Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil and Pregnancy Body Wash

Hola ! How are you all doing? I know, I am MIA here for a long time but I promise to be regular over here soon. I hope these summers are treating you well. It is so important to be hydrated. Well as you all know by now, my skin is dry and I am constantly on the hunt for products that will quench my skin. Thanks to Palmer’s, I got introduced to Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil and Palmer’s Pregnancy Body Wash. In today’s post, I am going to review the same.

Both the products, Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil and Palmer’s Pregnancy Body Wash work very well for dry, itchy and sensitive skin.

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil :

For so many skin concerns, this is one product that serves all. You can use it for Face as well as the body.

Skin Therapy Oil from Palmer’s :

– reduces scars.
– reduces stretch marks

– helps Dry and Damaged skin . 

– treats Uneven Skin Tone.
– Good for aging or mature skin.
– Got Vitamin E with Cocoa Butter. 

I have used this product earlier too but the new one has a slight orange tint to the oil, because of the Rosehip Fragrance, rest of the ingredients look same.
Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil has a transparent packaging, so you can see the product inside. It is not at all greasy and so light weight as well. It gets absorbed very quickly in the skin.

It is :
✅ Hypoallergenic.
✅ Mineral Oil Free.
✅ Paraben Free .
✅ Phthalate Free.
✅ Non-Comedogenic , so people with pores and oily skin can use too. 
✅ Dermatologist Tested.

I have used it for a week and it is showing good results. It is suggested to use the Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil 3 times in a day (not advisable if you are stepping out in the sun). It is perfect for my Sensitive skin. This magical product, leaves my skin soft, supple and radiant. It has also reduced sensitivity of my skin. You can use it on the affected areas or the entire face too. 

The downside :
❌ It contains Rosehip Fragrance. I usually don’t like Fragrance in my skincare products. So if you are sensitive to fragrance, it can bother you.

Overall, it is effective product and very reasonable too. The bottle is super light and perfect for travel or on the go. It mentions on the package that 93% of women tested saw a reduction in the appearance of scars.

Palmer’s Pregnancy Body Wash :

Pregnant ladies, or the ones who have Sensitive and delicate skin need to take good care of their skin. The Skin becomes very itchy too when you are pregnant.

Palmer’s Body Wash for pregnancy is the perfect first step for your body ritual. This moisture-restoring body wash gently cleanses and soothes dry, itchy and stretching skin.

Collagen and Elastin along with Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter deeply moisturize while supporting skin elasticity. It also balances skin’s natural pH.

✅ Ultimate Cleansing Formula. .
✅ Deeply Moisturizes.
✅ Non-stripping – Non-Drying.
✅ For Dry, Itchy Stretching Skin.
✅ Safe for Pregnancy. .

I have a dry skin and this Palmer’s Body wash cleanses without making my skin dry.

Moreover, it is,
? Hypoallergenic. .
? Sulfate-Free.
? Phthalate-Free.
? Paraben-Free.
? Gynecologists Tested.
? Dermatologist Tested. 

Absolutely love this one for daily use.

Again, the only downside is that it contains fragrance but it is not so strong or overpowering. It is absolutely safe to use this one.

Overall Summary :

Both Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil and Pregnancy are fabulous products and do what they claim. These products are very affordable and effective. They are available at many leading pharmacies throughout the UAE like Boots, Carrefour and in selected hypermarkets.

Have you tried any of these? I would love to know your feedback. Until next time, see you !

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