Water Effectiveness and Timing- Wonders for health

To remain beautiful, there is no secret but to drink enough water. We all know that water is really important for our body, but the correct timing to drink water will maximise its effectiveness to the human body. Here is how water will work wonders-

  1. 2 glasses of water, 30 minutes before meals, will help Digestion.
  2. 1 glass after you wake up will help you to active the Internal Organs.
  3. 1 glass before you sleep will help avoid Stroke or Heart Attack at midnight.
  4. 1 glass after taking bath, helps Lower Blood Pressure…..
So, my Dear sweeties, we all drink water, but make use of this information, to take care of yourself and maximise the effectiveness of Water!

Honey and Almond scrub made at home

Hey sweeties, no need to always spend huge amount of money on cosmetics. One can take care of skin, from products made at home.

Here is one recipe of Honey and Almond scrub, which creates wonders for your skin.
  • Almond Flour- 4tbsp
  • Jojoba oil- 2tbsp
  • Honey- 4tbsp
  • Peppermint essential oil- 5drops
Take a glass jar/bowl and put the almond flour and jojoba oil in it and mix well. Now add Honey and Peppermint essential oil slowly and stir until the ingredients are completely mixed. Your scrub is ready to apply now.
Before applying the scrub on your face, clean your face with a cleanser. Add a small quantity of scrub on the face and massage carefully especially the skin under your eyes. After few minutes, wash or remove the scrub with a warm wet face towel.
P.S.- All the products used above suits certain skin types really well. But when you are trying a new ingredient on your skin, make in small quantity and do a 24 hour patch test on your wrist or under your jawline before you proceed to apply on your face. This will let you know, if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient.

Herbal remedies for Skin

By popular demand from my blog followers, here is an article on skincare. One should use herbal products or remedies, specially if they have sensitive skin. The products available outside have harsh chemicals and can spoil your skin. Always try and use natural products or ingredients which will never harm your skin. Here are some of the herbal remedies you can try for your skin:-

  1. Use Almond or Jojoba oil for cleaning your face, They are the best cleansers. you can formulate your own natural cleansers.
  2. Comfrey steeped in water can act as a wonderful toner.(Pic of Comfrey Plant posted above.)
  3. For exfoliating your skin, make a mixture of grapefruit with oatmeal. Table sugar has wonderful exfoliating properties not known to all of us.
  4. Make a face mask from any fruit you like. You need not mix any ingredients, for example, just crush cucumber/fruit and apply the juice on your face and keep on your face for sometime and then rinse with water.
  5. Cucumber and yoghurt act as best face mask for sensitive skin.
  6. Licorice is a good product specially for sensitive skin. Look for skincare products that contain Licorice.(Picture of Licorice plant showed below)
  7. Green Tea has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to prevent skin reactions.
  8. Aloe Vera is a wonderful product and it can soothe skin which is red, irritated and blotchy. It can be directly applied to the skin. Fresh Aloe vera is preferable.
  9. Make a paste from Basil (Tulsi) and water to use on skin affected by pigmentation.
  10. Last, but the most important, drinks loads of Water ! There is nothing like water on this earth, to do wonders for your skin.
Homemade skin products can be FUN! CREATIVE! VERSATILE! & SOMETIMES YUMMY!

P.S.- All the products used above suits certain skin types really well. But when you are trying a new ingredient on your skin, make in small quantity and do a 24 hour patch test on your wrist or under your jawline before you proceed to apply on your face. This will let you know, if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient.

Happy Good glowing wonderful skin !

Mikyajy Black I

Today I will review one of my favourite product from the brand- Mikyajy. For those who don’t know this brand, let me tell you that Mikyajy is one of the best Arabic brands and its products are not available in any other stores other than the brand stores at different locations in UAE. Black I is one of Mikyajy’s all time bestsellers and comes in the category of “Boxed Beauties‘. 

Boxed beauties, according to Mikyajy is a unique and trendy collection of cosmetic tins which are a great value for money and unique to the Mikyajy brand! It is a perfect product for smoky-eye look and you would not need any additional product. It is portable and really completes your look for black colour cosmetic products.

It has got 5 products-

  1. Black Line and Shadow pencil
  2. Black Dip Eyeliner  
  3. Black Mascara
  4. Black Eye crayon
  5. Black Eye shadow
All these products are of high quality and very economical. The products are very well pigmented and the black eye shadow is good and matte, which makes it a great plus point as it becomes easier to blend. Moreover, the eye shadow has also got a mirror and an applicator/brush.
It comes with a step-by-step instructions to create the perfect smoky-eye look, every time you apply. You can also check their website www.mikyajy.com for details and tutorials.
I strongly recommend this product as it has many products for less and a great makeup asset or a must have product! What are you waiting for girls? Go, Grab it!

