May 2017

Govinda’s Restaurant Iftar under 700 Calories

Ramadan Kareem ! Traditionally Iftar is renowned for being an elaborate affair and overindulgence is not uncommon. But in order to make the most of the spirit and principles of Ramadan, balance and self-control should be observed. This would also be much healthier for the mind and body. Keeping this in mind, Govinda’s – a healthy Indian restaurant chain in Dubai; has created a special menu for this Iftar. I was recently invited for the Iftar and would love to share my fabulous experience with you.

Govinda’s Iftar delectable vegetarian menu is made with finest of ingredients and in healthiest way. The spread offers a choice of beverage, salad, an appetizer, 2 main course and a dessert. All this in under 700 calories. Yes, perfect way to delight and indulge your mind, body & soul.
Govinda’s has been reinventing the way Indian food is perceived in UAE, for last 15 years. It has been proudly serving delicious Indian food that’s non-oily or heavy, but lighter and healthier, yet retaining its comforting flavours. It also offers a wide range of cuisines like Indian, Italian & Continental and 100% natural ice cream. And with its health and dietary choices – vegan, gluten free, oil free, Govinda’s ensures there’s something for everyone.

So this holy month of Ramadan, make a healthier choice. Visit Govinda’s with your friends and family and relish a wholesome, delicious Iftar, under 700 calories.

Priced at AED76, the menu offers both Indian and Italian cuisines; and has a beverage, salad, a choice of starters, 2 main course and a dessert.

Paneer Tikka
Bajra Roti
Daal Fry
Whole Wheat Pizza

Daaliya Kheer

Apple Juice

Date Icecream 

I hope you will enjoy your healthy Iftar at Govinda’s just like I did ! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and reserve your table.

Govinda’s – Umm Suqeim 2, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

For Reservations call : 04-3211884
Find Govinda’s on Zomato – click here .

Disclaimer Some of the pictures are given by the restaurant ‘s team and some pictures are taken by me.

WoMn Cosmetics Products Review

Hey Divas ! I have all heart to it when it comes to natural and organic products. One such brand which I came across recently is WoMn cosmetics. What made me more attracted to WoMn cosmetics is that it was hand made and I heard a lot of positive reviews about the same. So what is WoMn all about? And Why WoMn as the name? Scroll further to find out.

Why WoMn as the name ?
Goran’s wife Nena, supported him in his passion to start a homemade organic skin care. It is for Nena’s support that Goran went ahead and named it after her. WoMn – Wife of Mine Nena. Isn’t that so sweet ? 
About WoMn Cosmetics :
WoMn is an organic home made skin care brand based in Abu Dhabi. Goran, the owner,  is a qualified Master of Pharmacy from Croatia with over 16 years of working experience in pharmaceutical and cosmetical industry. He along with his wife Nena have started WoMn project last year for his passion for aromatherapy, exploring natural and essential oils and combining them together. 
WoMn products are totally organic and natural. The vegetable oils and essential oils used in WoMn products are certified organic, and absolutely all raw materials are COSMOS allowed (International standard for organic or natural cosmetics). 

Before WoMn cosmetics deliver any product, they send in a small questionnaire, based on which they will be able to recommend which WoMn products for your skin or hair type and routine. WoMn Cosmetics Team were generous enough to send me some samples and I was quite excited to try them on. Without further ado, let us go ahead with the review.

1.  WoMn Argan and Rose Anti – Ageing Cream :

WoMn Argan and Rose Anti- Ageing Cream is meant for Dry to Normal Skin. My skin is dry and sensitive so this works very well for me. It is infused with 100% organic Argan oil, enriched with natural carotenoids, Centella and Organic Rose Hydrosol. Centella induces collagen production in the skin and carotenoids protect your skin from damaging effects of UV light. Argan &Rose hydrates intensely and deeply leaving skin visibly replenished, soft and radiant with highly reduced wrinkles. It is really light weight and makes my skin moisturised, hydrated and nourished. It is not all greasy and gets absorbed in the skin very well. It acts like a good primer before the makeup too. Just love the natural fragrance of rose in this cream which is very pleasing. My skin stays hydrated all day long and it takes care of aging factor as well ! Love it 🙂
back side
2. WoMn Anti – Ageing Eye Serum :

