GOSH Summer 2017 Collection Review – GOSH My Favourite Mascara, GOSH Lumi Drops, GOSH Strobe ‘N Glow Kit & GOSH 24H Pro Liner

GOSH Summer 2017 Collection Review – GOSH My Favourite Mascara, GOSH Lumi Drops, GOSH Strobe ‘N Glow Kit & GOSH 24H Pro Liner

Come summer and I am eagerly awaiting the haul from GOSH Cosmetics. And I tell you haul is an understatement. The bag was filled with lavish products like My Favorite Mascara, Lumi Drops, Strobe ‘N Glow Kit and 24 H Pro Liner. You want to know why these products are favourites? Keep reading!

By now all of you know that GOSH is one of my favourite drugstore brand and it needs no introduction. All GOSH products are paraben and perfume free and that I why I love them so much.

GOSH cosmetics has got some real gems in their 2017 collection. Without further ado, let’s go ahead with the review.

1. GOSH My Favorite Mascara :
“No Make Up Look” is the in-thing and if you are the one looking for natural look then this is the product for you. It gives razor sharp definition to each lash while enhancing the volume using the short bristles of brush. The longer bristles elongate the lashes. There is no great dramatic transformation with this wand, just a subtle enhancement of the lashes. Now if you are chopping onions or running on a treadmill this product is ideal as the film forming agent resists the tears as well as humidity. 

2. GOSH Lumi Drops :
If all you want is to have a picture perfect without using any filters, GOSH Lumi Drops is the light weight strobing companion you should have in your hand bag. Its perfume and paraben free and can be mixed with foundation, day cream and body lotion making it a favorite choice. It is apt for summers when you are looking for light makeup. The reflective pigments give a shimmery finish and illuminates the skin with natural glow. The Lumi drops are easy to dispense from the dropper and blends like a dream.  I got the shade 014 Gold and here is the swatch of the same.

In roomlight with no filter

3. GOSH Strobe ‘N Glow Kit :
This kit is available in 2 Shades – 001 Highlight and 002 Blush. I got the shade 002 Blush to try. GOSH Strobe ‘N Glow Kit is 4 in 1 glow kit which includes highlighter and blusher. This quattro gives you life. All 4 color are soft and creamy, complimenting the different skin tones. It is rich in color and pigmentation. The shades are easy to mix/match and blend seamlessly defining and enhancing best features of the user. The product is paraben and perfume free to give product a fresh outlook. Let me tell you, GOSH being a drugstore brand, the highlighters of this Glow Kit are brilliant and can be compared to any high end brand.  The middle 2 shades are my favourite. Below is the swatch of the same. I feel the pic doesn’t do total justice as to how beautiful the quad is.

4. GOSH 24h Pro Liner :
24H Pro Liner is the right choice when you need Kajal and Eyeliner in one, lasting for 24 hours. Weather you are gymming or swimming, this can last for long as it is water proof, smudge proof and transfer proof. Its Soft and Creamy texture allows optima play time and blending before setting on the lid. It doesn’t flake, fade or crease and last for almost a day saving a lot of time in process. It is suitable for the waterline and comes with a smudger and sharpener. I have got the shade 002 Carbon Black. It has a rich colour pay off and is jet black. Again it is Perfume and Paraben free

Overall Review :
All the products from the GOSH Summer Collection are fabulous and it is difficult to chose one as my favourite. But my heart goes more to the Strobe ‘N Glow Kit and I feel it is a must have. If you are looking for good drugstore brands with the quality of high end brand then I feel you should definitely try out GOSH cosmetics products.

Price :
GOSH is available at all Lifestyle stores and Boots Middle East Pharmacies across UAE.
GOSH My Favourite Mascara – AED 59
GOSH Lumi Drops – AED 70
GOSH Strobe ‘N Glow Kit – AED 125
GOSH 24h Pro Liner – AED 49

Have you tried any of these GOSH cosmetics products? What are your thoughts ? Which is your favourite amongst them?

GOSH Liquid Matte Lips and CCC Stick Review

What’s New at GOSH ? Recently GOSH cosmetics released couple of new products like the Liquid Matte Lipstick & the Highlight and Contouring Pencils. I have tried these products and totally in love with them. In today’s post, I shall share my views about these new products.