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Inglot Makeover competition

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All the best Girls!

Tempting Treats from Mikyajy

Mikyajy is personally one of my favourite brands and love all its products. Mikyajy is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the Middle East. I love the look they give to all their stores. Today I shall review the Tempting Treats product which is one of their best- selling products and which is one of my best gifts I got from my friend. The above picture is of the product itself which is nice and compact and the background used is a fabric painting sheet done by me. It is one of a product that any women would desire and safe for any skin. My skin is sensitive and it really suits me well.
It has got 84 Eye shadows, 60 Lip colours, 8 Blushers, 4 Eyebrow powders and 4 Concealer shades.
Here is a look inside.
They have vibrant Eye shadows and they are highly pigmented. The consistency of the Lip colours is just amazing and perfect. The one on the extreme left and right are the Eye shadows and the ones in between are the Lip colours (which have a glossy texture).
The blushers (the big 8 shades in between) are also highly pigmented and also with it comes 4 commonly used concealers and 4 Eyebrow powder. It has got 3 brushes with it and hence makes it like a complete and compact package.
You can also view their products on www.mikyajy.com .

Yves Saint Laurent- Latest collection and latest makeup experience event

Recent fabulous event at Bloomingdales with Special guest star Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director of YSL Makeup and launching the Black collection for Fall 2011.  It is an amazing collection and will definitely catch your attention. You will love it. Here are the photos of the event and the collection-

This is what the model looked liked after the makeover:-

The Black collection has the following products:-

1. The Black collection Eyeliner Pen
2. Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking- available in

  • Black Blue
  • Black Bronze
  • Black Burgundy
  • Black Green
  • Black Grey
  • Pure Black
Shocking mascara has an amplified Helix brush in an adjusted cut and provides an Instant extreme volume on the lashes.
3. The Black collection La Laque nail polish
  • 126 Black Purple
  • 127 Black Blue
  • 128 Black Bronze

4. The Black Collection Cream Eyeliner- available in
  • 01 Pure/Deep Black
  • 02 Black Grey/Ashy Black
  • 03 Black Bronze
  • 04 Sea Black
  • 05 Cherry Black/Black Burgundy
  • 06 Black Green/Jade Black

[email protected] and Think Pink Beauty Kit- My latest Gift from Elemis

These products are the latest gift I got from Elemis. Both are amazing and give wonderful results.
Elemis [email protected] Skin Nourishing Milk Bath
This unique balancing formula leaves the skin feeling nourished. It is excellent for dry skin conditions and makes the skin satin soft. You can even use this as a skin lotion after bathing as it is not greasy and leaves your skin soft and smelling great the whole day.
You can use in the tub, for total relaxing effect. It makes the skin so moisturised that you need not apply body lotion after the shower.
For maximum benefit, use every other day over nine days. 
Elemis Think Pink Beauty Kit

This Kit is amazing as it is a small pouch with wonderful products in small travel size and was for Breast Cancer Awareness. It has 3 products inside with directions to use-

  1. Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (30ml) i.e the anti-aging Day cream
  2. Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust (15ml)
  3. Skin Nourishing Shower Cream (50ml)
What do you think about both these products? Do let me know.
Love you all 🙂

Winter Care for Hands

Comes winter and the comes the worry of Dry Hands and Skin. Here are some tips to keep your hands hydrated and soft :-

  1. Limit the handwash: Water dehydrates the hands so just wash when certainly needed and try using Hand gloves for washing dishes or while gardening.
  2. Avoid the soap and the Alcohol based anti- bacterial gel: These causes irritation and aging. Instead, use gentle, sulfate-free cleanser to clean the hands.
  3. Moisturise your hands often: After exposing your hands to water, gently pat dry your hands and apply good quantity of hand cream while skin is damp to lock in the moisture. Look for your hand cream to include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants, Shea butter and essential fatty acids for the most effective hydration possible.
  4. Care for your cuticles: Each day, gently push back your cuticles with a cloth in the shower, while they are soft and supple, which will discourage the need to cut them. Also, gently massage a cuticle oil or vitamin E oil once daily with a soft pusher to help push back cuticles and keep them off the nails. This is really important step in winter to replenish dry, brittle nails and rough, jagged cuticles.                                                                             
  5. Make a Night-time routine: The way you make a nighttime routine for your face, apply hand cream  to your hands as it is the best it will work when the hands are not in use! Look for a product that contains Licorice Root (to help fade sun spots) as well as Hyaluronic acid, aloe, vitamins B and Vitamin C
  6. Protect your hands from Mother Nature: Wear warm cool or leather gloves when the temperature drops really low to protect your hands and retain the moisture. Also, always use sunscreen when heading outdoors without gloves, even in cold months.