Paese Eyeshadows Review

Hola ! I have introduced you to Paese cosmetics in my earlier post, which you can read more about it here . I have been trying a lot of their products and hence breaking up it in to several reviews. Today I will discuss about their Eyeshadows that I was generously given by the Paese Cosmetics Team for review.

Paese is an award winning Polish brand and it is quite well known in Europe. They are not so known in the Middle East but their products are of amazing quality with very reasonable prices. I am sure you would love them too when you try them.
Now going ahead with the Eyeshadows :
Paese have different types of eyeshadows like Kashmir, Soft matt, Triple and Diamond. I have tried the Diamond and the Soft Matt Eyeshadows and will share reviews about the same.
1. Soft Matt Eyeshadows :

These are semi transparent eyeshadows with a silky soft consistency formula and they have medium pigmentation which is buildable. They are pretty long lasting if you apply eyeshadow primer as the base or eyeshadow base to set it. I think I have received the shade 503 (That is what I figured it out from the product catalogue. Neither the shade name or number was mentioned on the refill).
2. Diamond Eyeshadows :

These eyeshadows contain over 50 % of natural Pearl shadows that can be applied either wet or dry. I have with me the Trio eyeshadows 700 – The Purple Trio, 712 – The Grey Trio and 714 – The Brown Trio. I have mixed reviews for this one as some individual diamond eyeshadows were very pigmented and these Trios have medium pigmentation. You can give it more pop or more pigmentation by adding a white eyeshadow base before applying this eyeshadow. This way your eyeshadow will so much up in a much better way with more pigmentation.

Overall Opinion :
Paese eyeshadows have medium to good pigmentation. I suggest you to try the eyeshadows before you purchase them. I loved the Soft Matt Eyeshadows and they were really good. I had a makeover too with Paese cosmetics, using all their products. The eyeshadows lasted the entire day and were easily blendable with good pigmentation. Moreover, their products are good on our pockets and quite affordable.

Price :
Soft Matt Eyeshadows – AED 35
Diamond Eyeshadows – AED 39

Paese Cosmetics can be found at :

  • Paese : Dubai, Deira City Centre, Ground Level
  • Paese :  Dubai, IBN Battuta Mall, Ground level, Persia Court.
  • Paese :  Dubai, Century Mall, Ground level
  • Paese :  Sharjah, Matajer Al Qouz Mall, Ground level
  • Paese :  Sharjah, Matajer Al Khan Mall, Al Khan
  • Paese : Barsha Mall, Karji Perfumes Shop # 14,Barsha 2
  • Paese : Umm Al Quwain, Karji Perfumes, Al Salamah
  • Paese : Al Neem Pharmacy, Al Rawda 2, Ajman
  • Paese : Bab Al Shaab Pharmacy, Al Shaab Village, Sharjah
Stay Tuned for more reviews of Paese.