You all know by now, that GOSH is one of my favourite drugstore brand. They are paraben free, natural and cruelty free ! Their quality is amazing and can be compared to high end brands like MAC. The prices of the products are very reasonable comparatively.
Without further ado, let’s go ahead with the review.
1. Liquid Matte Lips :
It is GOSH first ever Liquid Lipstick and comes in 8 different shades. The shades that were sent to me by the GOSH Team for review are 001 Candyfloss, 003 Nougat Fudge and 008 Arabian Night. The packaging is sleek and simple and it is a transparent tube, which makes it easy to identify the colour. GOSH Liquid Matte Lips are free from any artificial scents. 
GOSH Liquid Matte Lips are really very long lasting matte lipstick and very pigmented. They glide on smoothly and give you wonderful color in just one application. It lasted for good 6 to 8 hours without any touch ups. The color just faded gradually though. 
The Formula in the product is designed to make the product stay put, once applied. They do not smudge once the temperature rises. I love the applicator as well which is very easy and is of the perfect length and width. Also it is easy to access the corners with this easy sponge applicator. GOSH Liquid Matte Lips contain plant oils that keeps the lips hydrated throughout. So a Thumbs up for that.
This lipsticks are not ultra matte ones. I suggest you to allow the lipstick settle for at least 10 minutes or so after application. They are not transfer proof as well. Also, I recommend to exfoliate your lips before wearing any liquid matte lipsticks and also wear lip balm if your lips are super dry.
Benefits :
– Easy applicator with flat sponge brush
– Long lasting
– Intense Colour Pay-off / Highly pigmented
– Hydrating
– Soft and Creamy texture
– Contains LiPerfection  which increases the microcirculation in the lips.
– With Dandelion
– Paraben Free 
Swatches :

Candyfloss is a mute pink with neutral undertone. 
Nougat Fudge is one of my personal favourite and of many other bloggers as well. It is a pinkish peach with neutral undertone. 
Arabian Night is a dark purple shade and good for those who want to go for bold lips.

2. CCC Sticks :
CCC sticks are a must have product to Contour, Cover, Conceal, Strobe and define. The CCC stick is designed to create flawless complexion. They come with clear caps and are retractable. I have received the shades 001 Vanilla Highlighter, 004 Medium and 006 Very Dark from the GOSH team generously.

The CCC stick texture is quite creamy, easily blendable and have a matte finish. They are very pigmented too.

Benefits :
– High Coverage
– Contains White Clay which has excellent absorbing qualities thereby remove the excess oil, dirt and pollution of the skin.
– Crease Proof
– Soft Focus effect
– Eliminates small imperfections
– Encapsulated Lactic Acid, delivers a gentle cleansing action, reducing oil in the skin.
– Protects, hydrates & soothes the skin
– Perfume & Paraben free

Swatches and Review :

001 Vanilla Highlighter and 004 Medium are great multi-taskers. You can use them to highlight the inner corner of eyes, temple area above or the tip of the nose, bridge of the nose, underneath the brow bone, above the lips, highlight the cheek bones, etc. They are great eyeshadow base too but definitely prime the eyelids before using or apply a powder on the top, to avoid creasing on the eyelids and set them properly.

006 Dark is great for contouring and blends very well. You can apply a small amount gently using a ring finger or a brush and gently dab with a beauty blender or a Contour brush.

The CCC stick can be layered with a powder for better coverage. They last throughout the day and don’t get patchy or greasy. If your skin is oily, you can apply powder on the top to set it.

Overall Opinion :
I am very pleased with both the new launches. GOSH Liquid Matte Lips are moussy and don’t dry your lips. 004 is excellent for my brow bone and a great asset to make my brows on fleek. Also it is matte and pigmented and make my brows look super neat. As usual Thank You and Congratulations GOSH for making such brilliant products.

Price :
Liquid Matte Lips – AED 75 each
CCC stick – AED 80 each
They are available at various Lifestyle stores and Boots pharmacies across UAE.
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GOSH Fall 2016 Collection Review FT. Kiss Me Matt Lipstick , Lip Oil & Overnight Primer Oil

Now you already know by now, how much I am in love with this brand.  What I love about GOSH is that they are paraben free, fragrance or perfume free, cruelty free and natural. The New collection of GOSH cosmetics includes Kiss Me Matt lipsticks, Overnight Primer Oil Essence, Lip Oil and Limited Edition Velvet Touch Lipstick Matt in Black. These items were generously sent to me by the GOSH cosmetics team and I can’t wait to share my reviews regarding all of these. 

