About Me

Divabeauty?‍♀️ signifies women power. Beauty ?word not only signifies appearance? but also character. It’s all about your beliefs? strentghs? and lifestyle? which blend into a person which is expressed into words. My blog ‘Divabeautyae’ is all above and what I aspire to achieve by giving it out to my readers via my experiences.

As a mother?‍♀️ of two?‍♂️ cute?‍♀️ angels, I have my own challenges?and goals?, which shape up a lot of my choices when it comes to simple things from what I eat to what I wear, from when I wake up? to when I nap?.

As I try to strike a chord with my readers, I would appreciate a two way conversation, to get feedback about my posts and would like to know from my readers about their interests, which could help me to shape the future content.