March 2017

Tips to reduce Hair Fall Featuring Crescina Shampoo

Hair fall is a common problem in Gulf. Also, seeing a brush full of broken hairs is a grim scene that we all have to deal with on daily basis. Although reasons and cures for hair loss amongst men are widely discussed due to the fact that most of them are genetically predisposed to hair loss, the same issue amongst women is still considered a taboo topic. Hair loss can be caused by many factors, and whether it’s medical or lifestyle related, it is a problem that has to be addressed. Let me share some tips to reduce Hair fall.

I have used this shampoo several times and found it effective from the first wash itself. Here are top five trending hair loss solutions to help reduce hair shedding:

1 – Avoid Over styling your hair :

Extreme weather conditions are the main reason we resort to heat for styling hair, but over using these tools can cause significant damage to the hair and make it look brittle or frizzy. Also, hair styles than pull on the hair like: tight braids, cornrows and ponytails cause tension that leads to breakage or permanent hair loss. Thus, we recommend allowing your hair to air dry, avoid excessive brushing or the hair especially when it’s wet, using styling tools on low/medium heat settings and loosening braids or pony tails (Messy styles are in fashion anyway). 

2 – Relax, Manage your stress :

We can’t deny that stress can take over our lives sometimes due to daily workload or even unforeseen emotional events and this can contribute to hair loss. Luckily, many studies have shown that hair can grow back once the source of stress has been controlled. Trending stress relief remedies include: hypnotherapy and acupuncture – consult a physician on these treatments for best advise. Moreover, improving your sleep pattern by waking up and going to bed at the same time and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day will significantly relief stress causing your hair to fall.

3 – Use the right hair products :

Investing in a trusty hair system specifically designed to address this problem is your key to healthy, luscious hair. We recommend using Crescina re-growth shampoo that will stimulate the natural growth of hair. It comes in two grades (500, 1300) for both genders and depending on the severity of thinning or baldness. Available on

4 – Take your vitamins :

Another factor that contributes to thinning hair is bad diet or not gaining the right nutrients responsible for hair growth. Following a healthy diet and reaching for multivitamins like: Biotin, Iron, Zinc and minerals can significantly nourish your hair and promote natural growth.

5 – Pamper your scalp :

Grandparents and mothers often recommend hot oil massages – mainly for hair growth purposes. However, we’ve got the ultimate hair loss solution that your scalp will thank you for. Crescina re-growth 100% vials are the latest trend to reduce hair loss as it prevents ageing of follicles, stimulate cell longevity and the physiological growth of hair. This comes in different grades depending on the severity of thinning or baldness (200, 500 and 1300). Available on

It does contain certain level of sodium sulphate, however this combined with other active ingredients in the shampoo work to improve and stimulate hair re-growth and does not cause any damage to your scalp or hair texture. 
Crescina is available from leading pharmacies across the UAE, including Bin Sina from AED 179 (men) to AED 199 (women). For more information, please visit:

The Ultimate Self Tanning Tips with Madame LA LA

The Ultimate Self Tanning Tips with Madame LA LA
** Achieve an LA Glow in an Instant and Shine like the A-List **
Self tanning is the safest way to get a golden glow and a modern alternative to bathing in the sun with its harmful rays.  The Madame LA LA self tan range is a favourite amongst the A-List for it’s additional toning, perfecting and hydrating properties, as well as its use of coco water, green tea and vitamin c to assist in anti-ageing. A fabulous all-rounder, Madame LA LA is inspired by the West Coast and luxurious beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica.
If you are looking to achieve that iconic LA glow, along with some clever contouring tips, Madame LA LA has all of the expert advice you need to ensure your tan game is officially ON!

