Tple Professional Makeup Brush Set Review

Hello Divas! I am sure you all would agree that Makeup is an art and the perfect or best art can be achieved only with great brushes. The brushes are fundamental tool for a makeup artist, whether professional or amateur. So it is very important to have good quality brushes. As a beauty blogger, I keep experimenting with my looks and love to try different brushes. Recently I came across a very new brand of brushes – ‘Tple Professional’ and I was really excited to try them on. I really thank the brand for trusting me and sending them across for review. In today’s post I shall talk about these beautiful Tple Professional brushes.

About Tple Professional :
T’Ple is a UAE home-based brand established since January 2017. They are at the moment specialised in Make up tools (Brushes) & False Eyelashes (Manufacturer in PRC) and Cosmetics (Manufacturer in Canada). 
First Impression/Packaging :

I was zapped to see the packaging and quality of Tple Professional Brush Set. The Brushes are so soft and have a very good finish. The handles of the brushes look luxurious with black and rose gold, are smooth and easy to grip. Each brush was individually packed inside the cosmetic clutch. The cosmetic bag is also very high end. The whole set can be compared to high end brands like Zoeva.

About Tple Professional Makeup Brush Set:

The set comes with 8 brushes. Let us look at all the brushes in detail.
1. Powder brush – Features with a large and soft rounded brush, made by synthetic, suitable for even powder application.
2. Foundation blending brush – Applying and blending foundation and base powder.

3. Contouring brush – Perfect choice for contouring and blending.

4. Bronzer brush – Made by natural goat hair which is blissfully soft, for contouring and shading on pressed or loose powder blusher or bronzer.

5. Concealer brush – Applying the concealer products around the eyes or other blemishes area, made by synthetic 
6. Blending brush – Providing the ultra-smooth transitions between eyeshadows. Perfect for blending.
7. Crease brush – Made by natural goat hair, which is durable, hold on to pigment very well, together with the Blending Brush helps blending out the eyeshadow beautifully.
8. Wing eyeliner brush – Made by synthetic, small angled brush head, helps applying the perfect wing eyeliner look. 

My Review/Experience :
It was love at first sight with Tple Professional Makeup Brushes. The Bristles of the brushes are very soft and have an impressive and luxurious design. Their quality can be compared to any high end brushes. They are very easy to work with no fall out and don’t absorb the product so much too. You can blend your makeup very well with it. These 8 brushes are specially good for beginners because that is all that you need for your full face makeup.
Do you know how to check the quality of makeup brushes? There should be no gap between the handle/holder and the bristles. Hold the bristles down and check. There was no gap and the bristles were held tightly to the brush handle. After using these brushes, I did wash them too to test their actual quality. I was not at all disappointed. There was no shedding at all and the handles still stay sturdy. Yay! Tple Professional Makeup Brushes pass the test. 
Overall Review :
Being new in the market, I should say Tple Professional Makeup Brushes stood in line with other high end makeup brushes. I am super happy that I found these brushes and they are part of my makeup game now. Totally recommend it and should definitely give them a try, you won’t be disappointed at all. If someone is looking for high quality and affordable makeup brushes, then this is it. I definitely look forward to try other products from the Tple Professional Brand as they look very promising and heard good reviews about them too.
Price :
Tple Professional Makeup Brushes Set are priced at AED 125.
Disclaimer : Though these makeup brushes were sent for review, my opinion are honest and my own. Some pics are mine and other pics are provided by the Brand itself.