GOSH Kiss Me Matt Lipsticks :

Kiss Me Matt Lipsticks are another fantastic product of GOSH cosmetics. They come in 6 different shades and in the colour coordinated packaging.

I have them in shade 004 Flirty Kiss and 005 Irresistable Kiss . Flirty Kiss is good for daily wear. They are one of the best lip crayons that I have used so far. The packaging is tight (that is so travel friendly) and the tip of the crayon is chiselled on both the sides with a pointed flat tip, making the application easy. The formula is just right with a perfect balance of creamy but matte finish. It doesn’t dry my lips at all. It contains Carica Papaya, orchid extract, safflower oil and Zea Mays (corn oil) which hydrates and nourishes the lips. They are soft and flexible to apply. The colour pay-off is fantastic and they are highly pigmented. They last for hours together but a touch up is required after the oily meals. A simple trick I usually do is take a tissue, fold it into halfway and put my lip in it together so that these lip shades don’t transfer.

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick Matt in Black – Limited Edition :

This Black Limited Edition lipstick has a creamy texture and ensures an easy outlined application . It doesn’t dry my lips at all. It is a long lasting lipstick with intense, pure matte finish. It has Hyaluronic acid that keeps the lips hydrated and smooth. It is best to outline with a lip liner or concealer. I had to reapply after the meals as it would turn in to Grey colour and it isn’t super thick. But in all it is a very good lipstick specially if you want to go for bold looks but not the striking one for your appearance.

Swatches Indoors

Swatches with Sunlight

GOSH Lip Oil :

This is just the thing needed for my lips or I can say Magic Oil. Say good bye to dry and chapped lips with this Lip Oil. It is an Overnight treatment for the lips. It is formulated with a blend of many nourishing oils such as Argan, Macadamia, Moringa and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil. It also contains Vitamin E which is a regenerating, rehydrating and revitalizing active. Unlike the Lip gloss, Lip Oil is not sticky or greasy but it is very smooth and hydrating on the lips. 
I have the Lip Oil in shade 003, Rose and it is slightly tinted which creates a soft, neutral lip Colour. The best way is to exfoliate your lips first and then  apply it right before bed. I also apply it sometimes during daytime if I feel lips more dry or just as a lip gloss for my no makeup look. I just use it everytime. It has become my new favourite and will definitely repurchase it.
GOSH Overnight Primer Oil :

It is an innovative night time product. I apply it at night just before going to bed and I wake up with super soft skin which is primed, de-stressed, luminous and plumped. It is infused with butterfly lavender seed oil that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and other blends of oil with Vitamin E that moisturises the face. It is not at all greasy and easily absorbed by the skin. It comes with a dropper so the smount that oil comes out is controlled by you and only a few drops are required for the face.
All the above products are paraben-free and perfume free.
All the GOSH products are available at Lifestyle stores and Boots pharmacies across UAE.
Overall Verdict :
The Fall collection is just amazing and special attention to winter skin care. The Overnight Primer Oil and Lip Oil are added to my night skincare routine and the Lip Oil has become my absolute favourite. In all I feel GOSH is one of the best drugstore brand that gives the quality of a high end brand.
You can check out more reviews about this brand by clicking the GOSH label below this post. Until next time, see you !
Disclaimer – Though these products were given to me by GOSH cosmetics team, the reviews posted above are my own honest opinion.

New at GOSH cosmetics : Seaweed Makeup Collection

Hola ! The weather is changing a bit now and I am enjoying it and of course with loads of long weekends. I loved playing with GOSH Cosmetics new range during these many holidays that we had here. If you really follow me on Instagram, you already know that it is my favourite obsession currently and one of the most loved brand too. I have spoken about this brand in my earlier post too. You can also check my earlier article GOSH Eyeshadow – ‘To Enjoy in New York’ Review over here . 
GOSH products are of high quality, cruelty free, paraben-free, vegan and very innovative too. This Danish brand has recently launched amazing Seaweed range of products including the fabulous Kit for Contouring and Strobing, Giant Pro Liner, Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel and much more… and today will talk about the same.