As with everything, preparation is key. Make sure you have the following items to hand before you start to apply your Madame LA LA Self Tan Mousse (AED 195):
*A black towel – This will be your home tanning booth! Perfect to stand on to avoid any stains
*Plastic gloves or a mitt – This will avoid staining your hands
The next step for an even, all over golden glow is to exfoliate and moisturise thoroughly, focussing on any dry areas such as cuticles, ankles, feet and elbows.
You are now ready to apply your Madame LA LA Self Tanning Mousse by pumping the golden mousse directly onto your skin and smoothing all over using your gloves or a mitt.  It is important not to shake the bottle and use sparingly on areas with dry skin. Wait five minutes before dressing and do not shower for at least ten hours to allow the tan to develop. Wash hands thoroughly after use to avoid any streaks.
If you would like to contour some of your more troublesome areas, follow the below tips to take you to golden goddess in one stroke:
If you have always dreamed of legs like Giselle Bundchen, streamline your legs by tensing the muscles so you can see indentations running down the leg and inner thigh, then apply your self tanning mousse whilst keeping the muscles tensed. Apply a little extra on the muscle lines to shade, blend and voila – Giselle legs!
To get Rihanna’s abs of steel without hitting the gym you need some serious body contouring. Tense muscles and apply Madame LA LA self tan mousse to your gloves/mitt and simply smooth over the stomach until formula is well blended and settled to add subtle definition.
Jessica Alba has gorgeously toned arms but you can create the illusion of slimmer defined arms by standing in front of the mirror and flexing your arm muscles. Once you have figured out where the natural definition is, apply self tan mousse to the contours of the upper arms and deepened shoulder bones to create that defined razor sharp look like Jessica’s.
The Blake Lively-esque glow can be achieved for the face with anti-ageing properties of West Coast Face Bronzing Serum (AED 175) to smooth and blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The serum is gentle enough to use on the face day or night and it is advisable to wash the face with cold water to seal pores, then moisturize, before applying a pea size amount to the face. It’s best to leave the face looking a little lighter than the body so you really don’t need to use much!

Top up your tan by moisturising daily, exfoliating and re-applying once a week.  Madame LA LA tanning mousse develops in three hours.  Madame LA LA Tan lasts for ten days and will leave you looking as if you have spent two weeks on Malibu beach!
Madame LA LA is available from Virgin Megastores, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Yas Mall and online at
For more information please visit and keep up-to-date with the latest news on Instagram

Max Factor Ageless Elixir Miracle Foundation, Miracle Touch Foundation & Smooth Miracle Primer Review

I am always on the look for good foundations to give my skin the flawless look. Luckily, Max Factor has recently launched the Miracle Foundation and also Ageless Foundation to helps me achieve the photo finish look. It has also launched the Smooth Miracle Primer which is the latest must have addition to the Max Factor Foundations. In today’s post I will share my reviews about these latest products.

Mr. Max Factor’s personalized approach to Make-Up
Artistry continues today, empowering women with the products and expertise to
bring out a woman’s strongest features. This approach is at the heart of the
Max Factor’s Miracle foundations, designed with a woman’s skin needs in mind.
No matter what a woman’s skin need, she should be able to find the right shade,
the right texture and the right end benefit to provide healthy looking,
youthful skin. 
Discover your Miracle Foundation :
Depending on your skin type, concerns and your desired end benefits, there are 2 types of Foundation.
1. The Skin Smoother : Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation – 

I have tried this foundation earlier in the Shade ‘Sand 60′ and repurchased it too. This is close to my skin shade and I have yet to get the perfect match as new shades have been launched recently. I have got the Shade ‘Rose Beige 065′ to review, which is a little dark and light pink or rose.

This foundation is one of the best that I have come across so far and one of the foundation that I started with actually. It comes with a transparent lid on one side (so that you can see the foundation shade) and a compartment with a mini sponge applicator on the other side. That makes it so apt for travelling and for touch ups too in your vanity bag. It is a skin smoothing foundation, that transforms from solid to liquid when applied on the skin, without settling into skin’s imperfections, for flawless even base. It is a long lasting foundation and stays good for hours together without cracking or fading.

The sponge applicator really does a good job in applying the foundation as good as the beauty blender. The foundation glides on very smoothly on the skin without leaving any traces. It is wonderful for dry skin like mine and gives medium coverage. I suggest you to apply powder and makeup fixing spray to set the foundation.

This foundation comes in 12 shades, so I am sure you will find one for your skin.