I have a bit of a dark circles so certainly have a soft corner for eye creams and serums. WoMn Anti-Ageing Eye Serum has beautiful combination full of essential fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamin E and skin regenerating oils. With Centella for nice tissue drainage, wrinkles and dark circles reducing and Tamanu oil for soothing and calming the skin. It is has got an oily texture which works like heaven for my under eye area. Just apply 1 or 2 drops of the eye serum to the area around the eye and massage or dab it gently till it gets absorbed. It works like a magic potion. I apply both in the night and day time if I am sitting at home. It can be applied all over the face, to tackles blemishes too. I can already see a difference and the under eye area looks really nourished.

3. WoMn Vanilla & Lemon Facial Scrub :

WoMn Vanilla & Lemon Facial Scrub smells amazing. It has Fine Dark Brown Sugar with Divine fragrance of caramel and cane enhanced with true vanilla oil and lemon essential oil, which is exactly what your skin needs. Dark brown sugar delicately exfoliates the skin while vanillin for vanilla soothes and regenerates, leaving your skin soft and supple. Apply to damp skin and gently massage. Leave it for some time and then rinse. Damp skin will dissolve some amount of the sugar resulting in even more enhanced moisturizing effect. I prefer exfoliating once or twice a week only as I have sensitive skin and it leaves my skin looking fresh, glowing, clearing off all the dead cells or dirt.

4. WoMn Calming Lavender Body Scrub :
Actual size of  WoMn Calming Lavender Body Scrub by WoMn

WoMn Calming Lavender Body Scrub smells fabulous. Calming Lavender body scrub combines the purest sea salt with cold pressed almond oil and true lavender essential oil that will leave your skin deeply nourished and moisturised rather than just cleansed without using harsh chemicals. Almond oil is subtle and discreet oil. It is excellent for all skin types making it smooth and revitalized. Sea salt gently exfoliates and cleans the skin by removing dead skin cells. 

Fresh floral scent of true lavender essential oil not only calms your skin and body but also the mind ; and relaxes your soul too. It is so soothing. Though it looks like it has big grains but it is so smooth on skin, melts and doesn’t harm it. In contact with water it emulsifies too, thus more easily rinsed off from the skin and bathroom areas as well, not leaving greasy and potentially dangerous slippery floor. I use it once or twice a week on wet skin in shower. All I can say is that, it is a must have product !

My sample product size by WoMn Cosmetics

Overall Review :
I was amazed with the quality of all WoMn products. Their quality can be compared with any high end brands too. I strongly recommend all their products and would like you to try them as well. I definitely want to try more products from this range, specially the Hair Moisturiser as my hair is dry and looks lifeless.

Price and Availability :

WoMn Argan and Rose Anti- Ageing Cream – Dh 150 for 50 ml

WoMn Anti-Ageing Eye Serum – Dh 90 for 10 ml

WoMn Vanilla & Lemon Facial Scrub – Dh 50 for 100 g

WoMn Calming Lavender Body Scrub – Dh 50 for 100 g

WoMn cosmetics can be found in local Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets and also online on For UAE markets, Direct message or inbox on Facebook page (WoMn-natural skincare) to be place your order or alternatively click here. They are working out a platform for international deliveries. You can also reach them at 

WoMn Cosmetics are launching their website soon, that will be an educational platform as well as a place where customers will read about their news, promotions and also place orders (cash on delivery only).
Kudos to the WoMn cosmetics team and wishing you the very best to expand. You are dong a wonderful job. Bye for now !
DisclaimerThough the products were provided by WoMn cosmetics team, all opinions are mine and honest one. Some pictures are provided by PR and some of them are mine.

Exclusive Palmer’s Products – Best picture prize from Palmer’s Brand Ambassador Program

Hello Divas ! It has very hectic off late and I am also paying attention to my work out and health also. There is something fabulous that I want to share with you all and hence this blog post.