About GOSH :
GOSH is my favourite drugstore brand because not are they cruelty-free, Paraben-free and Perfume-free, but they are also natural. There are no harmful ingredients and it suits my sensitive skin as well. The new Sea Weed collection is absolutely gorgeous. The ingredients in the GOSH products nourish the skin , does away the dryness and gives back the moisture that are lost due to sun exposure . The ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid (which locks in lot of moisture), Argan Oil, Botanic Oils, Vitamin E, Seaweed , Sea Minerals, etc. Seaweed is known for banishing Cellulite, smoothing out wrinkles, and also known for anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Now you know why I love their products 🙂 
Let’s talk about the New GOSH Seaweed Collection one by one :-
Contour N’ Strobe Kit :

Gosh released 2 Contour N’ Strobe Kit (in Light and Medium). Light is good enough for light to medium skin done and Medium for Dark skin tone. It is a beautiful round palette and the size of almost the palm of the hand. It is a must have quattro (4 parts) featuring a highlighter, semi matte blush and two matte essential bronzers to contour, strobe and define perfectly. Basically everything that you need for a flawless sculpting and highlight the facial features.
I am using the Light one 001. All four shades have an ultra-light, soft and creamy texture, is easy to apply and blends easily together and above all highly pigmented, hands down!! It compliments all skin tones and is Perfume and Paraben Free. 

The Light 001, has a Blush : Light Peach, Highlight : Light Beige, both have a soft shimmer with a hint of sparkle. So, this quad is ideal for day time with a little less shimmer of both highlight and blush. The contour shade is perfect, not too warm or too cool. Just perfect, neutral and fabulous. all the shades complement each other very well. After blending they are not chalky or patchy, they blend so well.

How to use it :-
Contour – It used to define your facial features or used for sculpting to make your face proportional . It can be applied on the cheekbones, on both sides of the nose and along the hair line (if you have a high forehead), the temples and the jaw line. 
Blush – Add the blush on the apple of the cheeks for a youthful and fresh look. 
Highlight – Apply the highlighter above the blush to give that glowing fresh look. Basically put it where the sun would naturally hit the skin, On the bridge of the nose, chin, center of the forehead, cupids bow, on the brow bone and cheek bones. The Strobing technique (layers of highlight) is a craft itself, where the art of mastering “less is more” is essential. For additional strobing one can club and use GOSH Lumi Drops together with GOSH Contour N’ Strobe Kit .

Price : AED 125

Foundation Plus+ :

Foundation Plus+ is a foundation and concealer in one. I was amazed at the results. It gives a beautiful natural and flawless look and lasts all day. To make it stay even more longer, I set it with Gosh Prime’ N Set loose white setting powder, which is optional or can be opted out when your skin is absolutely dry. Foundation Plus has a satin finish, but not matte or dewy, with ingredients like Liquid Sea Minerals, Seaweed and Hyaluronic Acid. The result, it leaves the skin moisturised, nourished and it has regenerating factor too. The texture is similar to MAC’s Studio Sculpt Foundation. It comes with SPF 15. It gives a nice medium coverage which can be buildable.

It is available in 5 shades as of now and the shade I tried was 008 Golden. I have used this foundation several times and all I can say that is just amazing. Leaves my skin looking flawless with absolutely nothing on. I use a beauty blender or sponge to apply Foundation Plus+ to give the flawless look. It covered even my dark circles and it is not at all cakey. It is so pigmented. I have combination with more dry on my cheeks area, so Foundation Plus+ really made my skin moisturised and beautiful. It is perfect for people with normal or combination skin. You girls must grab it, it is a must have and try.

Price ; AED 120

Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel :

Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel tints, tames, fills-in, shapes, gives volume to the brows and holds brows in place all day. It comes in 2 shades – Nutmeg and Chestnut. The shade I am using is 001 Nutmeg. The eyebrow tint is gorgeous and matches with my current hair colour. It is designed with micro-tapered brush that allows precise application and blends fibers into brow hair. It has got a very fine brush applicator.

I hardly use anything for my brows, but ever since I have tried it, it has become my favourite. It has the antioxidant-rich Nordic super ingredient Seaweed, which nourishes the brows hair. It is very easy to apply. The best part is that again it is Paraben-free and Perfume-free.  It is similar to Bene tint that I have used earlier.

How to Apply
Build product on the eyebrows with light upward movements. Repeat until the eyebrow has the desired volume and shape.

Price – AED 70

Lash Sculpting Fibre Mascara :

Lash Sculpting Fibre Mascara builds visible and measurable longer and fuller lashes in a few strokes only. With GOSH Lash Sculpting Mascara, volume and length gets a whole new meaning. The formula contains flower shaped fibers up 2 mm in length sealing to lashes and builds up the lashes, one by one, layer upon layer and sculpt each individual lash.

