Quattro Restaurant, Dubai Review

Dubai has restaurants serving Mexican and Italian in every nook and corner, but when it comes to progressive cuisine with twist nothing beats Quattro. To tell you the truth this was my second visit, the first one not being impressive, I was a little skeptical about the experience. Quattro is a bliss for vegetarians. 

Me and my spouse visited on our anniversary day, and the treatment given was a seven-star. Fortunately, we booked in advance, to our surprise the restaurant was packed as we entered. The staff escorted us to the corner table, which was followed by flow of dishes, one at a time which left us spellbound. At the end, there was no room left for more. 

Mocktails like spicy watermelon cooler and classic mojito, served as icebreakers. As we got comfortable, came taquitos, a gluten and guilt free, protein filled snack spiced with jalapenos, topped with yummy avocado ice-cream adding appeal. 
We were awestruck with Risotto Palle, a fancy preparation of cream risotto and cheese, pierced with tiny test tubes of chili oil in simple words. The taste was equally good.

Eight unique dips, 4 Italian and 4 Mexican, were provided which were impressive. Just when we thought we were ready for main dish, came another surprise in form of olive and mushroom crostini. Juicy olives burst open in our mouth, flooding the taste buds, while mushrooms floated for their survival, on toasted baguette. 

Margherita upside down sounded too corny for a main dish, and can be compared to a roller coaster ride in a food theme park. It was grilled with cheese and tomato salsa on top and tasted awesome to the core.

This was followed by Jalapeno Riso Cottage Cheese Platter which was a spicy rich medley of risotto rice with a large chunk of baked cottage cheese served along with pepper sauce. The serving was huge and we could suffice only with half. 

Grilled cheese Fajitas were worth grabbing with grilled veggies filling & fiery chili sauce along with condiments like sour cream, Mexican beans and Pico de Galle. 

I could write a separate review for exhaustive desserts which are eggless and gelatin free, however we just managed to try two after spoiling ourselves with all above dishes. Chocolate Saturn came in a form of chocolate shell filled with mousse. Hot chocolate soup was dripped over the shell splitting it open and revealing the orange & mango jello, like a pearl inside an oyster. White chocolate added to the excitement. 

If this is not enough to drip your saliva, TresLaches – a vanilla flavored cake was exclusively served to us as an anniversary special. I will leave you here without giving more details as words cannot justify the real experience. 

A visit to this restaurant is must! 

Govinda’s Restaurant Iftar under 700 Calories

Ramadan Kareem ! Traditionally Iftar is renowned for being an elaborate affair and overindulgence is not uncommon. But in order to make the most of the spirit and principles of Ramadan, balance and self-control should be observed. This would also be much healthier for the mind and body. Keeping this in mind, Govinda’s – a healthy Indian restaurant chain in Dubai; has created a special menu for this Iftar. I was recently invited for the Iftar and would love to share my fabulous experience with you.

Govinda’s Iftar delectable vegetarian menu is made with finest of ingredients and in healthiest way. The spread offers a choice of beverage, salad, an appetizer, 2 main course and a dessert. All this in under 700 calories. Yes, perfect way to delight and indulge your mind, body & soul.
Govinda’s has been reinventing the way Indian food is perceived in UAE, for last 15 years. It has been proudly serving delicious Indian food that’s non-oily or heavy, but lighter and healthier, yet retaining its comforting flavours. It also offers a wide range of cuisines like Indian, Italian & Continental and 100% natural ice cream. And with its health and dietary choices – vegan, gluten free, oil free, Govinda’s ensures there’s something for everyone.

So this holy month of Ramadan, make a healthier choice. Visit Govinda’s with your friends and family and relish a wholesome, delicious Iftar, under 700 calories.

Priced at AED76, the menu offers both Indian and Italian cuisines; and has a beverage, salad, a choice of starters, 2 main course and a dessert.

Paneer Tikka
Bajra Roti
Daal Fry
Whole Wheat Pizza

Daaliya Kheer

Apple Juice

Date Icecream 

I hope you will enjoy your healthy Iftar at Govinda’s just like I did ! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and reserve your table.

Govinda’s – Umm Suqeim 2, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

For Reservations call : 04-3211884
Find Govinda’s on Zomato – click here .

Disclaimer Some of the pictures are given by the restaurant ‘s team and some pictures are taken by me.

