Organic products from – Shirley Conlon Organics Rosehip Oil and Absolution Le Soin Regard

Hey Divas! You all know by now that I absolutely love organic and natural skincare products. In the quest for finding out place to shop some of my skincare products online, I came across This made my life a whole lot easier.  Natural products are highly effective, ethical and highly sought-after by women in the UAE. Today I will review the products that I got from Greenchicme.

About :
Green Chic provides a curated selection of natural and organic beauty products in the UAE. This recently launched website does things a little bit differently by screening their brands and products to make sure that products are effective and that no harmful ingredients are included. And its not just parabens and SLS, they do not include 12 other toxic ingredients. So you are after natural beauty products, you can rest assured that they have done their homework and you can shop with confidence! 
There are currently 5 brands available – Grown Alchemist, Izil, Shirley Conlon, Absolution and The Organic Pharmacy and they are expanding. 

The 2 products that I got to try are Shirley Conlon Organics Rosehip Oil and Absolution Le Soin Regard.  Let’s go ahead with the review.
1. Shirley Conlon Organics Rosehip Oil :

Shirley Conlon Organics is a fantastic Dubai-based brand, created specifically to protect sun-exposed skin and repair skin against sun damage. So definitely suitable for our hot climate like in Dubai! Shirley Conlon Organics uses quality natural ingredients and botanical extracts that does not increase the photo-sensitivity of your skin. 
Rosehip oil is bestselling serum from the Dubai-based Shirley Conlon, dubbed the ‘miracle oil’ by customers. Known for its healing and regenerative benefits to sun exposed skin, this Rosehip oil from Shirley Conlon is made from a blend of powerful ingredients including rosehip oil, rose essential oil (Rose Otto) and sea buckthorn. Rosehip is proven to improve the appearance of fine lines, scars and sun damage. Sea Buckthorn also helps alleviate sun damage and pro youth Acmella Flower softens and smooths fine lines. One beauty treatment not to be without!
Shirley Conlon Organics Rosehip Oil is lightweight and smells amazing. Too good for my skin which is dry and sensitive. It is not at all greasy, doesn’t leave a residue and gets absorbed quickly. I feel my skin totally hydrated and glowing. It is suitable for all skin types. It comes with a pump dispenser, which makes it hygienic and easy to pour out the desired amount. You need to apply 3 to 4 drops on clean damp skin twice a day and can be used alone or under moisturiser. I just love it for its anti-ageing properties and generally prefer to use it in the night time only and day time additionally when I am at home.

2. Absolution Le Soin Regard :

Absolution is a lovely French brand was started by Isabella Carron and is certified organic by Ecocert. The Eye Contour Booster by Absolution cosmetics is An anti-ageing eye contour formula which combats the signs of aging by firming, regenerating, smoothing and brightening the area around eyes. It reduces puffiness, fine lines, dark circles, tightens skin around the eyes. while improving the overall look of skin around the eyes. Caffeine and green tea tightens skin while aloe vera, jojoba and argan smoothen and hydrate skin around the eyes.
This is a light weight pearly light brown cream, not at all greasy, gets totally absorbed and smells heavenly. It is suitable for all skin types. It has a pump dispenser too, which makes it very hygienic. Only a little amount does the job, so make sure not to pour out so much. Gently tap or dab with fingertips from the inside to the outer corner of the eye. I feel the eye area very hydrated and very cool after its application. This eye cream really highlights the under eye area, giving it a shiny finish. It supports healthy circulation for the under eye area and can be applied on the lids as well without causing any irritation, hence making the eye area smoother and plumper. Le Soin Regard can be applied under or over makeup. This product is 99% natural and 65% organic. In summer, place in the refrigerator for a fresh and immediate smoothing effect.

Overall Review :
I am so glad that I found Greenchicme and absolutely love both the products that I tried. I can see a major change in my skin texture and find it hydrated, plumpy and glowing. Though it might be on a higher range but it is totally worth for natural and organic products and the benefits that provide to your skin.

Price :
Shirley Conlon Organics Rosehip Oil – AED 160 for 30 ml
Absolution Le Soin Regard – AED 183.60 for 10 ml

Disclaimer: Though these products were sent for review, my opinion are honest and my own. Some pics are mine and other pics are provided by the Brand itself.