Who doesn’t know Palmer’s?  If you don’t know about this brand,  they what are you doing really on this earth? (Just kidding). Being one of Palmer’s Brand Ambassador, after every alternate month , we get products for the brand experience to review them. I was so delighted to know that My Palmer’s picture was chosen as the Best Picture for the April’s Brand Ambassador program. Here is the picture that was submitted for review and then chosen.
What do you think of it girls ? You can find review of lip balm products over here.

My prize was exclusive Palmer’s Face care products that are available only in USA and Australia.  

The products given were :
– Creamy Cleanser & Makeup Remover.
– Eventone Suncare Cocoa Butter Moisturising Sunscreen for Face.
– Illuminating Brightening Eye Serum
– Purifying Enzyme Mask
The products came in a cute heart basket which stole my heart. I have already started using the products and they are amazing.  I hope you are as happy as I am and join me in rejoicing this moment.
You can find other reviews of Palmer’s products on my blog by typing ‘Palmer’s’ in the search column on the right hand side of my blog. Until next time see you !

Misslyn All in One Wonder Makeup Kit, Luminous Make Up Foundation and Perfect Precision Eyeliner Review

Hey Divas ! If you are on a hunt for affordable makeup, you have just stopped at the right place. Today I will talk about Misslyn Cosmetics, whom I just came across just recently, thanks to Sarah and believe me the products are of high quality and so good on your pockets too. It is comparatively a new brand, so I was excited to try it on.

For all who don’t know, Misslyn Cosmetics is a German brand making its mark in more than 30 countries, and still expanding. “I’m Sexy, I’m Innovative”, That is Misslyn tagline. The quality and pigmentation of each and every Misslyn product is amazing and you will thank me for recommending it out to you. All Misslyn products are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. What more do you want? Without further ado, lets get on with the review.
1. Misslyn All in One Wonder Makeup Kit :

Misslyn All in One Wonder Make Up Kit is all in one makeup kit for Face, Eyes and Lips. It is very easy to use as it comes in a compact kit. Misslyn All in One Wonder Makeup Kit is quite handy for travel as it has 40 Eyeshadows, 30 Lip gloss, 4 Blush (2 blush, 1 highlight and 1 Contour), 2 Eyeliner Pencil and 3 applicators. Isn’t it wonderful? The eyeshadows have a good mix of light and dark colours, matte and shimmery shades and have a smooth texture. Eyeshadows are very easy to blend, medium pigmented and are buildable. It is perfect kit as lot of eyeshadows to play with and perfect for beginners as well as advanced too. It is perfect quality and great colours.

What lovely colours !

2. Misslyn Luminous Make Up (Foundation 04) :

Since my skin is dry, I prefer to go for liquid foundations. The brand Misslyn claims Luminous makeup foundation to be a silky foundation with light reflecting pigments, settling on it a delicate veil of light. It also claims to provide the complexion with instant vitality making the skin look less tired. Squalane maintains the skin’s moisture level and has a smoothing effect. It also contains Vitamin E that helps to fight Negative environmental influences.

Packaging is quite simple with light brown plastic nozzle Though the cap shuts tightly, I can always find the foundation on the inside of the cap and the area around the nozzle on the outside. This is something that I did not like and somehow prefer the bottle with the pump packaging. Also, the foundation can only stand upside down, so all the product comes down towards the nozzle and if you are not careful in opening, it might create a mess.

See the foundation on the nozzle ?

Misslyn Luminous Make Up foundation comes in 6 different shades. I am in the shade 04 which is neither too pink or yellow and just right for me. The foundation has a very light texture and not at all cakey. It glides on very smoothly without leaving any trace. It has medium coverage which is buildable. This foundation gives a dewy finish quite similar to the finish of Make Up For Ever foundation.