Barbeque Nation Dubai Review

Fancy an extensive buffet? Then Barbeque Nation is just the right choice for you. Did their buffet win my heart? Scroll below to find out…

Barbeque Nation are pioneers of live grills and lovely appetizers. I was invited to check the food out here with a plus one. It is advisable to book your table as I had gone on a holiday and found it really packed. Thank God I had a reservation. They have number of outlets in India too. I love the concept of live grills embedded on the dining table itself. Barbeque Nation has both good vegetarian and non vegetarian starters and 5 options in both. Barbeque Nation is really a paradise as it not only has huge variety of starters but also live cooking, including live Chaat, noodles, keema pav, quesadillas, etc and buffet for main course and exclusive dessert section. They have Mango Mania festival running currently, so there were many dishes with Mango. What I liked about the restaurant is that there were separate cubicles available too, if you needed some privacy. Praveen was our server and host throughout my meal and also the Manager and other staff keep checking if the meal is alright and upto your mark. Praveen also asked if the spice level is okay for the grills.

2 mango dips with cilantro mayonnaise

I started with Fresh Lime soda, Lychee juice and Mango juice as coolers. They were really refreshing and much needed for this summer. I am a vegetarian and was quite happy with the starters options available like Cajun Spice potato, Crispy Fry corns, both were very yummy and crisp and could not stop myself for getting more servings. The corn spinach kebab was also yummy. The grill had yummy Paneer Lajawab, Dhanyari Aam , Chilli Mango Mushroom, Amchuri Pineapple and Mango Mustard Potato. Isn’t your mouth watering? The non veg items are mentioned in my pics. There was an extensive salad counter too.

 Starters options – Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian

Grills with I give up flag

Once you are done with the grills , there is a flag on each table which can be brought down stating that you give up and can’t eat anymore of the grills.

The Chaat ,i.e, Pani Puri, bhel Puri and dahi Puri all were good and could be prepared according to your spice level. Hakka noodles were made live were really so yummy. I found the quesadillas a little sweet and wanted them more spicy.

I was almost full with little space left for main course and dessert. The main course had extensive buffet with again loads of veg and non veg options. There were 3 different types of biryani or rice on a separate counter and your choice of bread or roti is served hot on the table. The veg buffet had Soup, Paneer Palak Tikka, Mango Kofta Curry, Aloo Methi Papad ki subzi, Baked Mushrooms and green peas and I coupled it up with Veg Soya Biryani. All the veggies were superb. Just loved the taste. Had juice after this Spicy Tango (mango with Tabasco sauce) and Shikanji, which were really very very good.

Now there was little space left just for the dessert. They have the concept of Kulfi Nation, with at least 5 or more different Kulfi flavours like Mango, Least Pistachio, Strawberry, Malai and Ghulkand and a variety of dips, sauces and other toppings to choose from.  The Kulfi counter was always crowded with people lined up for it, but that didn’t put me back. The  in house Kulfi was fabulous and a must try. I chose the Kesar pistachio flavour Kulfi for that.

And if this was not all, there were other desserts like delectable brownies, gulab jamun, pastries, cake, etc. You are really spolit for choice at Barbeque Nation. More so, the buffet is for Dh 59 per person, which is really very reasonable for such a variety and spread.

Barbeque Nation has over 60+ outlets across India and spreading the same magic here in Dubai.

My rating – 4.5 out of 5

Find Barbeque Nation in Zomato Click here .

Moshi’s New Branch at Oud Metha with the Summer Menu – Review

Flamin’ Cheetos Maki (veg)
Sriracha Edamame, Zaatar and Labneh Maki, Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos Maki and Broccoli Asparagus Maki

