Sanctuary Spa Air – Whipped Soufflé Scrub & White Lily and Damask Rose Hand Lotion Review

We all love pampering. Don’t we? But what if we get to pamper ourselves at the comfort of our home? That would be fabulous if you had the right products and luckily I came across one such brand called ‘Sanctuary Spa’.  They are known as your own ‘Spa in a Jar’. I was quite excited to try these as many YouTubers have raved about it. In today’s post I will share my experience about 2 products that I tried from the range.

About Sanctuary Spa :
The Sanctuary Spa was born as the ultimate act of love, opened in 1977 by a man madly in love with his ballerina wife where the ballerinas of the Royal Opera House would retreat to relax, unwind and recover. Using luxurious formulations, they launched the indulgent Sanctuary Spa body care range in 1988 with the help of their therapists. The Sanctuary Spa products are packed precious oils, rich butters and iconic fragrances. They are one of the leading brands in facial oils, commonly known as Superfoods for skin and the leading indulgent body care brand in the UK. I am so glad that they have now arrived in Dubai.
Now about the Products –
1. Sanctuary Spa Air-Whipped Soufflé Scrub :
Soufflé sounds interesting right and everyone loves it that too with a lovely fragrance. Bliss ! This scrub is a hybrid of their in-shower body scrub and creme soufflé. It comes in a huge plastic jar, which a good quantity to last for several months.

Indulge in a real treat for your skin with this creamy soufflé. Nourishing shea butter, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil & cotton extracts have been whipped together with rice particles & jojoba beads into this decadent body scrub. The soufflé scrub is really gentle on the skin has a rich creamy formula, hence you don’t feel those tiny exfoliating granules. It is for all skin types and marvelous for my sensitive skin. I love using this once or twice a week. Just scoop a generous, fluffy handful onto warm wet skin & massage gently. This scrub leaves skin feeling instantly soft, smooth & beautifully polished.

2. Sanctuary Spa White Lily and Damask Rose Hand Lotion :
This is something that I want it everywhere. In my bedroom, on my work desk or even in the kitchen. I love to use this every time and anytime. It is one of the huge hand lotions bottles that you see in a spa. Yes, you feel like owning one right? The best part is that it comes with a pump dispenser which makes it easy to pour and hygienic too. 
This is a luxurious lotion with nourishing shea butter, lotus oil, aloe vera and a delicate fragrance so you can use it throughout the day. Hands need as much care as our faces; this lotion is designed to be used several times a day – whenever you wash your hands or before you go out. With kids, I tend to wash my hands regularly, so it really nourishes my hand and gives that protective care. It is super-light containing comforting aloe vera, protective lotus oil and white tea to help restore and maintain beautiful hands. It is not at all sticky or greasy and gets absorbed on to the hands quickly. I am so much in love with this lotion. Just love the amazing fragrance that it leaves on my hands. My daughter loves this too and finds reasons to apply it again and again.

Overall Review :

Totally in love with the Sanctuary Spa products that I tried and quite interested to try out other products from the range too as they smell divine. Moreover they are reasonable too. So if you are looking for afforable spa products then this is it girls. Their products are a bomb and you won’t be disappointed. They are expertly created to revive, uplift & replenish. So whether its 20 seconds or 30 minutes simply take a breath & enjoy your sanctuary.
Price :
Sanctuary Spa Air-whipped Soufflé Scrub – AED 80 for 300ml
Sanctuary Spa White Lily and Damask Rose hand Lotion – AED 50
Sanctuary Spa products are available at Boots Pharmacy, Bin Sina Pharmacy, Marina Pharmacy Group and online on