2. The Age Defier : Max Factor Ageless Elixir Miracle Foundation

This is a new launch. With both instant and long term benefits, the 2 in 1
formula provides flawless coverage while protecting against UV induced signs of
ageing. The best part is that it comes with SPF 15, so you need not layer your skin with sunscreen first. It is foundation and serum in one, so it takes care of your skin, giving that flawless look. Perfect for women who suffer from aged, tired looking skin. It stays again for hours together without cracking or fading.
I got the shade ‘Bronze 80′ to review, which is dark for my skin shade. I applied the foundation to review and was amazed with the results. It comes with a pump, that makes it so hygienic and pouring out only the amount that is needed as less is more in makeup ! It comes in a light weight transparent bottle, so you can see the shade of foundation and the amount of foundation left. You can apply the foundation with a brush or beauty blender. It blends really well in the skin without the cakey feeling. It provides a medium coverage and good for sensitive and dry skin like mine. I suggest to set the foundation with powder and fixing spray.
This foundation comes in 11 shades.
Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer :

key to achieving a flawless base is all down to the primer. As a make-up
artist, I always prep and prime skin before applying foundation, to ensure the
skin is super smooth for a seamless foundation application and finish.”,
says Samira Olfat, Max Factor Regional Make-Up Artist .
Launching in February 2017, the NEW
Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer is the perfect complement to Max Factor’s suite
of Miracle Foundations, including Max Factor Miracle Touch and Max Factor Ageless Elixir Miracle.
a hydrating formula that instantly smooths the look of skin texture, the primer
allows for an even foundation application that transforms the skin’s appearance,
for healthy looking, youthful skin. 
Like the Ageless Elixir Miracle, The Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer also comes with a pump and in a transparent light weight bottle. The primer blends in so smoothly and it not at all greasy.
The primer also contains skincare
ingredients such as Glycerine, Niacinamide and N-acetyl Glucosamine, to
moisturise and condition skin for a super smooth surface. Powerful
anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin E, Niacinamide, Panthenol and Green Tea work to
contribute to healthier, younger looking skin. It is oil free and hence suitable for all skin. It worked well for my sensitive skin and did not leave any white traces.
Overall Opinion :
The Miracle Foundation when used in combination with Smooth Miracle Primer really gives a flawless look and healthy glowing dewy skin. I am highly impressed with all the products and totally recommend them.
Price :
Miracle Touch Foundation – AED 79
Ageless Elixir Miracle Foundation – AED 94
Smooth Miracle Primer – AED 101
These are available at Lifestyles stores and various pharmacies all across UAE.

Madame LA LA Bronzing Ball Review and Swatch

Introducing Madame LA LA to the UAE
We all love bronzed or tanned look. Don’t we? What if I say you can get Celebrity tan look in matter of few minutes? It is not so difficult, thanks to Madame LA LA brand that has just launched in UAE. Madame LA LA is celebrity favourite self-tan that develops in three hours. I used Madame LA LA Bronzing Ball from their range and absolutely loved it. In today’s post I will share my thoughts on the same.

Madame LA LA is a modern tanning alternative to the sun and other traditional self-tanners. This celebrity favourite introduces a revolutionary take on self-tan and cosmetics. Recognising the benefits of Coco Water as a skincare staple with its toning, perfecting and hydrating properties, Madame LA LA is inspired by the West Coast and luxurious beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica. Join Gigi and Bella and enjoy a long lasting glow without the harmful rays from the sun.
Madame LA LA has various products in this range such as Self-Tan Mousse Light, Self Tan Mousse, Face Bronzing Serum, Face Bronzing Serum West Coast and Bronzing Ball. I got the Bronzing Ball to review and would love to share my views.
Madame LA LA Bronzing Ball :

This is the first 180° colour cosmetics twist-up creamy Bronzing Ball for a precise glide-on instant bronze, with no make up brushes needed! In one effortless stroke, you can create a bronzed glow that will suit all.  Infused with Coco Water known for its hydrating properties, this Bronzing Ball has an easy to use dome applicator, perfect for strobing, highlighting and contouring. The formula is very smooth and glides on with no effort at all, saving lot of time. It looks shimmery but when applied on the face , it gives a nice natural glow.
Tan the safe way this year. Madame LA LA Tan lasts for ten days and will leave you looking as if you have spent two weeks on Malibu beach!

Swatch :
Below are the pictures of the swatch of beautiful Madame LA LA Bronzing Ball. It is a beautiful Summer glow.

Price and Availability :
Madame LA LA is priced at AED 95 and is available from Virgin Megastores, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Yas Mall and online at
For more information please visit and keep up-to-date with the latest news on Instagram