Moshi unveils summer menu at newly opened branch in Oud Metha on May 25th, 2016
Moshi – Momo & Sushi, serving a hybrid of two unique cuisines from the North and South of Asia, announces it has opened a second outlet in Oud Metha and is adding a new summer menu to the mix. I was delighted to be a part of the opening and the bloggers invite. 
Moshi first opened its doors last Ramadan in Al Barsha 1 and gained attention fairly quickly amongst Dubai foodies for their fusion sushi and authentic momos. Being a homegrown concept in Dubai, Moshi is well known for its Middle Eastern inspired maki rolls – Cheesy Chips Oman and Falafel Hummus & Cucumber.  Here is how the branch looks from inside. It has got simple and classy interiors using the colours orange, black and white. The walls had lovely small paintings put up on small plates as well.
Moshi aspires to be a laidback sushi haven, as opposed to the plenty of fine dining sushi restaurants found in Dubai. They successfully achieve so by being a QSR that serves affordable high quality classic and fusion sushi alongside street-style Nepalese momos, whilst providing an amiable casual dining experience. The concept emerged from an apparent lack of authentic momos in the region, as well as, the myth that sushi is an acquired taste only enjoyed by people who eat seafood. “I wanted to change the myth of sushi being raw. People who shied away from sushi are now sushi lovers. The smile people have on their faces when they try sushi or momos for the first time is something I love”, says Rahul Sajnani, founder and CEO of Moshi. They also serve what Moshi calls Air Rolls, for those not fond of seaweed, using lettuce to roll makis, making it a healthier alternative. Moshi takes pride in being one of the restaurants that don’t add any MSG to their food.
15 new delectable dishes will be added to the menu, including the much anticipated Sushi Burger, Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos Maki, Zaatar Labneh Maki, Hot Dog Maki, Edamame & Mushroom Momo, and Lotus Milkshake. The summer menu will be available for dine in, home delivery and take away at both branches, Al Barsha and Oud Metha, starting May 26th, 2016. 

Summer Menu

My Verdict:
Being a vegetarian, you are limited to a little less options but still there was lots to offer. Loved everything about the place and I guess this was the perfect place to open as there are no good momos and sushi around. 
As soon as we entered, we were made comfortably seated with fellow bloggers and caught up with lot of new ones too. I had non vegetarian bloggers on my table too, so it was good to hear and know about their views too.
We were welcomed by Strawberry Mojito (Virgin) and Lotus Milkshake. I guess both shouldn’t have been served at the same time. Both the Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Milkshake were very good. Strawberry Mojito is served in a light bulb shaped glass with mint leaves and is really refereshing . Lotus Milkshake is quite filling and really won my heart.

Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Milkshake 
Lotus Milkshake

Then came the vegetarian sushi platter along with non veg on the other side. the first look was wow ! BPD Dhokla maki or sushi is the real thing . It is khaman dhokla wrapped up in a sushi with a little dip on the top. I loved it !

Dhokla Maki

It seems the Broccoli & Asparagus sushi was better than Broccoli chicken, as my fellow blogger from Foodstersjam commented.

The Vegetarian Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos Maki or sushi was yummy, spicy and amazing. Loved the cheetos on the top and I am sure the kids would love it too if they eat spicy food.
Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos 

The Zaatar Labneh Maki and Falafel Nigiri add a little Middle east touch to the menu and were tempting and irresistible. Falafel was yummy and crispy too.

Falafel Nigiri

Edamame & Mushroom Momos were steaming hot and delicious. This is something you shouldn’t miss at all. Moreover, it is such an healthy option.

Edamame and Mushroom Momos

I didn’t like the Sriracha Edamame as I found it to be raw and was getting stuck in my mouth. It was not really chewable. So I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Sriracha Edamame

The Sushi Burger looked messier to grab and eat but the comments were mostly that the stuffing was yummy.(non-veg, hence not consumed by me)

Sushi Burger

Some other items from the Summer Menu :

Hot Dog and French Fries Maki

Nutella Maki is not on the menu, but it is definitely must must have and not to be missed at all. The combination of Hot maki with Nutella just melts so well in your mouth. Be careful when served, don’t put it straight away in your mouth or you may burn your tongue. I can’t describe how yummy it was ! Fantastically fabulous ! It is the Star product according to me. 🙂

The menu is very reasonably priced and is budget friendly.

Loved the concept of putting the name locks as you have seen on the Paris Love Bridge. I have put one there too! Can you spot mine from the pic?

Find where my name is !

For more information or reservations, please call:
+9714 3968646 (Oud Metha)
+9714 3999650 (Al Barsha 1)
Also, Follow Moshi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat . Here are the links :
Snapchat : moshiuae
I hope you enjoyed the read. Go ahead and try the cool Summer Menu at Moshi, Oud Metha. Don’t leave Moshi without trying the Nutella Maki ! It is a must must have!

