Palmer’s Lip Balm Review

“If Lip Balm is food for lips, then Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is a Vegan Brunch”
Dark Chocolate & Cherry, Dark Chocolate & Mint, Almond — and yes we are still talking about lip balm flavors and not smoothies ! Palmer’s Cocoa Butter has launched these 3 lip balms enriched with Vitamin E & added benefits of SPF 15 for sun protection. It claims to contain Cocoa butter, Vitamin E and Petroleum Jelly which are all good for the maintenance of our lips. Let’s talk all about Palmer’s Sweet Lips today.

The Summer months leave my lips chapped due to dry climate and the Winter months leave my lips cracked because the cold weather. Rough winds add fuel to the fire. Therefore I rely towards lip balms that I know will rescue my pout and leave it looking and feeling it’s best. Recently I was introduced to some lip balms from Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.

The gloss or lip butter rather has a consistency similar to a clear gloss; it is so thin that calling it a lip butter would be pretty inappropriate. The transparent tint prevents it from obstructing with makeup unless you are in a subtle red mood which you get with cherry flavor. Other one has a lovely fragrance of a blend of dark chocolate and peppermint, I would rather eat it. It feels like I have applied that chocolate on my lip. The peppermint gives a super cooling and tingling sensation for a while. Almond flavor gives a nutty taste and I have discussed the benefits of Cocoa Butter too earlier. The fragrance stays on the lips for an hour and then fades. It does soften up the lips after using it for a week or so. The lip gloss glides smoothly on the lips without bleeding. Vitamin E is a superpower seldom understated for its advantages. It leaves lips smooth and scar free.

The inverted tube is available in white and brown packaging. It comes up with a twist up and down, which makes it convenient to use. It is miniature and pretty handy as well as highly affordable to all the pockets. No cruelty policy gives this product an edge over other similar range over the shelf. 

Try it soon as we are approaching changing climate in Dubai. Leave comments if you like share the same thought about this product.

Overall Opinion :
The Palmer’s lip balm is quite good for its price and moreover it is handy too. I have added them to my bag now as you all know that I have dry lips. I definitely recommend them for dry, chapped, cracked or windburned lips. It turns the lips soft with continuous use.

Price :
Dh 10  per tube, available at Boots Pharmacy, many other pharmacies and hypermarkets across UAE.