My skin looked glowing, radiant and stayed intact all day. For oily skin, it is advised to set with a powder. My skin was dry and it stayed hydrated with luminous foundation for hours together. It is a superb foundation which is affordable and is of high quality. It reflects light better than some of the pricey foundations. It says it contains UV filter but not SPF factor is written, so it is advisable to wear sunscreen underneath. Also, it is not waterproof, which can be a bit of a concern for these summers or if you are going to the pool.

Overall, it is a great foundation for daily wear and totally loved it. As mentioned above it is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin like mine.

3. Misslyn Perfect Precision Eyeliner :

Ball Point tip

Misslyn Perfect Precision Eyeliner is my ultimate favourite of the whole lot. A perfect and precise eyeliner can really define or glam your eyes well. I always love Eyeliner in pen format as it makes applying the eyeliner so easy and quick, much needed when you are in a hurry or on the go.

With the innovative ball point tip, the liquid eyeliner guarantees a simple and even application as well as perfect and precise lid line. The quality is amazing (can be compared to Kat Von D tattoo eye liner) and it is jet black. It is long lasting and stays all day,  but it is not smudge proof. Moreover it is small and slim, which makes it quite handy to carry in your makeup bag. As again, it is dermatologically tested and suitable for people wearing lenses or sensitive eyes.

It is so cute, small and handy

Only thing is that this Eyeliner is not waterproof, will be difficult in these summers.

Overall Review :
I was really impressed with the quality of all Misslyn Products, after all it is a German brand. I can compare their quality with good high end brands too. If you are looking out for new affordable makeup, then this is it girls. My favourite was definitely the Perfect Precision Eyeliner amongst the 3 and looking forward to try other Misslyn products.

Price :
Misslyn All in One Wonder Make Up Kit – Dh 70
Misslyn Luminous Makeup Foundation – Dh 69
Misslyn Perfect Precision Eyeliner – Dh 46

They are available at Life Cosmetics.

Have you tried any of these Misslyn products or any other products of Misslyn ? Drop down in the comments below. I would love to learn from you.

Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palettes, Cappuccino Nudes and Rose Nudes – Review and Swatches

You all know by now, how much I love Max Factor products. It is really an underrated Drugstore product, though it is the makeup of many Makeup artists themselves and have great formula and pigmentation. Their product quality of a high end brand too. Max Factor recently launched these Masterpiece Nude eye contouring palettes and I was delighted to try them on. Today I will share my experience with the Max Factor eye contouring palettes along with their swatches.

Max Factor recently launched 3 eye contouring palettes, 01 – Cappuccino Nudes, 02 – Golden Nudes and 03 – Rose Nudes. All three palettes have a great mix of light and dark shades. The Cappuccino Nudes has cool shades, Golden Nudes has warm and the Rose Nudes are a great mix of pink nudes. I think Cappuccino Nudes and Rose Nudes form a great dupe of Urban Decay Naked palettes 2 and 3 respectively, though the packaging is different.

Packaging :
The packaging is very simple and transparent, so you can see the shades inside the palette and you needn’t open the palette to identify which one is it or what shades are inside. The gold is very typical of Max Factor and gives more of a luxury vibe. It is small sleek palette that comes in very handy for travel as it has got mix of light or natural and heavy or dark eyeshadows.
Review/Product experience :
Each palette comes with a double sided sponge brush which works very really well and not like the cheap brushes available outside. This Dual-nib applicator is for precision and smooth blending. The flat brush is to blend and the long one is to define.

Each palette has 8 perfectly paired neutral shades, both matte and shimmery, which can be used for create a daily nude look or subtle smoky eye. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, velvety smooth and buildable.  
Swatches :
I have used no filters so that you all have a look at the actual shades.
Max Factor Cappuccino Nudes swatches 
Max Factor Rose Nudes palette 
Overall Opinion :
As ever, Max factor never disappoints me with their products. Really impressed by the eyeshadow palette quality. A mirror to the palette would be an added advantage. It is very difficult to pick one from the 3 palettes and totally depends on one’s preference.

Available at all Lifestyle stores, some hypermarkets and Boots pharmacies across UAE.