October 2017

Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Smoothing Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner Review

Love is in the hair……
Yes you read it right. I absolutely love my hair and love to take good care of it. I am glad that Palmer’s new haircare range has now launched in UAE and is available at Boots pharmacies across UAE. Palmer’s launched 3 haircare range – Manuka Honey,that I tried at the event itself, Shea Butter, which I reviewed earlier and Olive oil. The haircare range in each type include Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave in Conditioner and Hair Protein Pack. Today I will be reviewing the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Smoothing Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner that was generously sent by the Palmer’s team for review.

I have recently done the Cystine Treatment so I can’t apply any haircare range with oil. So I tried it for my daughter as it is Natural, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Phthalates-free and it has got no mineral oil or gluten.

1. Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Smoothing Shampoo
Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Smoothing Shampoo moisturizes and smoothes frizzy hair, replenishes moisture and nutrients and removes product buildup.The balanced blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hair Keratin Amino Acids and Vitamin E cleanses thoroughly and leaves hair softer, with a smoother texture,easier to style, healthier and stronger. 
Key Ingredients :
Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives your hair that brilliant shine and moisture. 
Jamaican Black Castor Oil relieves you from dry and itchy scalp, prevents hair breakage or dandruff.
Keratin Amino Acids and  replenishes lost keratin in damaged hair, helping to strengthen and repair hair.
Vitamin E aides in hair’s natural ability to repair damage,an essential step in the process of strengthening the follicle that allows hair to grow long and healthy, also cleanses hair thoroughly, leaving it soft, healthy, strong and easy to style.
Jamaican Black Castor Oil even has new found uses including eyelash and eyebrow hair growth.

2. Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner – 
Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner is an Instant Spray-On Leave-In Conditioner, Detangler and Heat
. It is supposed to be used or applied after the shampoo. Formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for highest concentration of
vitamins and anti-oxidants, it helps smooth and repair rough, ragged hair strands
for a deep, rich shine, instantly detangles and softens to reduce breakage. It can be
used on dry hair as a heat protectant spray too.
Key Ingredients :
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Vitamin E
Jamaican Black Castor Oil
It has pretty much the same ingredients as the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Smoothing Shampoo which serves the same purpose of protecting the hair from any damage and the same time provides wonderful nourishment leaving it shining, bouncy and so manageable.
Overall Review :
I have used it for 3 washes for my daughter and she loves it so much, that she looks forward to another wash. It smells amazing and the fragrance lingers on till sometime. Her hair is so soft, shiny and manageable. My entire family including my hubby uses the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Shampoo & Conditioner. Hair game has completely changed now. Absolutely love them and recommend them too. Moreover, they are so reasonable and real value for money. So when are you getting yours?
Have you tried any of Palmer’s Haircare range? 

Price :
Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Smoothing Shampoo – AED 32 for 400 ml.
Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Leave-in Conditioner – AED 32 for 250 ml.

Disclaimer Though the products were sent in for review, the opinion put in here are my own and not biased.

Quattro Restaurant, Dubai Review

Dubai has restaurants serving Mexican and Italian in every nook and corner, but when it comes to progressive cuisine with twist nothing beats Quattro. To tell you the truth this was my second visit, the first one not being impressive, I was a little skeptical about the experience. Quattro is a bliss for vegetarians. 

Me and my spouse visited on our anniversary day, and the treatment given was a seven-star. Fortunately, we booked in advance, to our surprise the restaurant was packed as we entered. The staff escorted us to the corner table, which was followed by flow of dishes, one at a time which left us spellbound. At the end, there was no room left for more. 

Mocktails like spicy watermelon cooler and classic mojito, served as icebreakers. As we got comfortable, came taquitos, a gluten and guilt free, protein filled snack spiced with jalapenos, topped with yummy avocado ice-cream adding appeal. 
We were awestruck with Risotto Palle, a fancy preparation of cream risotto and cheese, pierced with tiny test tubes of chili oil in simple words. The taste was equally good.

Eight unique dips, 4 Italian and 4 Mexican, were provided which were impressive. Just when we thought we were ready for main dish, came another surprise in form of olive and mushroom crostini. Juicy olives burst open in our mouth, flooding the taste buds, while mushrooms floated for their survival, on toasted baguette. 

Margherita upside down sounded too corny for a main dish, and can be compared to a roller coaster ride in a food theme park. It was grilled with cheese and tomato salsa on top and tasted awesome to the core.

This was followed by Jalapeno Riso Cottage Cheese Platter which was a spicy rich medley of risotto rice with a large chunk of baked cottage cheese served along with pepper sauce. The serving was huge and we could suffice only with half. 

Grilled cheese Fajitas were worth grabbing with grilled veggies filling & fiery chili sauce along with condiments like sour cream, Mexican beans and Pico de Galle. 

I could write a separate review for exhaustive desserts which are eggless and gelatin free, however we just managed to try two after spoiling ourselves with all above dishes. Chocolate Saturn came in a form of chocolate shell filled with mousse. Hot chocolate soup was dripped over the shell splitting it open and revealing the orange & mango jello, like a pearl inside an oyster. White chocolate added to the excitement. 

If this is not enough to drip your saliva, TresLaches – a vanilla flavored cake was exclusively served to us as an anniversary special. I will leave you here without giving more details as words cannot justify the real experience. 

A visit to this restaurant is must!