Heaven Skincare Summer Glow Kit Review

Stay Radiant All Summer with Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell

You all know by now that I absolutely love natural and organic skincare products. I was really delighted when I was sent this Summer Glow Kit of Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell. I have tried it and share my experience with it in this post.

About Heaven Skincare :

Established in 1995, Deborah Mitchell, the founder and CEO of Heaven Skincare, formulated a highly-effective, organic range of products for the skin and body to enhance the potent power of nature in perfect harmony with the latest breakthroughs in beauty technology. Heaven Skincare is an UK luxurious organic skincare brand whose products specially the masks  are loved by royals and celebrities all over the world. The brand is all – natural, organic and holistic.
Heaven Skincare’s unique approach has been proven many times over to help skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, oily and blemished skin. 
Summer Glow Kit by Heaven Skincare :

Heaven Skincare founder and facialist to the stars Deborah Mitchell has put together the Summer Skin Glow range to ensure you have your best skin this summer. Whether you are braving the heat and humidity in Dubai or lounging on a beach in St. Tropez, the Summer Skin Glow will safeguard your skin from the harsh elements whilst nourishing it with all the nutrients your skin needs to stay luminous all summer long. It is meant to keep skin protected, hydrated, healthy and radiant.  I couldn’t have asked more for my Summer Skincare.
The Summer Skin Glow Kit range comes in a gorgeous pink beauty bag and includes the Hydro Cleansing Milk, Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel, Bee Polish, Youthful Moisturizer and an Emergency SOS Kit. All the products have  pump dispenser which makes it easy and very hygienic to pour out the product, avoiding any wastage and taking out just the amount you need.
The Hydro Cleansing Milk hydrates your skin with jojoba whilst deep cleaning and clearing blackheads. This milky cleanser is very light weight, cleanses any makeup residues and leaves my skin feeling light and baby soft. Absolutely love it.

The Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel is a balancing gel or Toner that revitalizes the skin and tightens pores. From the name you can understand that the texture is that of a gel and not those normal watery type Toner. This needs to be used after cleansing your face. Just pump a few drops on a piece of cotton and gently dab or wipe the face. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated and also traces out any makeup leftovers after cleansing. It is also a great makeup primer providing a smooth and flawless base. Just pat a few drops on the face with the help of your fingers.

The Youthful Moisturiser is my favourite from the whole lot. It smells divine and absorbs into my skin like a dream. It is extremely light weight, almost watery form and not at all greasy. I don’t even feel like that I have applied any cream or moisturiser. Since it is totally absorbed, it stays for a very long time and also keeps my makeup intact when applied on the top of it. No SPF factor is mentioned, meaning a separate Sunscreen needs to be used before stepping out. The Youthful Moisturizer reduces pigmentation and gives you supple and radiant skin. This one works wonders for my skin.
The Bee Polish relaxes fine lines with the uber-ingredient Abeetoxin® This exfoliant is suitable for sensitive skin. After applying it on the face, you might feel a tingling sensation, which means the product is working. I left it on for a little time only, as strong exfoliant could cause redness on my skin, then rinsed it off. To my surprise my face felt amazingly fresh, clean and soft after the application. 
The Bee Venom Mask, an organic cream that works to control the facial muscles for immediate tightening, lifting, and firming, whilst targeting frown lines and wrinkles has taken the beauty industry by storm. Kate Middleton is a huge fan of this award-winning product.
The SOS Kit is perfect thing to pick up when you are in a rush. It is the Ultimate organic mini skin rescue kit. It includes samples of 5 skincare products – Hydro Cleansing Milk, Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel, Bee Polish, WillowBee Mask and Cleanse, Overnight Success Oxygen Cream.The kit is available for purchase separately, so you can try the Heaven Skincare products out before you splurge on the whole kit. It the perfect travel companion for a short trip or you can call it the ‘Handy handbag size Heaven’.

A favourite of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, and Kate Hudson Heaven Skincare has a broad range of organic products for all skin types. Heaven Skincare doesn’t stop at taking care of your face. They have various body care range products too.

Overall Review :

I am highly impressed by these products and definitely recommend you to try out the Summer Skin Glow Kit, particularly the Youthful Moisturiser. The results are impressive and insane.
Price :

The Summer Skin Glow range from Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell, the luxurious organic skincare brand, is now available online here. The Summer Skin Glow is on special offer while stocks last for AED 700 (original price – AED 1,200). Grab it soon girls !