Filorga Oxygen-Glow Skincare products review

Filorga Oxygen-Glow Range

All I want is World Peace and Flawless Skin. No filter skin is what everyone wants and wishes for. Flawless skin is the in thing and I always love products that help me achieve that. Today, I will review such product from Filorga Oxygen-Glow Range.

Filorga Oxygen-Glow Range

Recently these new products from Filorga Oxygen-Glow range are working very well with my Sensitive skin and they claim to achieve the No Filter Skin. I got 2 products to try – Filorga Oxygen-Glow Clear skin Cleanser and Filorga Oxygen-Glow Eye Cream.

Super Skin Boosting factors or Key Ingredients for entire Oxygen-Glow range :

  • Oxygen Booster.
  • Hyaluronic Acid.
  • L-enzyme.

1. FILORGA OXYGEN-GLOW (CLEAN) is a clear skin effect super cleanser. It claims to cleanse, moisturize and detoxify at the same time.

This cleanser is for both FACE and EYES. I love the gel texture and it does not lather as well. It can be applied on wet or dry skin, cleans well, even waterproof makeup and does not sting the eyes as well. This cleanser leaves my skin clean and hydrated at the same time. Most importantly, it makes my so soft and smooth that I love to touch it again and again.


2. FILORGA OXYGEN-GLOW (EYES) is a super-smoothing radiance eye cream. It has a good pearl texture and glides on well. This Filorga eye cream makes my under eye look hydrated and radiant with a lovely shine. It doesn’t contain any SPF.


Together they are a lovely combination. I am quite excited to try the other products from the range like Cream and mask.

The entire range of Filorga Oxygen-Glow products is available at @basharacare prices. For more information log on to

Price :

Filorga Oxygen-Glow (Clean) – AED 150 for 150ml.

Filorga Oxygen-Glow (Eyes) – AED 240 for 15ml.