ensures fresh looking, healthy and even skin.
I got a light shade and it did brighten my skin and give it a fresh look.
3. Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Foundation :
This is a new launch. It is a light weight, moisturizing foundation for dry skin but can be used for people with normal skin as well. It creates gentle waterproof film on the facial surface ensuring perfectly smooth and flawless skin. It doesn’t leave oily layer and it doesn’t dehydrate the skin. Specially selected flaked pigments ensure even natural colour. It is induced with Vitamin A, C, E and F and silk amino acids that nourish skin enhance its hydration and support the synthesis of collagen. It ensures the non-transfer effect.

It has a nice coverage and stay put for a long time.

Paese has a wide colour range for foundations and hence it is easy to find a suitable shade for any skin tone, but it very fair, medium or very dark tones.
Paese Cosmetics can be found at :

  • Paese : Dubai, Deira City
    Centre, Ground Level
  • Paese :  Dubai, IBN Battuta
    Mall, Ground level
  • Paese :  Dubai, Century Mall,
    Ground level
  • Paese :  Sharjah, Matajer Al
    Qouz Mall, Ground level
  • Paese :  Sharjah, Matajer Al
    Khan Mall, Al Khan
  • Paese : Barsha Mall, Karji Perfumes
    Shop # 14,Barsha 2
  • Paese : Umm Al Quwain, Karji
    Perfumes, Al Salamah
  • Paese : Al Neem Pharmacy, Al Rawda 2,
  • Paese : Bab Al Shaab Pharmacy, Al
    Shaab Village, Sharjah
I hope you enjoyed reading the review and find one suitable for your skin.