Fond of Organic products? Greenheart Organic Farms

Greenheart Organic Farms, the one-stop-shop for organic produce

Farm store stocks all you need, all under one roof
Greenheart Organic Farms, the UAE’s pioneering provider of local, organic produce now stocks more than 400 hand picked products in its shop in Arjan, Dubailand. Customers can choose from a wonderful selection of over 100 freshly harvested seasonal vegetables and a small selection of fruit grown at Greenheart’s own farm in Sharjah. Also available in-store are jars of raw honey with comb produced by Greenheart’s own bees and free range organic eggs from the farm’s happy hens. In addition, the store stocks a selection of grass-fed, hormone-free dairy products, locally made organic ice cream, a wide selection of unusual organic pantry items, superfoods, beverages and Wellness products.

Fresh organic breads can be pre-ordered plus there is a good array of organic healthy snacks and treats, gift hamper options and much more. Greenheart also imports organic fruit from small partner farms in Sri Lanka and Lebanon such as pineapples, passion fruit, mango, papaya, ginger, cinnamon sticks, turmeric, lemongrass and much more!

Daily delivery to the farm shop ensures fresh produce for those shopping in store. For those wishing to shop from home, orders can be made online with easy door-to-door delivery throughout Dubai, and via a number of collection points in the UAE for added convenience. Every aspect of Greenheart Organic Farms is about convenience and mindfulness. Eco-friendly packaging is used wherever possible, and there is a refundable deposit on all re-usable Greenheart Boxes.

Greenheart founder and long-time Dubai resident, Elena Kinane is the mastermind behind Greenheart Organic Farms. Having grown up in Bavaria, she spent much time in an organic vegetable garden, which has led to a life-long passion and commitment to organic farming and leading a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.

“We truly are green at heart and are serious about growing the best organic produce in the UAE. We operate differently from others on the market as we personally manage our farms and the produce grown. All our produce is harvested only hours before we sell it directly to our customers. This is the Greenheart difference, ” said Elena. for more details log on to

About Greenheart Organic Farms:
Launched in 2011, Greenheart is the UAE’s pioneering grower and provider of genuine local, organic and seasonal farm- fresh produce. Growing over 80 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs, produce is harvested just hours before being delivered, either door to door or via collection points thoughout the UAE. Greenheart also has a conveniently located farm shop in Al Barsha 2. The Greenheart difference is that the company is not a third party trader. Rather, Greenheart personally manage the farms where produce is grown and harvested. This means that the company retain complete control and assure the highest organic farming protocols are adhered to. Every aspect of Greenheart’s operations is eco- friendly, from water conservation and environmentally friendly packaging and materials to re-cycling and energy efficiency. For further information, please visit:

Nom Nom Asia Giveaway

Fancy trying Asian cuisine this New Year’s ?? Here is chance to Win a Meal for 4 (four)…

Nom Nom Asia has been generous enough to give one lucky follower of Diva Beauty,  a chance to win this meal voucher.

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  • The Admin decision is final.
  • The winner should be able to collect it within 1 week of declaring the names, or else another winner shall be chosen.
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* تطبق الشروط و الاحكام ، الرجاء قراءة مدونة المسابقة قبل الاشتراك.

Go Nom Nom Asia – Quirky Asian Restaurant

Hello sweeties! I am sure you must have seen pics of Nom Nom Asia Restaurant all over social media and it has been buzzing everywhere. That is how it caught my attention too on Instagram. The pictures of the food served on social media looked insane. I heard a lot of good reviews about the restaurant and being an Asian food lover, I really wanted to try it out. Did the food there make go ‘Om Nomnom’ or was it really worth the hype created ?  Let’s dive in…….

Nom Nom Asia is located a few minutes away from the Sharaf DG metro station and on the ground floor of Barsha Oasis building, opposite Al Maya Supermarket in Barsha 1, Dubai. It has got quite a quirky name and the logo is smartly designed with the chopsticks used as a hashtag #nomnom .
#nomnom exterior with lovely graffiti 

I visited the restaurant on a weekday at noon time for lunch. The exterior has a lovely graffiti in Asian style and interior was simple yet elegant and cleverly done to manage the space. It had a lovely sitting space outside too which is brilliant for the weather now. The walls of the restaurant were covered with lovely collection of Asian art and they had a paneled ceiling.