It has Tynex Fiber brush for maximum volume. I love all GOSH mascaras, Boombastic and Rebel Eyes, being my favourite, but if you want more drama then go for Rebel Eyes. Lash Sculpting Fibre Mascara is a good mascara for everyday use too and you can wear it all day long. It does not flake. The mascara contains Seaweed and it is perfume-free and paraben-free too, so it doesn’t irritates the eye even. It gives superb length and definition.

I would suggest you to grab this one if you are looking for a good fibre mascara and looking for something natural or safe for your eyes. It nourishes and protects the lashes.

Price – AED 70

Giant Pro Liner :

Gosh Giant Pro Liner is an intense, long lasting, extremely black graphic eyeliner (Suitable for making thick Cat winged eyeliner). It has got the most intense black colour. The pointed tip gives optimal control and precision in application. It is perfect for creating thin and bold lines and for defining and contouring eyes.

It feels like you are holding a marker, so it gives you stunning accuracy. It is water based, so it is quite easy to remove. So whether a ‘wing’ or a ‘wedge’ is desired, Giant Pro Liner is the perfect tool in your makeup kit.

Life couldn’t be better than this, as it makes the eyeliner application, super quick. The results are amazing and gives a crisp finish to the eyeliner. It dries pretty fast, so no smudging or staining the eyes even. But if you have oily skin then do prime. It is really long lasting and gives a good matte finish. They are Perfume and paraben free too, so no irritation to the eyes even.

Price – AED 80

Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick :

The creamy texture of GOSH Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick ensures an easy outlined application and delivers an even long lasting result with an intense, pure matt colour pay-off. Amazing pigmentation and glides on easily on the lips. I tried the Shade 014 Cranberry and let me tell you, ever since that I have gone crazy after this shade and it has become my hot favourite. Cranberry is a deep berry shade. You can compare these lipsticks with Mac lipsticks too. I received several compliments and many of my friends asked about it and have become crazy about this particular shade.

Natural Waxes keep lips moist and soothe them and Hyaluronic Acid keeps lips hydrated and smooth. But I suggest that you to use a lip balm underneath, which I always do because of my dry lips. They are Dermatologically tested and again Perfume and Paraben Free.

Price – Somewhere around AED 50-60, I don’t remember the exact price now.

Velvet Touch Lip Liner :

GOSH Velvet Touch Lip Liner is soft and flexible and provides a super edge to the lips preventing the lipstick from bleeding in to the small lines around the lips.

They are extremely waterproof and durable and has got high pigmentation. They are seriously a bomb, you guys. They can be used as a liner or by itself all over the lips as a matte lipstick. Their lip liners are good dupes of MAC Pro-Longwear Lip Liner or Huda Beauty Lip Contour. 

I have tried the shade 010 Smoothie which is nice dark pink shade. The lip liners contains Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil and they are also Perfume and Paraben-Free.

I will attach a picture of mine of the look that I have created using all these products.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this New Gosh Seaweed Collection as much as I did writing about it. All GOSH products are available at Lifestyle stores and Boots Pharmacies. Until next time, See you !

GOSH Eyeshadow ‘ To Enjoy in New York ‘ Review

Hey beautiful ! Today I will talk about my current obsession in makeup.  Yes you guessed it right, about GOSH cosmetics. I was really excited to try this new brand whom I had no clue about. But I wasn’t worried as their products are Paraben-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free and above all Natural. Today I will share with you my review one of their products. Since I have a lot of GOSH products, I decided to review one or two at a time.

For those who are not aware, GOSH is an European brand,  founded in 1945. They are available in UAE or in the region for 2 years. GOSH uses all natural ingredients in their products such as Argan oil, Macadamia oil and moreover their products are Paraben-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free and above all Natural.
GOSH Eyeshadow Collection 001 – To Enjoy in New York
It is one of the gorgeous Natural eyeshadows palette and suitable for everyday or daily use. Most of the shades are suitable for day makeup.
To Enjoy in New York has got a simple, sleek and sturdy packaging. It comes with a mirror and the pigmentation of the shadows is just fantastic. The texture is silky and it glides on flawlessly on the eyes. It has a great combination of colours or shades and compliment very well. It is very easy to blend as well.
The first row has all shimmery shades, second row has all matte and pretty shades of purple and third row has again matte shades, brown and 2 light taupe.
It is advisable to use an eye primer to give a rich look and a beautiful eyeshadow.  There are 2 more palettes of these 9 shades collection but I prefer and love this one the most.
Available at Lifestyle and Boots Middle East stores across UAE.