The interiors
The lovely Asian Art

Cosy seating for 2

Before I would start, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely staff who were friendly and smiling at all times. The were one of main determinants of the restaurants success.
The entire team – chefs and delivery boys

Team in action 

Also, I had a good tour of the restaurant and a long chat with the restaurant owner telling me how Nom Nom came in to being and the entire journey.

Nom Nom caters to Indo Chinese, Authentic Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines. I was surprised to see their menu card as it had lot to offer given the size of the restaurant. It had a total of 112 dishes including the appetizers, main course and desserts and excluding the beverages. That is huge!!
I am a vegetarian and was happy to know that Nom Nom Asia had lot of options for me and besides they could customise a lot of dishes for you and make it vegetarian too. You could choose your choice of protein in the dish and the spice level required also. It is really remarkable.
Customize your dish

I tried to eat as healthy as possible, so the menu was designed accordingly for me. 

I was welcomed with the refreshing Thai Young Coconut Juice right out of the shell !!

Next on our menu was the Papaya Salad or the Som Tam Salad which is quite popular in Thailand. The salad was crunchy and fresh and had a good spicy dressing. Thoroughly loved it.
Som Tam Salad – One of the best vegetarian salads I have ever had !!

Appetizer was a signature dish of Nom Nom Asia i.e. Pepper Chilli Tossed Tofu. Again you could choose the protein of your choice, wok-tossed with ginger, garlic, spring onions and cilantro. It was not as spicy as the name states but was yummy !! I wanted it a little more marinated with the gravy or herbs and not so dry.

Pepper Chilli Tossed Tofu 

Other appetizer was Iceberg Lettuce Wrap. You get a head of  fresh Iceberg lettuce, a bowl of vegetable mince or your choice of protein and herbs simmered in light soy. It is served with a twist of crispy fried noodles, plum sauce and homemade dynamite sauce. Yes, you read it right !! The dynamite sauce is really a dynamite in terms of the spice level. So if you don’t want the dish to be so spicy, put it in small quantity. Really adored this dish as it was so much similar to the Indian Sev puri and the noodles add to the crunchiness. Is your mouth watering already ?
Apt for diet watchers – Iceberg Lettuce Wrap

It was fun assembling the wrap too – A smear of the sauces onto the lettuce, small pile of vegetable mince, a toss of noodles, wrap and bite. It is a little messy to eat, so use your hand to eat only and don’t be embarrassed at all. That is also low on the calorie count and so healthy! 

The wrap assembled. Caution: Go easy on the Dynamite sauce 
For the mains, I tried out Authentic Thai dishes – Jasmine Rice and Red Curry(There is brown rice too for fitness freaks). Again you could choose your Protein with kaffir leaves, sweet basil and Thai egg plant. The Red curry with the Jasmine Rice is the best combination you can have. Red curry was not so spicy and delectable. It was so tasty and I couldn’t stop eating that.
Delicious Jasmine Rice with Red curry

After all this, there was hardly any space left for the dessert but it was worth a try as I had heard phenomenal reviews about the Fried Ice Cream. It is a sweet breaded scoop of vanilla icecream in a warm crispy shell sprinkled with sliced almonds and topped with chocolate . This was ultimate and extremely tasty. The core is the best where you get a mix of all together but I wanted a little more chocolate inside the fried icecream. It was one of the most indulgent, rich and luscious Fried Ice cream. It is a must have, though you have your other dishes or not !!!!

Nom Nom really lived up to the hype created !! I really went #omnomnom . The service was very quick and efficient and the pricing is pocket friendly too with dishes as low as Dh 27. They use fresh ingredients, do not use MSG(monosodium glutamate) and I did get to check their storage room too. The kitchen and storage was really hygienic. This is one restaurant I rejoiced being a vegetarian for the variety of vegetarian dishes it had to offer. I will surely visit again !!
So, If you are looking for a good Asian Restaurant or if you are into Indo chinese and genuine Thai dishes and want to try a whole lot of yummy and mouth-watering dishes then you should hop on to Nom Nom Asia. It has lovely street food culture with a twist !!

For more information,  dial them on  04-3929322 or check their Instagram account  @nomnomasia .

Nom nom for now, oh sorry, Bye Bye for now (Nom Nom is so much on my mind).